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What are the documents required for a Nikah in Philippines

A Muslim family

A Muslim family

Sallam Allaykum,

I am a revert Muslim from Philippines for 1 year now, I would like to know what are the  wedding requirements  (documentations) as to Islamic rites, I am planning to get married on my next vacation in Philippines with a foreigner Muslim  guy.

As I was taught of the requirements of a valid marriage (such as wali, 2 witnesses, mahr and the contract) how about documents? and another thing as revert Muslim I don't have a Wali for all my family are Christians. Can anyone please assist me on this I want my relationship with him be blessed by Allah.

Barrakallahu Fik

- mariamsantiago

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  1. Wa'alaykumsalam,

    Congratulations on accepting Islam masha'Allah. May Allah bless you.

    Regarding wali, your wali now must be an Imam/Islamic scholar / mulla.

    Regarding the documents required, you do not need to worry over this as it is easy to get married in the Philippines Islamically. Just visit a near by islamic centre or masjid and ask them to assist you. Masha'Allah there are many Islamic centres and masjds in the Philippines now.

    Last time I visited manila, these are the Islamic centres and masjids I found located in Emrita, calookan, sampaloc, taguig. So wherever your hometown just go and ask there. I would recommend Golden mosque and green mosque in Quiapo.

    • Assalamo Alaikom Sister.
      One of the Masjids in Manila who is engaged in the services of Islamic Marriage Solemnization and registration of Conversion to Islam, is Al-Huda Mosque and Ma-Had Inc., located at the boundary of Makati and Manila City, with address at 2409 Alabastro St., San Andres Bukid, Manila. You can contact them at +639089116211/ +639166830077, and with email, .

      Generally, divorce in the Philippines, is not allowed under the Family Code. But Muslims in the Philippines are allowed to divorce their spouse pursuant to Presidential Decree 1083, otherwise known as the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines.

    • Salam alaykum
      I'm a convert Muslim because my fiancee is a Muslim we want to get married in Philippines where can we go??? What are the requirements??? And the problem is I'm not yet separated from my first husband a Catholic but I don't see her anymore pls can u help me....advise plsss

      • wa aleikum salam, congratulations for joining islam, I would like to argue you to first accept islam as a true religion of ALLAH, NOT simply because you want to get married to a muslim. upon you converting to islam, it automatically annuls previous marriage if a husband is non muslim. BUT there is another issue which you need to clarify from muslim scholars, the issue of EDDA, where you will have to wait for that period which will first depend on whether you were still married to him during your conversion or already divorced ( not officially as there is no divorce in philipines )

        • yes alhamdulillah I'm totally blessed because i found Allah swt and teach me more about islam after allah blessed me with this guy but the problem brother im not yet annulled it's too expensive and i don't know if they allowed it to be married islamically if the first marriage is not yet annulled... jazak'allah khair.

          • Salam try to contact shariah lawyer mam mina she is very accomodating and gives free advice she is the one who help me and she was also referred to me by a friend who has same case like yours, Allah bless us.Try sister.Her no. Is +639772035730 she uses viber and whatsapp.goodluck

    • Assalamo Alaikom
      My husband and I were recently married and have Islamic. Contract. He is currently on parole and is putting in for an interstate transfer. Do they have to recognize our marriage? I of the requirements is that you have to have a spouse to be approved.

    • are you sure they won't require any documents in getting married? wow, so they can easily fake their wedding if they are not very strict. . .

      • Assamulaikum. I am one of the Imams in Manila Golden Mosque. We do all processes including documents in Islamic marriage. If you needed an assistance around Metro Manila, kindly contact me in my WhatsApp 09451777695. Barakallahu fikh.

  2. Assalamualikum sister.

    Sorry to ask this but are you sure of the plan in getitng married in the Philippines with the muslim guy?
    Yup I got married in Philippines too in ISCAG, Cavite and the marriage was recorded in statistics office. We got divorced in Dubai and till now our marriage in Philippines records not yet cancelled because of this no-divorce rule of the country whichever religion you are in. our islamic faith and practices just contradicts with the rules of the government. You dont want to mess your life, do you? Anyhow mine is just an advice. Keepsafe yourself from future troubles. Why not marry in the country where you are now? Hope you got my point.

    You can approach any islamic center, they have forms and requirements include passport copies and photos of both of you. The islamic center head who will solemnize your marriage will represent as your wali and few brothers in the center will act as your witnesses.

    InshaALLAH, you will be guided.

    • Wa'alaykumsalam sis Maryam,

      Sister have you applied for divorce in Islamic centres in the Philippines? What did they say ? If they didn't do it, then they are wrong and you can try other Islamic centres because divorce is allowed for muslims in the philippines under ''code of muslim personal laws of the philippines'' which non muslims cannot access. But it also depends on how you got married like for example, if a marriage is solemnize under civil law then 'civil law of the philippines' will only apply which has no divorce but if you got married under sharia law or under 'code of muslim personal laws of the philippines' anywhere in the pinas then divorce is allowed. The court will obviously ask for reasons/proofs.
      One of my acquaintance got divorce in sharia court in quezon city within two weeks.

      @maryamsantiago, Its best if you perform salat al istikhara for Allah may guide insha'Allah.

      • It was mentioned above that there is a Sharia Court in Quezon City. Is it true? I thought all Sharia Courts are located in Mindanao? Please confirm.

    • Assalamualaikum sister maryam,
      Im from philippines also n i read about our constitution, if ur marry under islamic law u can apply for a divorce. Even if divorce is not allowed in our country, they have different law for muslims.

