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My wife has been accused of Black Magic. What should I do?

sihr, black magicAsalam Walaikum brothers and sisters,

I thank you all for taking the time to read my problem and advising me. Inshallah, Allah will reward you all accordingly.

Me and my wife have been married for nearly 3 years. We live in the same house (fairly large) with my parents, my brother and his wife and baby daughter. My older brother moved out with his family about a year ago.

For the last 9 to 12 months I have noticed (and so has my wife) that my mother is not been normal with my wife. She is polite but just seems cold and distant towards her. There is no love or affection towards my wife. This is also the same behaviour from other family members. I noticed this and confronted my mother, who denied any such behaviour. This whole situation upset me but I was hopeful that maybe there has been some misunderstanding and over time this would blow away.

Over the last few years due to numerous problems and health issues amongst family members, my parents (particularly my mother) believed that we were all suffering from the effects of Black Magic. My mother due to her desperation has spoken to and tried to get help from numerous people both in the UK and our home country.

More recently they have met a female who states that she has been given a gift by god to cure people suffering from Black Magic and any other illness. She claims that she prayed and made dua to Allah and received this gift!  She claims that she has been given a 'spiritual eye' and can see Black Magic on people and can also see the person who has done this. She says that she makes dua to Allah and  these duas are accepted as she is close to Allah.

She has become very heavily involved in my family.  She comes to our house, holds peoples wrists and tells us them that she is curing them of black magic. People can also call her and she will 'cure' you over the phone!

When treating people in my presence, I have never heard her recite the Quran. She has also been in our house for whole days and not prayed. When asked about this she claims that when she treats people she gets 'dirty' and cant pray?!

My aunt claims that she had a large cyst in her stomach which has now gone because of her. My father claims that he had symptoms of lung cancer and she got rid of this.

She claims that her spiritual eye is telling her that my wife has been targeting numerous members of my family and extended family. We had a family gathering with her and my wife and she could not answer any questions clearly or concisely. My wife was livid and upset as this has split the family into pieces.

Can anyone advice me is it possible for someone to have a 'spiritual eye'? Can someone 'heal' people by talking to them on the phone or just by holding their wrist? Or is this work of magician/jinns?

Furthermore, some family members have been having dreams about my wife doing blackmagic on them which I believe are due to their thoughts and the Shaaytan playing on these. Could it be possible that Sihr has been done on them to have these dreams? Could it be possible that Sihr has been done so that it looks like my wife has done black magic?

Please help! I am confused and stressed out!

Walaikum Asalaam


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  1. Walaykumsalaam,

    Brother - want some good advice? Stand up confidently, and take control of what is happening in your home! Throw this woman out of your home - she is doing nothing according to the Quran and Sunnah. In fact, from what you have described is, she is playing with satanic and dark forces - or she is simply doing nothing good, but fooling you all the same. I have unfortunately seen a very simple family experience a similar thing over 20 years ago and it was all due to lack of Islamic awareness. The parents were desperate to help their daughter who was showing signs of mental illness, so they stumbled upon a pakistani man who claimed to be healer. He took full advantage of this family and did similar things to that which you have described this woman is doing. Astagfirullah!

    No-one but Allah heals and He(swt) has shown us through the Sunnah of Rasool(sws) how to do so. Just keep clean, stick to the obligatory Salaah, recite Quran, recite Ayatul Qursi and the last three Surahs and blow them over yourself. Having said that, I can say quite confidently from what you have mentioned, that the ONLY dark force that your family is afflicted by is this 'evil woman' whom you have permitted to enter and take over your home and 'you family's lack of Islamic Knowledge'.

    If this woman does not leave your home and if your parents do not support you in your stance, take your wife and child and move out and far, far away from this woman and these practices.


    People please - learn your deen to protect yourselves from these fraudulent people who use deen to cover up their evil actions! This topic infuriates me, as I have seen so many people fall prey through ignorance. If only you learned, you would see clearly and stay away from such people! There is no excuse, you have the Quran and Sunnah and the first word of the Quran was 'Iqra' - 'Read'. Why? Because only in reading, understanding and implementing the Quran, is there any shifa, light, true knowledge and safety. Insha'Allah you will take heed.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Many thanks, Jazakallah for your responses.

