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Am I wrong for disagreeing with my mother?

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Salaam wa Alaikum brothers and sisters,

I have a question regarding duties to our parents in Islam. Although I am aware that Islam directs us to be fully obedient to our parents, I wanted to ask if Islam also commands us to completely agree with everything they say?

I have had a number of arguments with my mother on private matters and I did not end up agreeing with her, which agitated her and made the situation much worse. Although I talk to her respectfully and did not disobey her on it, I just did not tell her that she was right and what I was thinking was wrong.

The reason she is insisting is because she thinks I am immature and hence I need to improve, but I can't say what she wants to hear, particularly because this matter is really close to my heart so its very difficult for me.

Am I doing something wrong?

Jazak Allah for your help


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  1. You don't have to agree with everything your mother says. You are a human being, not a robot. It's even okay to stand up for yourself and defend your opinion. But you must be respectful with it. That's the key.

    Wael Editor

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