    • ISCAG in dasmarinas cavite doesn't do islamic wedding what they do is normal wedding as they follow the requirements being use in a civil wedding in the philippines.the registration of your mc is in the lcr not in sharia which reason you are not avail divorce under PD 1083 (code of muslim)

  3. There is a seperate law for muslims as philippine has around 6-8 million muslim population. Especially in mindanao.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum..

    I'm from philippines and I'm a reverted muslimah last year. Months ago after I embraced Islam I asked my sister to get my singleness in national statistic office then surprisingly the result was "MARRIED" since 2008 to an indian nationality unknown person. My signature was there, my parents name but there are some errors in that certificate,like my city address in manila and religion. That ceremony was made by an solemnizing officer in ermita. But I did not attend to any ceremony of my marriage ever since. I consult to a lawyer and he advice me to file for nullify the marriage but it will cost me a lot. Now since that I'm muslim do I have to divorce my previous fake marriage but registered when I want to get married in muslimin? Since its been five (5) years now.
    Please anyone who could help me for advice.

    Jazak'Allahu Khairan

    • Walaikum salam sister Shasha,
      Congratulations on becoming Muslim, may Allah (swt) pave your way and always guide you. Amin. Unfortunately, no one here is qualified to give advice as per Divorce Law in Philippines but best course of action would be to speak to other lawyers (possibly Muslim if you can find one) who may better understand your situation and guide you accordingly. Islamically speaking, you are already divorced from your husband because waiting period is 3 months after your reversion for your husband to accept Islam, however your situation is quite complicated since your marriage was a fake one.

      Also, look for other similar posts on here, there have been few such cases (though not exactly same) to find some help iA.

      May Allah (swt) help you to find the solution to your problem. Amin.


    • To Marriam Santiago:

      Aside from the requirements that you have mentioned, you and your fiancé are required to present your respective passport and valid identification card. Since you are a convert and no immediate relatives can represent you as your Wali because they are not Muslim, then an Imam can represent you as your Wali.
      Jazakaalaho Khair

      To Shasha:
      You can file a petition for divorce before the Shariah Circuit Court and pray before the said court to severe your marriage and furnish the Local Civil Registrar where your marriage was registered of the decision for them to annotate your record and eventually forward the same at the NSO for final annotation.
      Jazakaalaho Khair

      • Good evening sir.Me and my indonesian boyfriend, we’re planning to get married next year but Iam still a christian and i will revert this year to muslimah in Indonesia. And get married there in muslim faith. And i would like to ask what are the steps or process to get married in civil wedding muslim here in philippines? And what we need to prepare?

  5. good day sir...

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    Please note that we are not legal experts. If you need legal advice, you may be best to contact a lawyer in your country of residence, and make sure that they are familiar with Sharia law.]

  6. ...

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  7. Assalamualaykum Brothers and sisters..

    I reverted to Islam last December 28, 2013 in Abu Dhabi, but due to i am working at the house i didn't have a chance to authenticated my conversion to Islam there.. when i go back to Phils I worked for my conversion certificate and have it last Sept 08, 2014.. Iam separated from my husband since 2010.. we are married in Catholic Ceremony and have records on Nso.. My question is can i re-marry again in Islamic ceremony or i need to be annulled or divorce first? And if I get a Divorce in Shari'a Court, is it recognized by the Phils law.. Please help me, because i was so depressed when one brother in the mosque i go ask for me 30, 000.00 for my divorce.. I am not working now and not have enough money to pay for that processing or court fee.. I will highly appreciated and acknowledge if you can help me and give me proper advice on what i will do.

    • Mariam, Islamically you are divorced. However, you should obtain a civil divorce as well before considering remarriage. Whether your Shariah Court divorce would be recognized by Philippine law, I don't know. You should consult a lawyer on that. Lastly, do not trust any brother from the mosque who says that it will cost you such-and-such to get divorced. He may be trying to scam you. Verify the filing costs for yourself, and use a lawyer if necessary.

      Wael Editor

      • Islamic conversion and Islamic marriage doesn't mean that your previous marriage is automatically divorced or annulled under the Philippine law. This is the most common misbelief of most of the Filipinos who converts to Islam. Every petition has a proper process in the Philippine court which should be followed. Being a Filipino citizen, even though you are Muslim or a christian or any other religion we are still under the law of the Philippines wherever country we are currently staying. There is a specific law for Muslim Filipino in the Philippines whether inborn or converted to Islam faith. Under PD 1083 or the Muslim Law of Conduct of Muslim Filipino, divorce is only allowed if the marriage ceremony was conducted under the Muslim rites, either both Muslim parties or a male Muslim to a non-Muslim lady. If the previous marriage is not conducted under Muslim rites, then divorced is not applicable to this law. Only annulment proceeding in the Philippine Court will be the one to determined if the marriage is valid or nullified. Filing a divorced petition to marry a Muslim man in sharia court in the middle east or any Muslim country which doesn't conformed to the PD 1083 will be considered invalid according to the Philippine law which doesn't permit a second marriage to exist under the law if there is still a previous marriage is still valid.

    • Mariam Ahmed:

      Since your previous marriage was registered in the Local Civil Registrar and eventually in the NSO, you are required to severe the said marriage by filing a Divorce in the Shariah Circuit Court before you contract another marriage. Your conversion to Islam is a ground for the SCC to acquire jurisdiction over you upon your filing a petition for divorce. And the decision of the SCC is recognized by Law because such courts were created by virtue of Presidential Decree 1083, otherwise known as the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines which is a part of the law of the land.

