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I've met a couple online friends in the summer of 2015. Three of them are males, then other nine are females. There is one male and one female that's non Muslim and the rest are Muslims.

Two to three weeks ago, I cut connections off from all of them, bc I was going through a heart break.

While trying to sort out things with my ex lover, I came back just last night. Surprisingly many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much..

One of my sisters stated to me that she thought of me as a good person, to only know that I'm fake.

Not only did that get to me, but the ignorance of a few other friends and the insults of my ex lover did as well..

My real sister, family sister. Tells me that I should cut all connections with them. But the thing is, I promised the girls that I'm here to stay..

I don't know what to do.. Brothers and sisters please help me out. Please?


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  1. You should probably stop using the internet/social media. I read your other post and I think this is your problem.

    When I first converted, I made many wonderful Muslim girlfriends on Facebook and I loved talking to them all the time. But it was using up my time and so I took a break from Facebook and Twitter indefinitely.

    I still think of those girls and make dua for them in my heart. But the world moves on. These people don't belong to you and you don't belong to them. If they're angry that you needed a break from social media then they were never your friends, if they're you're real friends then they'll understand. Just let everyone know you need to take a break from social media.

    Givé your real sister your password and have her change it for you. I did this with my friend in university when we studied for exams because Facebook really eats up your time and when you log off for an extended period then your REAL TRUE friends are revealed.

  2. Salam.All this is nonsence it has no place in Islam.You still havent realize the value of being a muslim! What is your purpose in life.Were do you see yourself.As a scholor you need to be reminded that SUCCESS lies in obeying the commandments of Allah through are prophet Muhammad.He is the best of creation and a role model for people to follow.Propet Muhammad says that theres a piece of flesh in our body if it sound then are whole body will be sound. You need to build on your foundation because the day of judgement will come with certainty..How are you prepaired What will you have to say .One question that will be Allah asked how did you spend your youth ?So instead of getting involved with these chats and gossips learn your deen

  3. Aoa!
    The virtual world and its relations are just that... virtual! But, it is easy for the line to get blurred specially when you are going through a rough patch in your personal life as you stated in your other post. I second all the previous opinions. Connect to Allah and the good people in the real world and you will see 'real' support and friendships.

  4. Dear Sister,
    Asalam o alikum,

    I know social media is so much "IN" now a days. Online friends sometimes divert you from your real life problems. But in order to come close to them, we go far from our real life people. Just think who are more important?

    If you cut just cut all the ties suddenly then do it slowly. Make more time for real life then social life. Slowly you'll get out of this.

    About your lover. There is no use of being in a haram relation. Learn from my situation, how much pain i am suffering. So just leave the guy.

    Repent for your mistakes. May ALLAH bless you. Pray for all of us.

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