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Transgender and wondering about some questions! Please help!

Assalam O Alaikum,

My name is Wasan. A teenage muslim and I've lately discovered I'm transgender. Now I have a few questions...

1- Is it halal or haram? If it's haram then how do I stop it?

2- Is it like being homosexual? Is it just mental or is it truly a disease? Is there proof in Qur'an or hadeeth that it's halal or it's actually a disease?

3- If it is, is a transgender allowed to go through surgery to change their body to the gender they prefer? Or are they not?

4- If you're FTM (female to male) then, is being attracted to males wrong or right? Other way around with the other case (MTF).

I've had these questions going on in my mind for a while but I'm too afraid to ask anybody I know because so far everyone thinks it's haram or that anyone who thinks they're transgender are crazy, I'm so so scared to be haram, I don't want Allah's anger to be upon me, so please answer me? I need answers to those questions, and please, have some reference or some knowledge behind them so I could convince AT LEAST my friends -who also don't believe that such a thing exists.


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  1. Asalaam alaikum,

    Being transgender does have a place within both Sunni and Shia fiqh. However, you must understand that you will have to undergo numerous consultations, psychological tests and other medical advice before you can even begin to think of going on hormones or taking it all the way to sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). It will be a long, emotional and difficult process in which you will find great despair if your faith is not resilient, but Insha'allah, you will pull you through every down and disappointment with His help.

    So let's answer your questions:

    1. No, it is not haram. Please read this article and you will see Sunni and Shia references giving fatwas on the allowance towards SRS.

    I will say the Shia fiqh is more advanced in this area. They have whole manuals, dissertations and guidelines for transgender people. Sunnis have fatwas and in the link given, you will see where M.E. governments have ruled in favor of TG people having their identities and documents changed, though it is not easy. Iran on the other hand, is at the forefront, even ahead of the West, it it's polices towards TG people. Though not all Iranians accept this factor.

    2. No, it is nothing like homosexuality. Homosexuality is based on a sexual attraction to the same sex. GID, Gender Identity Disorder, involves the person's inability to identity with the body that they have been given. TG people express a dislike or even a hate towards their own body. Some experience mortification at their body's sexual arousal, since they do not identity with its' mechanical processes.

    It's a very complex issue, but it is nothing like homosexuality.

    3. It's a complex and long process. Evaluations must take place, because this is a very complicated medical procedure and of course, will have life changing ramifications. Most TG people are on hormone therapy for years before they are able to have SRS surgery.

    4. FTM who are attracted to men does not normally happen and since this would be homosexual in nature, it would not be religiously allowed for them to be together. If however you meant MTF being attracted to males, then once the person who is in transition has the SRS surgery, they would be Islamically allowed to have a marriage relationship with the male gender, as they would be recognized Islamically as a woman.

    The best thing for you to do, is to undergo medical evaluation and to find an alim who deals with these issues, so that they may guide you. These alims are rare, but they do exist in both the East and the West, though you will have to seek them out.

    Take a read through this post here from a few months back.

    • Prof.x ,wow thank you so much for your information,I had no idea about it,I am actually staying in Thailand for some time and I have been very confused on my thoughts about all the transgender people here,this really clears things up

    • Assalam 3leykom Professor X

      I stumbled across this forum after many months and i'm so glad to see that the closed thread we were talking in was not final and it warmed my heart to see you continuing to talk with such passion about this issue. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It's such a tough, traumatizing and isolating situation ya Rab! Which strongly needs more light to be shed upon it from an Islamic perspective and more support from Muslims.

      It's so easy to shun somebody because of one's own phobia but true strength is overcoming one's own phobia and replacing it with knowledge and understanding, something which is immensely encouraged in our beautiful Islam!

      But may Allah truly bless people like you who open their hearts and have the very quality which Allah loves; compassion.

      I seem to come across your post in unbearably hard times, back then and now, sub7anallah! and your words have helped me tremendously amongst this life of isolation. You are a rare gem prof x


      May you be blessed always!

      Zaynah ( or 'Your sister in Islam')

    • That being so, the rulings derived from these and other noble hadiths on treatment grant permission to perform an operation changing a man into a woman, or vice versa, as long as a reliable doctor concludes that there are innate causes in the body itself, indicating a buried [matmura] female nature, or a covered [maghmura] male nature, because the operation will disclose these buried or covered organs, thereby curing a corporal disease which cannot be removed, except by this operation.(this is a part of Sayyid Al tantawi stance on sex change)

      I am having problem and confusion with the word curing corporal disease. As far as I know transgender does not have any corporal which means physical disease. The part where it states the operation will disclose covered or buried organ. But transgender has nothing to do with organs.