      Mohammad Khalil

      • Salam Brother Mohammad Khalil,

        Reading your comments and advise gave me some light of hope. I was married with a foreign Muslim in Philippines in a civil/secret marriage. we paid and got the marriage certificate without going through the ceremony. Now the muslim man I married abandoned me for 6 years now and never supported me since the marriage even now that I am jobless. I now want to get a divorce under Sharia Law. Please advise me where I should go and any contact details to get divorced. Is divorce possible even if the marriage was a secret marriage officiated by some Rev. I never met somewhere in San Juan where I never lived and registered in NSO?

        Please help me brother.

  8. hi ... i have a fiancee who is a pure muslim and he wants to marry me but.... i am already married to a fiipino. but were not legaly seperated i mean n divorce but already seperated... wat shud i do

    • Salaams,

      The best thing to do is consult a Filipino attorney and get their advice.

      -Amy Editor

    • The best move that you can do is, have your marriage annulled first before you contract another marriage in order to avoid problem.
      You may be de facto separated for many years but in the eyes of the law, you are still married. And a married woman is not allowed to contract a subsequent marriage. It is punishable under the law.
      However, if you are a Muslim convert, you can file a divorce in the Shari'ah Circuit Court with the assistance of a lawyer preferably, a Shari'ah Lawyer. The process of divorce in the Shari'ah courts is easier than that of annulment in the Regular Courts.
      Thank you

      • Salam I'm convert to Islam in Saudi Arabia for 8years question is that I was married in civil wedding in 1998 to one Egyptian he's Muslim but he left me after 3months of stay in Phils &i was pregnant that time now till this moment I don't have contact at him no support to his son pls advice me what to do with our marriage is it still valid or can I get divorce true shariah court pls help me

  9. It was mentioned in one of the posts that they were able to get a divorce from a sharia court in quezon city. Is it true? i thought all sharia courts are located in mindanao only. Please confirm and please let me know the location of islamic centers in quezon city or nearby places that assists in conversion and divorce. Thank you.

  10. It was mentioned in one of the posts that they were able to get a divorce from a sharia court in quezon city. Is it true? i thought all sharia courts are located in mindanao only. Please confirm and please let me know the location of islamic centers in quezon city or nearby places that assists in conversion and divorce. Thank you very much and hoping for your response.

    • Definitely, that's not true because there is no Shari'ah Court in Quizon City, only regular courts. Shari'ah courts are established in some parts of Mindanao particularly in ARMM by virtue of Presidential Decree 1083, otherwise known as the Code of Muslim Personal Laws in the Philippines.
      Thank you

    • The Shariah Court they are referring to in Quezon City is:
      79 Jocfer Bldg., (Annex) Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City,
      Quezon City, 1121, PHILIPPINES

      They also have another branch in Quiapo, Manila located in Globo de Oro Street. It is located beside the Golden Mosque. You can ride the LRT Station and alight at Carriedo Station.

      There website is

      • NCMF is not a Sharia Court and they don't have the mandate to hear cases like divorce. Only Shari'a Court has the power to hear divorce cases...
        Thank you

  11. Salaam,
    I embraced Islam back in 2007 when i worked in Dubai, but unfortunately the documents that i have signed was left on the Islamic Center and up to now i do not have any proof with me but my Faith In Allah (SWT) and the Prophet Muhammad ASW i just would like to know the steps i need to take to have a legal document or proof that i am a Muslim revert. Thank you very much. Hoping for your quick response.


  12. Assalamualaykum.

    I got married to a Catholic man under the court on year 2006, but unfortunately the marriage didn't work out. We are separated up to this date, and the whole time I am the only one supporting our daughter. He got his own family and a new child from his current partner

    2009, i went to Abu Dhabi to work and after 3 years i converted to Islam. I filed divorce for the husband in the Philippines in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department and Alhamdulillah I am already divorced.

    I went to the Philippine Embassy in this country to ask for further steps and I was informed that the Philippines will not recognize the divorce, I should still file an annulment case in my country to fully dissolve our marriage.

    My question is, do I have to file another divorce case in the Philippines under Sharia court against the husband for the Court in the Philippines to recognize it? and if so, do I have to personally go to the Philippines Sharia Court to do this, or can I ask my father to give them all the documents needed?

    Please help me, I just want a new life for me and my daughter.

    • I am seriously going to see if I can get a Philippines divorce attorney on staff, because we get so many of these questions and we do not have the expertise to answer them.

      I have heard that there is no divorce in Philippines law. There is only annulment, which is difficult to obtain. A Filipino who has obtained a divorce abroad must still obtain an annulment inside the Philippines for the marriage to be legally terminated.

      I have also read that Shariah courts in Mindanao (Southern Philippines) recognize divorce among Muslims, according to Act # 394 which was passed in 1971. However, under what circumstances that law applies, I do not know.

      Wael Editor

    • Asalamalaykum sis.

      Ask ko lang, paano ka nagfile ng divorce dito sa UAE? Please get back to me.

    • Hi noor if you don't mind we're having same issue can I have your personal contact details because I'm desperate to get my divorce to my ex husband pls let me know how to start procedure and in also here in UAE ...

