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I have five questions.

1)Suppose a man does'nt marries in this world and dies. Which women will he get in jannat? If he did'nt married here then would Allah marry him in Jannat?
2)If a man married 15 women in this world. Would he have 85 women(total) in jannat?
3)Is it possible that a women gets remarried in Jannat?
4)I deeply loved a women once (long ago). When i told her that i wanted to marry her she said that she's already engaged. I was misinformed about her martial status. For six months i didnt opened my heart to her but when i did i found out that she's engaged. Now obviously i cant marry her in this world. Can I marry her in Akhirah?
5)Can i pray to Allah Subhana that "Marry me to this(specific) women in Jannat?"


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  1. Assalaamualaykum yttrious,

    I hope that you are doing well and that Allah has blessed you with a fantastic day. I will try to answer you to the best of my abilities. May Allah forgive me and guide us both in anything in which am in error:

    1. If a man does not marry here, I believe he will be married in Jannat to a spouse chosen for him by Allah.
    2. I am unsure about this. Perhaps another advisor can help here.
    3. I am unsure about this. Perhaps another advisor can help here.
    4. While I'm inclined to say that you can't marry this woman in the akhira unless she gets a divorce from her earthly spouse, Allah is capable of anything. He could create a clone of this for her earthly husband and one for you...would you be ok with that? 🙂
    5. I believe you can pray to Allah to marry you to a specific woman...I would do Istikhara if I were you.

    Good luck and Salam,


    • 1. IF Allah chose for him then what about free will and freedom of choice??

      4. IF someone love someone truly then it is not about body or mind. It is about other person's existence, other person's soul. And love is unconditional.
      I love a girl but she didn't love me back but she is the reason i get back to the Islam from agnosticism because i loved her so much that without her it is like pure hell inside of me. I loved her existence not her body or mind, her soul. So i know if she would understand how much i love her she will never reject me. But you will never able to understand someone's feeling for you in this world so I am waiting for her in heaven where I will waiting for her understand me how much i loved her and i know no one loved her better than me and will love better than me.
      So clone is not okay for me even not for any true lover.
      Islam doesn't care about love and it is painful.

  2. Also, on number 2, if the man married 15 women in this world at the same time, then he may not even be in Jannat. If they were serial wives, I'm not sure.


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