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To get my love back…


I never understood his love. And when i understood his love that time he was changed. He broked up with me with a lie. And now i came to know that he with  some other girl. I just want him to realise that cheating on a girl is not good. He lied to me and broked up. So i wish he feels guilty for that. And he comes back in my life.


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  1. Assalam alaikum,

    In order to answer your question, I think it is important for you to reflect upon the reason for your question. After engaging in a haram relationship, and be left for another girl, you want to know how to make that boy feel guilty and also how to get him back. We humans just want this and that and there is no end. Even when we are betrayed, sometimes we fail to see what is right before us. Sister, is Islam important to you? If it is, then leave this relationship and wish for that boy to find the straight path--if you loved him as you claimed, you wouldn't want him to feel discomfort or to seek something from him--love isn't about getting what you want, the way that you want and how you want it.

    You haven't shared any other personal detail about yourself, so all I will say is turn to Allah swt, seek repentance and devote your time to repairing your relationship with your Creator. Inn shaa Allah, everything else will start to fall into place and have meaning once more. May Allah ease your pain, Ameen.

  2. my dear, he wont be back if he comes you will be an option for his temporary break up. so be grateful and move on. it is my experience
    i was befooled three years and his gf called me up to tell resulting into a huge quarrel. i had no proof to show to her so i asked him that he must took Quran to tell the truth but he he took an oath that he dont know me and i am not his beloved.
    i really thank Allah to release me from this pain and azaab he used to give me for three years of constant torture. i am alone and very happy.
    have self respect and move one he will use you physically if you would run after him.

  3. Assalamwalikum.I love one boy from 4 years we was having Gud relationship we wanted to marrie bt in my hme my elder sis are thr so I was wait ing first to get her.he was also wit me very much love he use to do bt suddenly in between he started shouting and nt talking with me more nw he off his mobile also from 4months he is nt in touch with me I dnt have any his contact I really feel cry to mch and pray every day so mch to god I dnt nowt to tel hw to tel wait him my life is like only cry nthg I getting wt to do all he did wit me and nw suddenly he gone I want only once to com in my life I want to know y he cheated lik this wit me pls tel me wt I should do please if anything please help me pls really I feel every day every mint to die my heart Wil only remember I cant Do anything please help me pl hw he wil cm bback

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