  13. I am new revert Muslim before Ramadan of 2014., i have a beautiful experiences before reverting Islam but there's something want to ask regarding divorcing of marriage i file the case in Dubai already actually i dont have any intention to file but in the Philippines every transaction i need to do they need also signature of my ex husband but we are separated for almost 3 years., my teacher here in Dubai advise me a lot of things but i want opinions from other knowledgeable as well regarding islamic law to civil law., we are married last 2010 and ends for almost 2 years only and for that case i didn't ask anything from him anymore i want just to have a peaceful life and Alhamdullilah i found Islam here in Islamic country i don't have any plan to get married again just to separate only in legal way and nice way here in Dubai they can divorced you without expences espacially if you really don't have money ., I was thinking to divorce in the Philippines as well but i don't much money to pay if anything i need to pay but if i have here but not much expense like annulment case we spoke already and we are agreed with that but I am the one behind with this case because every now and then his leaving in the country and no month and day he will be coming back is it possible to file case in the Philippines while his on abroad?and wait for him to sign? is it the governement accept it and all transaction under my name can i change it all to single name again?like my passport? how long it will process? because his planning his planning get married again and i want him to be happy how will I arrange and setteled all of this things whil im here as well in Dubai?

  14. Bro/Sis,

    Salam... I would like to inquire if theres any possibility that i may have a copy of my marriage contract from the Golden Mosque in Quiapo where i had fixed marriage to an arab way back 1993. I have lost my copy and i am humbly seeking to have another copy for it was a fixed marriage. Is there any chance for me to have a copy from the golden mosque? But my problem here is we did not submit it to NSO but it has red ribbon in DFA before we pushed to Bahrain. However, i am no longer living in bahrain. So how can i obtain a copy of my mc?

    • How did you able to secure a Red Ribbon if the said document has not passed through NSO? Better check it out. If the said red ribbon is genuine, then definitely there is a record file of yours in the LCR, Manila and NSO. Thank you

  15. Assalam allaikum sister,

    hi i would like to ask aboout the procedure in philippine how can we get married with my formally fiance here in dubai we are planning to go to philippines to get married we are in hurry to get merried but the problem i know its not easy to process everything the documents for our married and it's very hard to do it here i am thingking maybe when we will do it in philippines it's easy than here so i want to know what is the requirements we need to make and bring when will go in philippine? any body can help me pls?.. we have plan to go to mindanao for marriage but i read here in this conversation we have already masjid in manila and i get already email and contact no. from them..thank you so much im hoping that someone will reply me here or in my email thank u so mucn..

  16. Brother/Sister,
    I'm a pilipina married before in Christian pilipino but know we separate but no any document for it we don't have communication now to each other but we just do our obligations to our kids.....I meet my fiance here in oman we plan to get married hopefully inshaallah on January on our vacation if there any suggestion on how I get divorced in my first marriage I'm happily say I embrace Islam here 2013 and I believe Allah open my eyes to follow the right path for me.......hope somebody can assist and help us thank you.


  17. ...
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  18. Assalamu Alaikum

    How many months or years the Shariah will allow a divorce muslim woman get another husband? the Wali is required same like her first marriage?


    • If her divorce is complete, she can marry another man without any further wait. As far as the wali, the scholars differ. Some say that a divorced woman needs a wali, while others say she can represent herself.

      Wael Editor

  19. Hi i converted to islam last january 2013 in indonesia and got a muslim wedding after my conversion i want to know if my marriage in indonesia is valid here in philippines since it waz not registered here in philippines.if we will get a civil wedding here in philippines is it possible or muslim wedding again only.
    Im a filipina and my mùslim husband is indonesian..thankyou jope you can help me

  20. Assalamualaikum
    Just wanna ask I'm planning to get married with an malaysian guy in the Philippines just wanna know what documents he should bring so we can get married there.

  21. salam,,i am muslim filipina,widowed since 3 years ago.and want to get marry with turkish islam man,,we are on legal age,,what are the requirements needed since he is a turkish nationality.we want to marry there any place to marry legally in manila aside from al huda mosque? is thjere a sharia court in philippines?

    • Alaikomissalam.
      Yes there is a Shariah Court in the Philippines but you can find them at the Muslim dominated areas in Shouthern Philippines particularly in Cotabato, Zamboanga, Lanao del Sur among others.

  22. Assalam alaykum

    I want to know what r the requirements to get married in Islamic center in Philippines.
    I'm filipina and I'm a Christian. My fiancee is muslim.. Can anyone help us which
    Documents are needed.

    Thank you

  23. Hi everyone!i would like to ask if how can i marry my muslim fiancee even if i am a christian?he is a widower and i am single and were planning to get married by end of the year.what would be the requirement for me

    • mamesa, a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman and there are no special religious requirements outside of the ordinary requirements for nikah (marriage) in Islam. If you are asking about Philippine law, however, then I cannot advise you there.

      Wael Editor

  24. Asallam wallaikum, im from philippine and converted in islam since 2009 and now im ready to marry in islamic marriage but my husband he is from pakistan and we are planning to do the nikkah in philippine.
    My query is i want to know what is the required document if we will do the nikkah in Davao city, philippines.
    im waiting your impormative response. Thanks.

  25. hello brothers.
    im muslim and planned to get married to my fiancee a catholic.but we planned to married in civil. Can i know wat is the procedure and requirement that they need.I from singapore and my fiancee was a philippine..

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the answers already provided. We are not legal experts, so it may be best to confirm this with the people who will be doing the civil marriage. Remember that you will need to have a nikah.

      Midnightmoon editor

  26. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa brothers and sisters! Sister noor I'm so curious, how you file a divorce her to your non muslim husband? Please let me know I need your help! Alhamdullilah my mind was enlightened already! SubhanaAllah! Jazakallah khair brothers and sisters

    Maryam Micabani

  27. Dear respective sir,


    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the answers already given. We are not legal experts, so if you need an definitive legal answer, you will need to consult a lawyer.