    Please can anyone tell me the following;

    1. Why are my family members having dreams about my wife doing Black Magic?

    2. Is there any such person or is there any possibility (Islamic Perspective) that there are people who can 'see' black magic and 'see' the person who done this and treat people as I have described above?

    I have tried to explain to my parents but they do not want to listen. I have explained that they maybe committing shirk but they believe that they are correct in their views and are totally besotted with this woman!



    • sallam

      becuase the woman they see who says she has some gift to cure black magic has probabily done black magic on her and your family. no one can see black magic they can only preform it and influence others.

      the devil is the most happiest when a marrige is broken. and this women (i belive she is a witch) is probabily commiting shirk and performing magic herself. evil people need someone to blame so she is blaming it on your wife. For example Hitler was evil and he did alot of terrible things and he blamed it all on jewish people. he slaughtered women and children and said they were evil when they were not. in the same instance this woman is evil and she is blaming it all on your wife!.

      devils are difficult to get rid of! i would do everything possible to get rid of this women! she will forsure break up your home and marriage! these people never rest! once your marriage has ended her mischeif will not end! she will break up your relationship with your parents etc. it will go on and one till nothing is left!

      Be firm, be strong, have full faith in God inshallah this devil will be removed out of your life!

      Allah hafiz

  3. Jav
    those people who say & believe they are dreaming your wife doing black magic brother are truly untrue it is allah who has a power to do things for us and whatever is written for each person.

    Brother throw that woman out of your house and stay away from such people, people are interfering in your marriage you must not believe what they say, you should believe in your wife and only allah. Only allah has powers over people not people over people, clearly your parents are brain washed and taken in by this so called woman, there is no such thing FACT.

  4. @Jav
    Perhaps your family members are dreaming about your wife doing black magic because it has been suggested to them that she is. The charlatan thinks your wife is doing black magic because that was suggested to her. I do not blame your wife for being livid and upset, I would feel the same way if I was put in her situation. Perhaps your family could learn from history and read about the Salem
    Witch Trials in the USA during the 1690's and how a group of "hysterical" girls and their false accusations led to the condemnation and execution of innocent people. The woman in your home is a charlatan and she is playing off (and profiting I assume) through the manipulations of your mother's superstitions. She is not a witch, she is a con artist and a grifter, pure and simple. Magic, be it white or black has a very small shelf-life (potency-wise), and can and will always be combated by Allah. Take your wife and leave. It will bring you both much deserved peace.

  5. I simply got annoyed when i read this... What if your wife is innocent and this witch is making false alligations on her??? Is it possible for this witch to get her powers from Allah when she doesnt even observe the five compulsory salat prayers... How can she get dirty when she's using the power of Allah to heel people??? Look, i beleive what ever this witch is doing is just the trick of shaitan to mislead people from the right path... If its true that this witch heeled your father and family members, then without an iota of doubt, she obtained her powers from evil forces and spirits.... Its not a new thing. This type of people are scattered everywhere, particulary in africa (nigeria in particular and few other africa countrys, and to some extent, south africa), and some parts of asian countries...
    Infact, if you go to nigeria (a country full of scamers and 4.1. Nairas. People looking for money through every mean for survival), you find the christian pastors practising this form of magic and witch craft to make money.. They claim they are performing miracles to heel people... And they heel people by simply hold there waist, or head or any part of the body, and reciting some incantations... They deceive many people with this and they convert vulnerable people to christianity because of this. This stupid and misleading people (pastors) would go and commune with the evil spirits at night, get their evil powers, and come and deceive the fellows by day .. This pastors call themselves men of God. They even call themselves prophets of God (subhanalla, astagfirulla).. And they deceive there fellows by telling them they heel people by the power of the "holy spirit/ holy ghost"... they make hell of money due to the large number of people that become there church members (who offer money every sunday to the pastor for heeling them)...
    This is a huge fitnah that befalls on this ummah of muhammad pbuh, And a very nice way of misleading people from the path of Allah..

