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Health problem after child-birth

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I've had health problems after child-birth...

Im 22.
After 2 month delivery I got Vaginal bleeding overview
dr. said vaginal bleeding can't stop dont worry we wil get medicine and sometime it may well
But physically I feel not better and I feel guilty
And now I can't continue my marriage life be happy
Because still I remember vaginal discharge
I want to leave this vaginal discharge and i.allah get well soon
Pls can you tell any wazifa or dua for me?


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  1. You know, I read somewhere that the Prophet (pbuh) said if someone goes through any pain the size of a thorn that he or she will get rewarded for it. Howhever, I'm slightly confused. Do you mean you lost the baby in a miscarriage (because you mentioned after 2 months) or that you just had a problem after birth? In any case you really shouldn't feel guilty. What on earth would make you feel so bad? You did nothing wrong. You are a strong woman whom Allah loves.

    Because I'm not sure exactly which situation you're in, I'll answer for both (I hope you do not mind this). If you simply have a health problem and this is worrying you, please make dua to Allah. Ask Him to help you and cure you. Wazifa isn't something real, it's a cultural thing (I've heard this from Desi people mostly). Sincerely pray and make dhikr, anytime and as much as you like, profusely. If you suffered and lost your baby then may Allah reward you for your loss. I also heard that Allah has guaranteed Paradise to the woman (or parent) who has lost a child and has been patient with that.

    Also pray in the middle of the night, an hour before Fajr. Allah indeed answers prayers in the last third of the night (what I always tell my friends and myself).

    You also mentioned continuing your marriage. Is your husband or anyone else making you feel this way? Tell them about Allah, that He decides everything. It is not for us human beings to question fate.

    And to the others who might respond, I really couldn't remember the two hadith or their authenticity. If I made any mistake, it was from myself and Shaytan and any good in it was from Allah. So please correct me in case, because we're all human.

    May Allah ease your situation. Ameen.

    From your Muslim sister,


  2. Dear mumthajm,

    Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your precious newborn baby!! Being a 'first-time' mum isn't easy. Your body goes through so many changes both during & after childbirth.

    I don't know where you live sweetheart, but childbirth is the same no matter where you are. Myself, I live in Australia & it is the same here too.

    Bleeding after childbirth is normal for some weeks - but it will get less & less, believe me!! You say you feel 'unwell' - your body is getting back to normal after the delivery & it does take time.

    One thing - because you are still bleeding, just make sure you don't have an 'IRON' deficiency. It can make you feel unwell and tired a lot of the time. Go back to your Doctor & ask for an 'IRON' test, just to be sure.

    Sweetheart, please don't feel 'guilty' for the way you feel - it is perfectly normal having a child. You have 'nothing' to feel guilty about!!

    If you can, talk about it with your Mum, she will give so much support while you are going through this. It can be very tiring for the first few weeks - sleepless nights, endless nappy/diaper changes, feeding, laundry & not to mention trying to run the household s well!!

    Discuss it with your husband as well - he should be giving you support too. Don't go through this on your own. Have you even told him how you feel?

    Yes, I do know it is up to the Mother to look after the children in a lot of Muslim countries - but, husbands seem to forget things change a lot when a newborn baby comes home for the first time. Babies are very demanding when they first come home.

    It seems like you are trying to go through this on your own!! Please don't do that. Go back to your Doctor & discuss with it him/her if necessary.

    Discuss it with your family & I'm sure you will find you have such a huge 'support' network!!

    I wish you the best for both you & your new family!!

  3. Insallah, you will be just fine, I was bleeding too afther I gave birth to my son, afther a few weeks I went back to normal and insallah you will be too.

  4. Salam sister,
    There are a few unclear messages in your post: did you delivery a baby? Or did you have a miscarriage? No matter, all these are health related issues. I am not sure if you are still bleeding when this post is published and how heavy is the bleeding. The best advise is go back to your doctor right now and have a thorough body check up. When your body is healed, (give it about at least 3-4 months) you will back to normal and will have your normal marriage life back. There is no need to feel guilty, you did not do anything wrong.

    You can make dua for your healing even in your own language, there is no wazifa for healing if you do not even know what's wrong with your body. Go check with a doctor first.

    I understand it must be be overwhelming for a 22 years old woman to have a baby especially if you have no general knowledge about your own body / marriage life / raising children / a family etc. You need to reach out to some women, e.g. your mother, aunt, older sisters in your masjid for support. And attend classes, support group and read books to enrich your knowledge.

  5. please any duas for my daughter she is 5 years old she can not talking please send me

  6. Salam

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