      Midnightmoon editor

  28. Assallam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I recently got married with my long term indian fiancé and we already got our marriage contract. Our wedding was solemnized at the dawa center. Though we got our contract printed in NSO paper but not autenticated by the DFA, how can I cross check the validity of our paper.? Can I take this directly to DFA to get it authenticated even without the receipt from NSO?

    I forgot to mention that they gave us another paper from sharia (according to them) it is in arabic so i cant tell what it is.

    • I don't know the law in the Philippines, but why don't you try taking your marriage contract to the Department of Foreign Affairs and see what they say.

      Wael Editor

  29. Hi..i need also your advice about my situation...i have ex husband in philippines..we are already seprated but the problem for the papers for anullment..and now i have boyfriend bahraini he wants to marry with question is its possible we get married and my papers to my ex husband is still married?but the fisrt thing i will do is to convert my religion to islam..pls i need your advice...

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Please read the advice already given.

      Midnightmoon editor

    • Islamic conversion and Islamic marriage doesn't mean that your previous marriage is automatically divorced or annulled under the Philippine law. This is the most common misbelief of most of the Filipinos who converts to Islam. Every petition has a proper process in the Philippine court which should be followed. Being a Filipino citizen, even though you are Muslim or a christian or any other religion we are still under the law of the Philippines wherever country we are currently staying. There is a specific law for Muslim Filipino in the Philippines whether inborn or converted to Islam faith. Under PD 1083 or the Muslim Law of Conduct of Muslim Filipino, divorce is only allowed if the marriage ceremony was conducted under the Muslim rites, either both Muslim parties or a male Muslim to a non-Muslim lady. If the previous marriage is not conducted under Muslim rites, then divorced is not applicable to this law. Only annulment proceeding in the Philippine Court will be the one to determined if the marriage is valid or nullified. Filing a divorced petition to marry a Muslim man in sharia court in the middle east or any Muslim country which doesn't conformed to the PD 1083 will be considered invalid according to the Philippine law which doesn't permit a second marriage to exist under the law if there is still a previous marriage is still valid.

  30. Gud day!! ...

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  31. Hello Everyone. I am a muslim convert. I got married on a civil rite last 2009 and separated from my ex-husband the following year.though my ex is a christian, I filed a divorce in sharia court late last year and I got the divorced March this year. The court passed the documents to the NSO for annotation. The problem is, NSO will not annotate my documents because my exhusband is NOT a muslim. What should i do? Pls help.

    • We're not qualified to answer these types of questions. You need to talk to a family lawyer.

      Wael Editor

    • anna pls give me information how u filed the divorce and how it possible to do it here in dubai?we have the same sitution.

    • Being a Filipino citizen you should follow the civil code of the Philippines which stating that marriage conducted under a non-Muslim ceremony will not be granted divorce under the law. Annulment procedures in the Philippine court will be the one who will determined if the marriage is void.

    • Dear Sister Anna:
      Prior to the year 2015, NSO was allowing the annotation of a Divorce issued by the Shariah Courts even if the marriage of the subject parties was done in a civil wedding. However, the Chief of National Statistics Authority, for some valid reasons, issued a Memorandum Circular sometime in the last quarter of 2014, instructing all Local Civil Registrar among others, not to annotate any divorce issued by the Shariah Court if the subject parties was solemnized in accordance with the civil law or Church law. The only exception of this Memorandum Circular is the conversion of both parties to Islam during the subsistence of their marriage because such case is allowed for divorce under PD 1083.
      But I hope that the Shariah Courts judges and the National Statistics Authority will resolve this issue in the soonest time possible.
      Let's just pray..
      Thank you,
      Mohammad Khalil

  32. assalaamaulaikum

    sisters give me some details about the requirements for legal nikah and to be recognize by civil going to be a second wife of my PAKISTANI partner,were both muslim,,,
    thankyou very much,,looking forward to hear from you,,please guide me,,because he will just have 10 days leave from work,meaning he will just come here to DAVAO CITY philippines to marry me in legal way, so that, we can live together hajal..

  33. Hi. Do Islamic courts in the Philippines honor fixed term marriages? My fiance is Shia Muslim.

  34. Hello everyone! I am Christian and engaged with a Muslim man. We are planning to get married in the Philippines by Muslim way. Is it possible for us to get marriage certificate even if I am not Muslim? Also, does anyone know any Mosque or Court to conduct wedding? Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

  35. Assalamu Alaikum Brothers,

    My name is Hussain, i'm from India. At present working in Kuwait.
    I would like to marry a filipino lady. She is Muslim. She also working now in Kuwait. We want to get married in Philippine. This my second marriage.
    Please advise the procedure to get married in philippines and we need marriage contract as i want to put her visauunder my name.

    Thanks in advance

  36. Sallam Allayum,
    I'm Aisha working here in Riyadh KSA I embraced Islam since 2008 but only here in Riyadh KSA I got certificate to become a certified Muslim just last April 2015 I got my certificate. I am planning to get married here but unfortunately my bos doesn't allow me. So we are planning to get married in Philippines with my Sudanese fiancé he had a first wife so if we get married I'm his 2nd wife.
    I just want to ask what are the requirements to marry a muslim foreigner in Philippines?
    Thank you Barrakallahu Fi.

  37. Assalamalaikom,

    I am Saleh working here in Jeddah and im a 15 year Muslim convert. I was married here with a Muslim woman, but for 6 years now we have not been together and have no communication. I just got news from her friend that she has already gone back to the Philippines. In the time of the marriage there wasnt any marriage contract that i signed. Yet when i asked for my Cenomar i was registered married to that woman. details of the cenomar says that we had been married in cotabato city and my signature was obviously not mine. What proper action can i do in my situation. Can i file for Divorce here since we got married here in Jeddah or should i file for divorce there in the Philipines? Can i file a falsification of document against her since the details in the marriage contract are false?

