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Asalam 0 Alikum,

i love a guy who is my neighbour, we both love each other but tha problem in our relation is his mother, she hates me and she dont want us to be together, she didnt like me after knowing this that we like each other his mother used to taunt him all the time his mother is so dominent at their house that nobody can say anything specailly in this type of thing his mother show herself to be a very islamic person but at the back she isn't, the problem is she will never ever will gona agree for our marriage and i cant live without him, what can i do for this? I want to be with him i want him to be my husband, i can bear anything for our marriage, is there any wazifa to convence his parents? Specially his mother plz help me for regarding this matter i love him so much and dont want to live without him.


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  1. asalamu alaikum,

    I'm really surprised, in common/similar post to yours, everyone keep mentioning this crazy wazifa. as though you want to use it to put a spell on her to change her mind.

    no such thing as wazifa to convince anyone, stay away from those things. did you ask your neighbor exactly why his mother so against it? best to stay away.

    lets say if you got accepted from his mom, you think, you going to live a happy married life? remember one thing, you are going to get married into his family, that's right she will make all the decision and you will have no say, after all you said she is the dominant type.

    I always like to say, if you getting married then make sure you know what the mother is like, that is the biggest issue.

    she already showing those crazy symptoms, do you want to live in misery? on here, you will find post about the mother-inlaw how she is destroying marriages, dominating the daughter-inlaw etc.. don't fall into that trap.

    ma salama....

    • -lol- I agree with you brother Ahmed, and I am always against such dominant mothers who control their sons and daughter in laws, and I also wonder about this wazifa stuff when I see similar stories talking about it.

      Anyway, there is one thing that kept me wondering if the sister and the brother were actually doing the right thing, especially when she mentioned that "...his mother is so dominent at their house that nobody can say anything specailly in this type of thing his mother show herself to be a very islamic person but at the back she isn't"

      How did she know that the mother isn't Islamic at the back? Is it because she is preventing her son from haram relationship and they (two) can't understand her behavior?
      Is the sister and the brother religious and following the Islamic guidance? If so, what exactly is the mother saying about the relationship?

      Maybe the sister should explain further to understand the situation better.

      • Assalam alaikum,

        I have seen these Wazifa books - many of them are in Urdu, and they basically tell you to recite a certain part of the Quran repeatedly for a very particular number of times OR different parts. I would urge anyone to stay away from these types of things because it is not part of Islam. I remember reading one wazifa which was for getting a job - some of the things that they write in there suggests that if you read it, 100% it is guaranteed--as if physically trying wasn't even relevant anymore. We can't control our fate merely through words--actions, hope, du'a and even accepting what we may not want is a part of life.

        To the OP,

        You wrote that you will bear anything to get married to this man--this isn't wise. For now I would say that you are consumed with your emotions. You should keep your distance from this man and understand that your emotions are most likely the result of private interactions with him. I suggest that you stop private communication with him - and before you do so you may want to make it clear to him that the only way you can be married is if he speaks to his mother. Other than that, private communication between the two of you is wrong. I pray that Allah grants you a pious, loving, caring husband. Ameen.

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Rather than focusing on winning over his mother, what do your own family think about the idea of you marrying this man? In order for a nikah to be valid, a woman needs the agreement of her wali (usually her father). Even if his mother remains opposed, he doesn't need her permission to marry (although it's obviously preferable for all parties to be supportive of a marriage).

    I'm concerned, though, that you have formed such a strong romantic relationship with this man - he is not your mahram, so it's important to ensure that Islamic boundaries are being respected. Pre-marital relationships aren't considered acceptable in Islam, and you shouldn't spend time alone with him.

    If you truly wish to convince his mother that you are a good match for her son, the first thing to do is to ensure your own behaviour is Islamically appropriate, and that she can see you as a Muslimah of strong faith and good character. If she becomes your mother-in-law, then you may find opportunities to build a positive relationship with her through shared activities and interests.

    Midnightmoon editor

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