  6. In respond to your question, the witch can task her demons to cast dream spells to your family members. And in the dream, your family members would be seeing your wife trying to hurt them with black magic or other things... If you beleive this woman, your faith is at risk, you might be committing shirk. and whosoever associate partners with Allah by committing shirk, would be a dweller of hell fire and he's/she's gonna abide therein for all eternity. Period.

  7. Jazakallah brothers and sisters for all your responses. I would like to point out that this women is not charging any money directly. I believe that people do give her gifts but at this moment in time, she does not take money directly. A knowledgeable person has suggested that she may have a long term and is just obtaining people trust at the moment.

    Also can anyone advise me, what is the best way to get parents away from this belief which I believe is a type of shirk.

    Also does anyone know of any sheikhs or Imams that is knowledgeable/expert in this area based in London?

    I feel like I am stuck in a really bad situation. I do not wish to leave my parent's as I believe things will get worse if we leave.


    • sallam

      brother i had similar issue and i contacted a maulvi online and he never charged he was from london and he would email me answers to my problems and alhumdolillah becuase of him my problems went away!, i contcted him from this website. i never actually met him he used to just email me and told me what duas to read and how to combat black majic and djin.

      Allah hafiz

  8. Jav, As-salamu alaykum,

    I deleted your resubmission of this post. If you have anything you wish to add, please do it here in the comments section.

    Wael Editor

  9. Assalamu alaykum brother, my husbands family did the same with a man from india. he said some people did black magic on them and all this one belived my husband !they gave to this man so much money,he talked to his parents many times but no one in the familie belived him.At the end he got all their money and left.they have debts now and see what they did was wrong but honestly i think they would still do the same again as they looking from someone else to come over from india to help them!!!Well my husband doesnt want to do anything with them anymore because of all that!!He really tried to help them but they just blind!i highly recomend to you if your parents dont belive you ,you should just leave.dont stay in the same house.this woman is dangerous and what ishe is doing has nothing to do with islam!!!please brother get your wife and save yourself before its to late.

  10. That woman is just acting she is getting paid from someone else in ur family. This is what happened to me please don't let her in ur house all she needs is ur wife clothes or her hair and nothing. U can do somone lady did that to me made me think she was very good person and trust her she told me that someone was doing black magice to me. She come to my house and give me thing and I'm divorce for three years please don't let her do anything. Email me and I'll tell u wht to do and how to help u.

    • Sister can you pls tell me hw to handle someone who is accussed of harming you but they are a relative. I have witnessed some odd behaviour by family members, magic on photos and God knows what, I am been fed that it does happen. I do not understand it, I do not wish to do shirk and my islamic knowledge really needs improvement. Nothing happens without Allah's decree, and Allah never lays a burden on us greater than we can bear. So both these facts tell me that no matter who does magic, we will only be influenced as much as Allah decrees. And praying will help us. So they say, you need to prevent by not associating, when I have no certainty that they are. Nothing seems black and white to me and seriously, I feel lost.

      Recently, I got divorced coz things were happening really weirdly, I was told that the guys family did black magic to gain my approval but i used logic and came to knw thru is actions and he did it for residency. Is it even possible to get someone to fall in love with you, I have not lived with him but honestly, I m so afraid of marriage altogether now.

      My problem seems all over the place, a lot has happened in a very short spam of time, but as it would not have happened without Allah's decree and I know Allah loves me and each of us more than anyone else and knows whats best, may be this was some lesson, I don't know exactly, i believe ppl easily so i found the good in this and am trying to move on in life.

      I am so lost though with this entire differences of concepts of magic, I do not understand how to get my head around it. What can I do to help a loved one inflicted, it affects relationships. I do not understand anything about this and would rather die than fail this test in life..

  11. Mercy of god is huge.

  12. Sorry brother you are goin through all this ,, but I'm married and have similar issues with my Inlaw's exactly what you saying about lies my sister in law does on her husband and he believes her lies and in return he belittles everyone and says she tells the truth !! He is a mufti and lives with his in laws but he has been Blinded with black majic I hope one day he also sees the light because to live in a deception world is the worst!due to her lies she always gets away with murder and everyone has to suffer the consequences but my brother in law would never believe they have laced him with black majic unfortunately poor mufti I pray he gets help one day he can leave his own mother for his in laws

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