  38. hi just want to ask if we cam married as a civil wedding in philippines.I am a catholic but my fiancé are muslim it can be possible.and u can help me what papers we need as we are planning to married this year.thank you hope u can help us






    CP# +639095291912 or
    E-mail -


  40. Assalamo Alaikom Sister Mariam.
    Brother Wael and brother AJ are both correct.
    But however, there are instances where non-Muslim couple whose marriage was done in accordance with civil rite can seek for divorce before the Shariah Circuit Court.
    One example is, conversion of both spouses while their marriage subsists.
    The Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines which is a part of the law of the land provides under
    “Article 178 – On Effect of Conversion to Islam on Marriage. – The conversion of non-Muslim spouses to Islam shall have the legal effect of ratifying their marriage as if the same had been performed in accordance with the provisions of this Code or Muslim law, provided there is no legal impediment to the marriage under Muslim law.”
    So in other words, after the couple had been converted to Islam, their marriage was ratified as if they were solemnized in accordance with PD 1083 or Muslim law. So since they are now Muslims and their marriage is now considered solemnized under Muslim law, they can now avail of divorce.
    Thank you very much

  41. Assalamu allaykum i would like to ask maybe you can give me opinions because im married last 2008 to a foreign man but after 1 year of our marriage he just leave me with out any message because im in philippines and his in uae.untill now i dont have any news about him and do if i will file for divorce is my marriage contract still valid or invalid untill now...wasalam

  42. Salam i want to know what is the requirements for getting married? For syrian man and filipina lady? Thank you for your help

  43. Good morning...I'm a Christian filipina and I'm married but separated for almost 5 years now...
    I have a boyfriend from Maldives and he is a Muslim.....we want to get married this july...
    Can I marry him even if I will not convert to Muslim?
    And what do we need to do to get married?

  44. greetings

    im egyptian man i have filipino girl friend i want to marry her, i tried to invite her to egypt as tourist to marry here in egypt, but we failed because the egyptian embassy refused her Visa, i decided to come next October to Philippense but i found that the civil marriage procedures are very complicated and takes long time because she is christian and i'm Muslim, my question now is, can i marry here in the golden mosque in manila with the same simple islamic marriage procedures, i mean with only our I.D and passports or she has to be Muslim as well to do that, then if it is possible what are the procedures and what are needed from official documents and how much does it coast to finish this matter, my last question how long to get our marriage contract certificated from the golden mosque islamc center,

    best regards


    • Assalamualaikum,

      I'm from philippines and I'm a reverted muslimah here in Doha Qatar since 2004 but my certificate issues on 2012.

      I would like to ask aboout the procedure in philippine how can we get married with my formally fiance here in doha we are planning to go to Philippines this may to get married we are in hurry to get married but the problem i know its not easy to process everything the documents for our married and it's very hard to do it here i am thingking maybe when we will do it in philippines it's easy than here so i want to know what is the requirements we need to make and bring when will go in philippine? anybody can help me pls?..

      Thank you so much I’m hoping that someone will reply me.


    • Salam, brother.
      My husband (Muslim) and I (Christian) just got married Islamically in the Philippines last January. We just brought our passport and ID for verification. I was escorted by my parents although the Mosque has Muslim witnesses. The Mosque is located in San Andres Bukid, Manila. You may contact Shiekh Mohammad Khalil Pandapatan of Al-Huda Mosque and Ma-Had Inc. at +639089116211/ +639166830077 or email him at . I contacted him through email. Our Marriage Contract is also authenticated with red ribbon from DFA. Ask your girlfriend and she know what I'm talking about. It took 5 weeks before we received the contract. I highly recommend this Mosque as they are very assistive and prompt. Golden Mosque in Quiapo is quite big and you are not sure to whom you will transact and uncertain if the person you deal with is real or not.
      I wish you and you future wife a happy life.


  45. Asalamualaikum

    im from singapore, and my fiancee is a phililpines national. We plan to get married and settle down here, is there any place that my fiancee can go for class to convert in philipines? She is in talisay. Your help would be much appreciated.

  46. Asalamualaikum

    good afternoon. i am a single woman. and i have a boyfriend who is married. he was separated years ago. and he is now converted to muslim. can he be able to marry me in a protestant church or in a civil marriage? or to islam?

    thank you and hoping for answers.

    • I'm confused by your question. Are you Muslim? If you are Muslim then why would you want to marry him in a Protestant church?

      Wael Editor

      • im a protestant. my boyfriend was a christian before and he's converted now to muslim. so, can he marry me even though he is still married when he was still a christian? (he is now a muslim) can we marry in a masjid? can they be able to give us a marriage contract? thank you.

  47. Alhamdulillah..

  48. I would like to inquire about my friend's problem. She is a converted Muslim, and got married last 2014 under Shariah Court with a converted muslim filipino man but he was previousy married and had his marriage certificate registered in NSO under civil registrar office. These are the questions she wants to ask regarding the her situation.

    1. Can my female friend apply for a change in surname using their new marriage certificate?

    2. Can she have DFA (red ribbon) authentication of their PSA-issued marriage certificate and use in abroad without having trouble? She is worried that his husband's previous marriage will cause problems in securing these documents.

