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I want to wear hair extension but I was told that they are haram in Islam.


woman's blond hair extension

Assalam O Alaikum,

I am a teenager and I was always in-confident about my hair being REALLY short all the time. I want to buy hair extensions. I have heard that it may be haram, depending on your reason, but I want them for my own personal beauty, not for people to think I am pretty or for others to like me. I just want them for myself; not for anybody else's opinion. I was wondering, if it is haram? I heard Allah will put a curse on those who wear extensions but i really want them.
what should I do?


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  1. Salaams,

    I am glad you asked this question, as I was not familiar with anything regarding this type of practice and had to do some research. So, I will share with you what I learned:

    Sayyiduna Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: “Allah has cursed the woman who joins (her or someone else’s) hair (with the hair of another man or a woman) and the woman who asks for her hair to be joined (with the hair of another person) and the one who tattoos (herself or someone else) and the one asks to get tattooed.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no. 5589)

    Sayyida A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) narrates that an Ansari girl was married and became sick hence all her hair fell out. They (her family and friends) intended to join her hair with false hair, so they asked the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) who said: “Allah has cursed the woman who joins her or someone else’s hair (with the hair of another man or woman) and the woman who asks for her hair to be joined with the hair of another.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no 5590)

    Based on these hadeeth, it would appear that wearing hair extensions is haram and not to be done regardless of the reason. As you can see in the second hadith, the girl who was going to have extensions was doing it due to hair loss from illness. One would think this is a noble reason to want to have extensions, but it was forbidden just the same. It seems conclusive then that getting extensions for personal beautification would be just as forbidden.

    -Amy Editor

    • Does this also apply for eyelashes made from animal hair?

    • Asalamualaykum,

      It may be ok to use synthetic hair if you are faced with hair loss. Synthetic wigs and extensions are actually more manageable and easier to work with and maintain than natural hair from other humans, and perhaps that is the wisdom of Allah again 🙂 Again, that is only for hair loss where you lost your natural volume of hair. Adding hair just because you're not happy with what Allah gave you is not advised.

      And Allah knows best.


  2. Assalamu Aleikum,

    In Sunni jurisprudence, it is forbidden, by all Madhabs. In Shia Islam, it is allowed to attach hair and

    trim/pluck your eyebrows.

    You know urself which school you belong to in order to

    make your own decision.

  3. What about having Hair Implants? Is that allowed?

  4. in the shia mathhabs they are forbiddeon. Hair extentions is only permissable if it is not real human or pig hair. This is what ive been told. And allah knows best. salams

  5. My mum is alway saying how Haroum they are but so far that's the only thing I can look pretty i know it's wrong but my hair is disgusting and I need extensions after I read that I have to not put em in but ill feel more insecure

  6. AsSalaamu Alaikum, I have always wanted to wear fake hair but I thought I'd be cursed until only recently I've learned that the prohibition for some madhabs is only in wearing Human or Pig hair. Animal hair or synthetic hair is acceptable in some schools of thought and ALLAH KNOWS BEST here's a link:

    Also check and and do a search about fake hair or wigs.

    A lot of websites and q&a's almost always fail to mention the distinction between human hair being haram but animal(not pig) and synthetic hair being allowed in some schools(I'm talking Sunni).

  7. Asalaam alikum,
    I am still confused on WHY hair extensions are haram???
    I do believe that Allah knows best but there's usually a reason on why things are halal or haram.
    Is it because it's dirty?? If so then how come I have heard that even synthetic hair is also haram but wearing hair from an animal is halal??

  8. The hadieth seems to talk about real hair from a human being. But why. Do people think plastic or synthetic hair is haram where is the proof of this?. Especially if It's to make yourself look nice for ur husband? I understand it could be deceptive If u wear it in a marriage meeting though. But what if he has seen ur original hair and now u just wana look pretty

    • There was no such thing as synthetic hair (as far as I know) in the time of the Prophet (sws). But what was prohibited was the wearing of wigs, period. There was no mention made of the type of hair. So it should be understood to include all wigs and artificial hair. It is considered a form of alteration of Allah's creation.

      Wael mEditor

      • From the research I have done online; How come its halal to colour your hair (except black) if the reason for not being able to wear hair extensions is because 'it is considered a form of alteration of Allah's creation'?
        Wouldn't colouring your hair also be a form of alteration of Allah's creation?
        Please someone help me to understand. 🙁

        • I understand you Sally, my husband told me he can have teeth implants, which is halal but I want braids with synthetic hair but it's haram. I'm confused

          • Assalamu alaykum to everyone. I am not a scholar at all. I just came here because I was also curious WHY it was haraam. But I started wondering what the culture was like at the time of the Prophet (pbuh) and if anyone knows if there was a Jewish community when he talked about joining hair. Nowadays some Jewish orthodox women wear wigs instead of scarves to cover their hair. Is this something that may have been happening in the Prophet’s time? Would he give this ruling in order to stop believers from adopting practices of unbelievers?
            Allahu alam

  9. I want to celebrate valentines day.... Not because it belongs to Christians and Jews but because I want to share my love and affection to my loved ones such as family members..... I don't celebrate valentines day....l just had specified 14 February for this purpose...... And as everyone knows Islam does not prohibit to show your love and affection to your family..... Is there any problem on doing extra on this day although I show them my love throughout the year but have specified this day for extra surprises!

    • As far as I know all the Muslim scholars consider the celebration of Valentine's Day to be haram. It is named for a Christian saint and based on pre-Christian pagan rituals. You can find many rulings online. If you need further advice please register and submit your question as a separate post, thank you.

      Wael Editor

    • Why don't you just schedule the extra surprises on another day? Consumerism mostly pushes people to buy Valentine day products for Feb 14 and we end up jumping on the bandwagon--but if you try another day, you'll find you never missed a thing. It really isn't difficult to not celebrate this day.

  10. Well i personally think that thereason for human hair is that prophet said to burry the hair and nails once they have been cut or fallen off... so may be that is the reason one should not use human extentions or wigs only synthetic ones

  11. Assalmualykum ..
    I m 26 years old boy I have mostly lost of my hair and like baldhead and i can not affort for hair transplant so please suggest me can I wear hair weaving which has fix on my head...pleae suggest me which has person know proper on this topic..

  12. see its clearly narrated that joining hair with another person's hair is haram. what about false hair extensions. thats totally made out of plastic.

  13. It is haram no matter what.

  14. Can someone please explain to me if synthetic hair is haram or not. I've been doing some reasearch and I've mostly found out that wearing real human (or pig) hair is haram, so I searched for sythnetic hair extensions and some websites say it's ok because it's completly made out of plastic but others say that it's haram.

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