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Must a Catholic woman married to a muslim man change her name to a muslim name?

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I'm a catholic woman married to a sunni muslim. My husband and inlaws made me lie about agreeing to convert and made me convert. I would like to know more about your religion before I accept the faith with open arms.
My husband refuses to get our marriage registered in court until I change to a muslim name. Is my marriage is illegitimate according to Islam?
We have a son and I want to bring him up in Islam.
My husband says neither he nor my son can do Hajj if my name on their passport is non muslim. Is this true? I do not want to stop them from being able to practise Islam but at the same time I do not want to be forced to follow it or change my name .. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


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  1. Salaams,

    You were not required to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man. Muslim men are able to freely marry Christians and Jews according to Islam, without the requirement that the bride convert. Have you yet informed him that your conversion was not true?

    Even if someone does convert, they are not obligated to change their name, although they may do so if they wish. If your husband is telling you that he cannot take hajj because of your name or even your conversion, it is false. He and your son can take hajj even if your name is Rocky Mountain Smith.

    Just for your assurance, your marriage is still valid Islamically even if he doesn't register it with the courts. However, I think he is being unfair to blackmail you with this just to push you into a name change, because there is no compulsion in Islam.

    -Amy Editor

    • Regarding the above reply..I have one more u confirmed they can still go on a hajj if her name is not changed..but what about she allowed too??

  2. Hi. I married a Muslim man and he would like to change my name also. My question is that I am not a Muslim and is changing the name will make me convert to Muslim eventually?


    • Andie, changing your name does not convert you to Islam. If you want to convert to Islam, you must declare the shahadah (testimony of faith), which is, "I bear witness there this is no god except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah."

      Wael Editor

  3. Thanks. Another thing, if the Muslim husband let say is from Egypt and married to a foreign wife. Is it required that the nationality of the children will be the father's? Sorry if the topic is not related.

  4. Sister

    You are require to change the name if you become a Muslim and only if your name has something forbidden in it like Shirk ,that would be rare. But otherwise you are not obliged to change your name, the brother might have a confusion or just wishes to show you are Muslim which too is wrong.

    Sister Islam is the same religion continued from Adam, you will notice the Quran is very similar to the old testament but in its revived form. You will hardly be able to get any verse of the old testament or the new that would condemn any verse of the Quran. ... That includes sharia law too. People say things about the Quranic law but ignore that the same is stated in the OT.

    Sister I suggest, you trust in God and give into Islam ASAP. Catholic church has studied Islam and many Popes have wondered if it really the religion of the true God. Anyhow The CCC states the following and you must verify today and take the leap, May Allah bless and guard you 🙂

    Catholic Catechism, par. 841 The Church's relationship with the Muslims. 'The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day.'

    Muslims do not worship prophet Jesus but the Unseen God of Adam Noah, Abraham, Ismael, Isac, David, Solomon, Moses etc The same God whom Jesus prayed to. May Allah be pleased with them all.

    Your brother

  5. Ah forgot to mention

    We as Muslims do not believe that we are saved merely by being a Muslim. After faith comes good deeds.
    This is the rule God made back in Prophet Adams days.

    You cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus as inspired by God no matter how much you say Muhammad is last inspired prophet. Muslims cannot deny any prophets that came before otherwise we are not Muslims 🙂

    Quran 103
    By time,
    Man is in a state of loss,
    Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

  6. i love the good symbol in first posted!
    God bless you and our life all!

  7. Hi I am married in catholic before but (Question deleted by Editor)

    • Khalid,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post - be sure to add more coherent information though.

      SisterZ Editor

  8. I am a muslim woman and my future husband is a catholic. Is it required by Islam that he has to convert in order to marry a muslim woman?

  9. Im a Catholic woman i am married to Muslim guy I just wnt to know how I going to use his surname and I am planning to convert to Islam f I convert to Islam do I need to change my name? Even all my passport surname do I need to change too? Thnk u I'm very clueless about Islam I wnt to know more.. More power...

    • You do not have to change your first name unless it has some unIslamic meaning. The surname should not be changed, either for conversion or marriage.

      Wael Editor

  10. Good day.

    I need advise. Im a Christian girl who married a Muslim man. The told me that we must make nikka in order to live together. I asked them does this mean if I proceed with this that im married? They told me NO. I also said i don't want to cause my parents aren't there and I want them to know about this, his family said that there's no need for them to be there. I had to do I little speech during the process were I follow the sheigh and they told me im a revert now... Im very confuse. He is very demanding.. I don't even see him as a proper muslim cause he doesn't pray, doesn't go to mosque or lead me. I travel a lot for work and he keep telling me that he will choose whether I go or not and he decides how my life should be.


  11. Saam alaykom
    your husband is so lucky to have convinced you about islam , I wish one day or the other day my wife do as like you did
    Sister dont worry you can perfome hajj once you pronounce shahada , I wish you the best of the best pray with me when your in Makka

  12. I just embrace Islam last past 3months and I got married to my husband who's also muslim.. Our marriage is registered using my christian name but my husband said it should be my muslim there someone who can tell me how to change it..and how to do it legally so i can use my muslim name in my passport and marriage contract.. coz he has a plan to bring me with him in kuwait and live there..please advise me

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