    I am just concerned about her because this problem is giving her a great dilema and too much thinking. Your reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot

  49. Hi ...
    Sir I m Pakistani married man ..
    And i want marry with a Filipina she will convert to Muslim ..
    Can I marry there in Philippines?
    And then she's allowed to go with me Pakistan ?
    Answer plz tnx

  50. Brother Bilal.
    You can contact this office to assist you in your concern:
    2409 Alabastro St., San Andres Bukid, Philippines
    at +639089116211 and email at .

    • My Boyfriend is Muslim and I am
      Convert already what is the due process because he want to come and do married her... He is singaporean..

      • Sis Jamila:
        You can contact and email us on the above numbers and email regarding your concern.
        Thank you
        Mohammad Khalil

  51. Hi,

    I'm Catholic, My boyfriend is Bangladeshi Muslim we are planning to get married here in Philippines. What are the requirements to get married and to be legalize our documents? I'm the one who taking care because he is in UAE. May I know how long is the processing because he will just stay for 1 month. Thank you.

  52. i am married to a muslim and separated for years now.
    How to file divorce? I mean what steps / dox do i need to do and present?
    I live in Davao City.
    Is it really costly? same with the usual annulment cases ? I have ask around and the fees are way to expensive.
    Please help

  53. Hi good evening sir,im a filipina im a christian welling to marry my boyfrnd muslim.hes a indian
    What is requirments about to marriage but im welling to convert muslim,pls i need ur help

  54. Asalmu alaykum ramatullahi wabarakatuh.
    Brother and sister i have a question is it allowed in islamic to get married with a muslim foreigner man and a revert muslim woman but the girl is already pregnant... is the Islamic center or imam will accept their situation since the guy is willing to take the responsibility.???

    Jazzak Allah khair.

  55. hi,please i need an advice i know my problem is very common here.but i want to have a clear answer for my situation.i cant find comments and post same like .about marriage oviously.same like more sisters here im one of them married in christian man before. convert but i did not use any single documents bearing my husbands name i mean all my docs.are single i.d's also.and now i want to marry a muslim guy.and he my husband is not living with me.for less than a year.i would like to ask if i can marry now.please help me.i need advice.

  56. Assalamu Alaikum..

    I embraced islam last April and my fiancee is an Islam too but he is a Filipino. We are planning to have our wedding next year when he will go to vacation here in phil. Any suggestions brothers and sisters where is the good mosque that we have our islamic wedding? Shokran.

  57. I m America Muslim went to marry non Muslim, she is ready to convert in Muslims faith, can I get marry in mosque in cebu, please let me know if anyone have any information about it,

  58. Assalamualaikum,

    I am married to a Philipine lady in 2012. I am a Malaysian muslim. She is a converted muslim. Now we are in the process of registering our marriage in Malaysia at syaria court. We have all the certificates and marriage documents from Philippines.

    But since my wife is a converted / muallaf and the only muslim in her family, the judge preside our case has insisted for the wali hakim certificate or letter authorizing the imam which solemnized the marriage (akad ijab kabul). Is there a letter issued by the Philippines Islamic Council for that?

    We already asked the Imam certificate or authority letter but was told there's no such thing in Philippines.

    Our next hearing is in a couple of weeks. I hope some one can shed some light to this problem as I don't know what cert or letter to ask from the imam.

    Thank you in advance.


  59. Hi am filipina im not yet converted islam i am seperated to my husband 3 yrs ago i have foreigner he is islam he will come here in philippines to marry to get marriage in registry office in muslim.isnt allow to marry him..please help and what is the requirement if possible ..thank you..

  60. Hi. I just wanted to ask. I am a catholic woman and my boyfriend is a Muslim eauthopian.. We are planning to get married. But as we ask for the civil judge marriage ceremony. Marriage license is needed and a contract to marriage. But my boyfriend has a lil time to fix all of the papers needed. That's why I am asking if its okey if we get married even I am.not a Muslim by an imam? And if yes... What will be the requirement needed and is it valid?

  61. Hi I'm a non-Muslim who wants to get married to my Muslim fiance. I do not want to be converted to Islam and my girlfriend's family is fine with it. They are asking for a huge amount as dowry plus a small yet extravagant ceremony. Besides the other requirements mentioned in this thread, what are the other considerations that I need to be aware of to oush this through?

  62. Hi Good Day!

    My Boss ask me to inquire refference Muslim Marraige in Philippines, they are both muslim with Eurpean and Arabic Nationalities, they want to visit philipinnes and celebrate thier marraige, what are the requirements needed, your immadaite response is higly appreciated!

    Best Regards,

  63. Assalamu alaikum.

    All my family members are christians. But before that I wrongfully got married to a drug addict and became hostage for 3 months sometime in 1974. My mother arranged our marriage since it was a shame to the neighborhood. I left him after 3 months because i was physically abused. I dont hear anymore about him. Now I found a true muslim man, and accepted me of who i am. We planned to marry according to islamic rights. But when I get a CENOMAR because they asked me to prepare it, im still married with the christian guy. What will I do? will that hamper our plan to get marry? Its already 3 decades, was that marriage is still binding?

    Please advice. I want to complete half of my Deen and so with my muslim fiancee.


  64. Assalam o alaikum

    my family members are all Catholic. I was converted in Islam last February. I want to divorce my husband for we are separated for 3 years.. Is there a possible way?please i"m really desperate to divorce my husband.
    Jazaka ALLAh khair

  65. Assalamu Alaikum
    I want ask what are the requirement for islamic marraige I am convert to islam and my future husband from pakistan.

    • Janice, the requirements are that you both consent to the marriage, the bride's father or representative (wali) should consent as well, you have a wedding ceremony with at least two adult witnesses (nikah), the groom pays the bride an agreed upon price as mahr or dowry, and you make the marriage know to the people through a wedding party (walimah).

