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The Truth of Islam

Hello! I decided to come to this islam forum to ask a question. I very much believe in god but have come to a bit of a fork in the road in life. Im not sure which religion to follow and i am curious about islam. I would like to find a muslim community but i am wondering since i can not have children if i will be shunned or not. Please excuse my ignorance if i am being ignorant, i have heard from one muslim that marriage and children are important. I cannot have children and i am OK with that but would like to know if this is ok with muslims and with allah. I am a very wonderful, beautiful person who loves god and wants to serve him so i hope this issue doesn't matter. It is a sensitive issue for me.. any response or help would be appreciated 🙂

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  1. Brother ,

    Alhamdulillah ,you are taking interest in Islam and want to find the truth .I will suggest you to listen to some below videos and go through their sites . Dr.Zakir Naik have exceptional skills in comparative religious studies and very easy to understand by beginners .

    Is the Qur'an God's Word? by Dr Zakir Naik

    The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of Science | Dr Zakir Naik v/s Dr William Campbell | Part-1

    Please listen to his videos on youtube for more and clear understanding ..

    Regarding ,your other question i am not sure why you don't want to get married .If you have some genuine reason for not getting married then i think it should not be problem ..Whether you marry or no you will still remain Muslim in your whole life if you tell the Shahadah (There is no God but allah and Mohammed(SAS) is the messenger of Allah) ...

    • Great response Brother Logical, mashaAllah.

      And we commend you (the OP) on your interest to embrace Islam, the only true way of life for humanity.

      Though it isn't clear whether you are only saying that you can't have children due to some real problem/s, or you can't marry as well.

      Marriage in Islam is only obligatory upon whoever can't live without it. If a person chooses not to marry and stays chaste, then there is nothing wrong with that in Islam. Though, if there was no real reason/s to avoid marriage, then getting married is desirable in Islam.

      However, with regard to having children (during marriage) in Islam, that will depend on what the couple agreed upon. If they both agree that they do not want children for specific real reason/s, then there is nothing wrong with that in Islam. Though, if there was no real reason/s to avoid having children, then having children is desirable in Islam.

      You may also discuss why you can't have children (and come to an agreement) with your potential spouse, or at least marry a potential spouse with children already, who may not worry about having more children.

      In addition to the links provided above by Brother Logical, watching the below video may also help, God willing.

      The Purpose Of Life by Khalid Yasin - Full Lecture

  2. Of course you won't be shunned. It would truly be a shallow and unkind muslim who would not befriend you simply because you cannot have children, or because you don't get married! And of course Allah loves you. The ability to have children is a matter determined by Allah.

    Marriage and children are very important in Islamic cultures -- well, in all cultures really. Yes, if you become a muslim, your chances of marriage are very low - depending on how old you are and your gender. I'm not sure if you are a man or a woman, but if you are within childbearing years (20-44), then I think you will only be able to marry someone who cannot have children either, or, who is much older than you (i.e. a 50+ year old man who already has children from another marriage). Most women, muslim or not, desire motherhood, so if you are a man then it is unlikely that a woman will give up that desire.

    However, staying single is not a sin. It takes patience, but it is not a requirement in Islam but a sunnah.

    Marriage and childlessness should not dissuade you from Islam, it is still a beautiful way of life.

  3. Alhumdulillah, I have converted to islam few months back by taking shahada at home and I now pray namaz regularly...but I need to convert legally including official religion change, name change etc..i live in mumbai city & belong to the hindu religion..can someone please guide me on how to do this? I need info or some islamic centre where I can get something like a conversion certificate of islam,new islamic name etc.basically LEGAL information about conversion,coz i already accepted islam from heart ..hoping someone will reply..Jazakallah khair 🙂

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