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He hasn’t texted me back after a week…What should I do?

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I have known a Muslim guy for eight years. I am Christian. We met in college and we were in the same class group. I quit that college after 6 months, he stayed on. After I left, we met six years ago. We hooked up and afterwards he told me he had a girlfriend. We didn't hook up again and eventually lost contact. I asked  for his number from a mutual classmate a week ago. I wanted us to talk and catchup and be friends again despite his flaws. He hasn't responded yet. I feel disappointed and I want to break our barriers as I still feel an unexplainable bond to him. What should I do? Calling seems scary.



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  1. Sennter,

    I personally believe that in a situation such as yours, no matter what one's faith...if the person in question wants to contact you, they will. There may be a number of reasons that this man has not contacted you. If he wanted to contact you, he would. My humble advice to you is to move on.


  2. OP: We hooked up and afterwards he told me he had a girlfriend. We didn't hook up again and eventually lost contact.

    I have a feeling he no longer needs you. He got whatever you had to offer.

  3. You came to this site looking for an "islamic answer" but there isn't one. This boy did not respond to your text -- there is nothing further for you to do. He's not interested.

  4. Word of advise do not contact him. He may be married and I strongly advise you to leave him to it and you move on. You deserve better than this.

  5. You haven't known this guy for 8 years. You knew him 8 years ago and haven't had contact with him in 6 years. Those are two very different things. A lot can happen in 6 years; he could be engaged or married, he could have reevaluated his life and decided not to engage in inappropriate relationships anymore. We don't know what's going on with him, but we do know he's just not into you because he's not responding to your text. Move on.

  6. Hello,

    Dear Sister,

    You say that he has not responded, but I would argue, that he has responded to you by giving you no response.

    Religion does not play any part in this. I suggest that you move on and stop trying to contact him.

  7. He didnt want to contact you, simple. move on.

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