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Is it haram to pray that she falls in love with me?

love drugs addictionAm Ashiraf am 18 years old. I love a girl I study with. We do the same combination at A level she is called Joy she is a non Muslim yet me am a Muslim.

For real I love her so much and I pray for her every night because she is the girl I want to marry and be with her and every time I pray so that she loves as I love her and even more than I do and even so that Allah the Most Merciful  softens her heart and she becomes a Muslim.

But my question is that is my dua haram? Or I stay praying for her because I love her so much and I don't want to lose her any time?

- matovuashiraf

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  1. If anything you need to pray for yourself. You're clearly doing haram things hence why you have fallen for this girl. You don't even know where her head is at as this is all a one sided story. You're borderline being creepy. Pray that good comes in her life but not pray for her to fall in love. If she gives you a hint that she likes you then go ahead and do things the halal way

  2. Assalaamualaykum Mato,

    I personally see nothing wrong with praying for what you want, as long as you proceed in the halal way if she ends up fancying you.

    And Allah knows best,


  3. Brother, you are confused and you are mixing up separate things. I don´t believe that you genuinely want good for this girl or that you care about her from your heart. Let me ask you a question: What if you pray for her to become Muslim, and she does, but she still doesn´t care for you and marries someone else. Would you be happy that she found Islam, and is worshiping Allah, and her soul is saved? If the answer is no then the reality is that you do not care for her as a human being. You simply desire her for yourself.

    Desire is at the root of this. You are at an age when your hormones are surging and you are experiencing a lot of sexual desire and lust. I am sure that is what you feel for this girl.

    I strongly suggest that you do not get hung up on this one particular girl. Don´t become obsessed with someone who may not care for you at all. Instead, make dua' constantly for Allah to give yo a righteous, believing wife with whom you will live in mutual happiness, no matter who she may be. That will be much better for you.

    Wael Editor

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