      Wael Editor

  66. Salam alaykum
    I’m a convert Muslim almost two years complete now in islam because my fiancee is a Muslim and we want to get married in Philippines!! (I am from India)
    where can we go? Who to contact? And What are the requirements?..
    We both are single and working in kuwait..
    Can Anyone guide us please , REGRAD THANK YOU ))

    I'm proud to reborn in islam !!

  67. Asaalamualaikum Waramatulah Allah Wabarakatu. I am reverted in Islam almost 3years from now Alhamdulillah and all my Family are Catholic only my self is Muslim now,I've got married before when I was a Catholic but after a month I separated with him is already 9years I am separated and no contact ,no communication at all. MAY,2015 I decide to convert in Islam Alhamdulillah ,now I meet my fiancee and we are planning to get married Inshaallah he is from UK and he want to come in Philippines to meet me and we do our Nika but I don't have any idea what he need to bring a document from his country and where we can do our Nika . Please need your help...I really appreciate if you can help me Inshaallah.
    Jazakhallah khair..
    Asaalamualaikum Waramatulah Allah Wabarakatu.

  68. Al Salam alykum
    I want to married in with a phillippina girl in phillippens I am muslum she is not but I want to married in the Islamic court or center in the phillippens how I can married please I need help I will be there in 24 October I have only one week ?

  69. I am a christian, and my fiancee is also a christian. Me, i am separated fr my legal wife 4 almost 10 yrs now. My girl friend and I wanted to exchange vows under an imam who shall supervise the ceremony. Could it be done?

    • If both of you are Cbristian, your marriage cannot be solemnized by an Imaam because the law requires that at least the groom should be a Muslim.
      So if you really want to have your marriage done in an Islamic rite, then there is a need for the groom to convert to Islam.

      • Salam Mr. Mohammad,

        We are planning to get married with my Syrian boyfriend.He is currently living in Qatar.
        I just come here also from Qatar to fix our marriage before he come here..

        Can you help me with the procedures and requirements..

        Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

  70. Assalamualaykum! I just want to ask please answer me. I am muslim lady and I have fiance but he is married so I am the second wife soon. And we are planning to get married in Philippines for me to take with him to London Inshaa Allah and we need some papers to process in Emabasy of the UK. should we do our wedding in Civil or mosque to make it valid? please reply. thank you

  71. Assalam walikom bro

    I am Muslim from Middle east country and my partner is Christian from Philippines , we would like to marry in Islamic way in Philippines , Can you advise me what is requirement for us to get married?


  72. Hi everyone need advise my foreign lover end I planning to get married in Philippines this July what are the requirements for Muslim wedding how end where, I convert Muslim last year ty and God bless

  73. Can you please assist me where to go for getting married in Islam here in Philippines, I'm christian want to convert in Muslim
    Thanks hope you reply me as soon as possible

  74. just go to the quiapo masjid ....they will guide you..

  75. I'm filipina leaving here in philippines,I have a boyfriend jordanian mislim he want marry me here in Philippines ,Can possible and what need
    documents requirements prepare for marriage here in Philippines

  76. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    First of all many thanks for your information here , however really feel overwhelmed after reading almost all comments here.

    Me and my girlfriend both living at malaysia as foreigner currently and decided to get married if possible. so same as most cases through this category, my gf had been married many years ago and lately Philippines embassy here advised that annulment still requires even if we married upon shariah law here in masjid. Even though embassy said it would be granted if my girlfriend had converted to Islam before her first marriage in Philippines with her christian ex-husband .

    So, is there any other way to divorce him and we get married upon Islam rules which will be accepted by Philippines civil law as well?

    how about if she prove that converted to Islam bfr her first marriage by a make-up certificate ?

    Best regards,

  77. assalamu alaykum

    would like to ask if our marriage is valid. our wedding date is last June 21, 2017 and it is late register. I dont know if it is valid because it is late file. it was file at zamboanga, for now i need to know the status of my marriage because my situation is, my husband and I have no communication at all. we have baby but i dont know what is hid plan, i would like to have legal separation to him. im only his second wife. he did not perform his obligation equally. what should i do? please help me.


  78. Salam.. I'm a Filipina married with muslim foreigner.but our marriage is not registered here in middle east due to his job restrictions and we won't be able to get marriage contract here due to what we do is just to legalise our marriage in halal living , we call mutawa and we got married in Islamic way.even though we don't hve papers, matter is we are halal in islam. So now we are planning to legalise and get a marriage certificate in Philippines. Pls anyone properly can answer my consern ? Like can we get a late registration marriage in Philippines and get a marriage contract ?? And if yes then is that necessary for us both to be in Philippines ones we will apply for it?? Or we can ask someone or legal office to do it for us without our presence ? And pls what are the need requirement from us specially for my husband since he is not a Filipino but a foreigner? .
    Pls ur reply is highly appreciated. ALLAH BLESS

  79. Good Day,

    I am filipina and my husband to be is saudis.We’re planning to getting married in the philippines by august. we’re just wanted to know what we need and what are those requirements to submit? and how long does it take after married for the marriages contract thank you. looking forward for your response.

  80. Do you have any Facebook account?

  81. Assalamu alaikom to all of us .. i just wanted to ask, i am a muslim and my boyfriend is muslim too but he is a foreigner, we wanted to get marry in Philippines as soon as we aerive ther.. i just want to ask if what is the requirements for the marriage and where we can get the marriage contract.. shukran to all of you

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