      Another confusion, all of the Islamic scholar believe that we (transgender ) are akin to mukkanath. I personally have read all of the hadith regarding mukkanath. If mukkanath during prophet time we're akin to us then they would have been treated as female. All the religious rules upon them would be same as women.but in every time when I read about mukkanath. They are defined as effeminate males.
      This pricks me a lot if we trans or mukkanath feel female then why we are regarded as effeminate males in the definition of hadith.

      There is a hadith mentioned in Al bukhari stated by ibn masud that allah cursed those who do these things such as cosmetic , tattoos ,eye brow plucking and changing the creation of Islamic scholar says sex change is forbidden as surgery changes our body.
      As a Muslim of Sunni tradition Al bukhari is considered authentic hadith.eve'n Surat Al nisa (4:116-119), it states that Saytan will instigate people to change the creation of Allah . Therefore , Sunni scholar give verdict on sex change is forbidden as it they think it is changing the creation of Allah.

      And one more thing, there is a traditional defined symptoms by medical officials that trans people face depression , anxiety, suicidal
      thoughts and all of these feelings.

      For me , in my earlier days when I was neglected by my parents,I used to feel every thing such as depression, anxiety , suicidal thoughts etc.
      But now my parents fully forgot everything about me. So I am not criticized at all now .that's why I don't feel depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts compared to my past events. Now i feel female and I feel completely dissociated and feel empty and zero while I have to lead my role as male. Feeling empty drives me to feel nothing.,Hopelessness ,lack of far as I know God has nothing to do with depression, suicidal thoughts and all of these things. GID refers to those whose identity does not match with their assigned if I am diagnosized will I be approved to have sex change according to my condition.and main problem in Bangladesh, people can't have access to the diagnosis of GID.

      So , professor X, if you are Sunni scholar then please state it, I am not asking you to degrade you but to feel at ease when you will answer and give your opinion to my question.ibhpoe you understand.

  2. Salaams,

    Transgender nowadays is a broadly used term. When I was in school, it was used to strictly define those who were physically born one gender, but "felt" more comfortable identifying with the opposite gender and sometimes pursued a sex change as a result. Of those, some would engage in relationships with members of the same sex they transitioned to (which would've been the opposite sex if they had not had the sex change), and others engaged in relationship with the opposite sex (the same sex they were before the sex change).

    Then there are transsexuals. Those are individuals who were born with both male and female reproductive organs. In most cases, those individuals had a surge of a primary sex hormone (usually male or female) during puberty, which would seem to indicate which gender their body was more aligned with. Sometimes, however, the parents would have the child undergo surgery before puberty to remove one set of sex organs to make them "normal", and the hormone surge experienced later would reveal that the removed organs were actually the "primary" ones. In those cases, a sex change operation might have been undertaken to bring the balance back. However these are all exceptional cases, not the norm.

    This is my personal view. When talking about the conventional definition of what it means to be transgender, one should be very careful because there's a very fine line between someone who might actually be (hormonally or what have you) more appropriately the opposite sex, and someone who is truly homosexually inclined and wants to fully take on a dominant or submissive role in a homosexual relationship. For instance, I would suggest a man, who is already attracted to men, and wants to get a sex change because he "feels" female, if he is doing so in order to justify what he may already know in his heart to be a wrong attraction? Or, would he feel just as comfortable being a female if he had to live without the companionship of a male?

    I personally think these types of issues cannot be approached with too much caution. Just because there are diagnoses and classifications of certain conditions, doesn't mean that the experiences of certain people are in alignment with what Allah wills for His creation. I can say that the DSM manuals are not compiled with any sort of regard to religious truth of any sort, let alone the teachings of Islam. One of the core things I believe is that Allah makes no mistakes with the creation of each human being, and when people are eager to become something they are not (mind you how often we are warned in hadith not to alter creation even by tattoos and plucking eyebrows, so this is not a light thing to recreate one's gender) it seems to betray a lack of trust in one's Creator. Many of us are created with something to struggle with in our nafs, something that doesn't feel natural at all times, but that doesn't mean it wasn't meant to be that way. I personally would advise anyone to only consider gender reassignment surgery in the most exceptional and medically necessary of cases, not simply as a relief to one's inner angst.

    -Amy Editor

    • Asalaam alaikum,

      The point of shortcomings you give in reference to the DSM manuals are addressed by the fatwas of both Islamic schools of thought. The manual becomes less of a concern once the Muslim person has taken the appropriate steps to consult with an alim on this issue.

      In your third paragraph, this almost never happens. Homosexuals have an affinity and like towards their own bodies. It is extremely rare that they venture into lopping off their genitals in order to facilitate homosexual sex, which if they had SRS, they would fail to realize that achievement. To essentially destroy that part of themselves through a SRS surgery is not a part of the homosexual endeavors.

      Also, this crisis of the gender can be a near fatal condition. People who are involved with GID suffer tremendously and have an incredible suicide rate which is 5 times the national average in the U.S.

      The U.S. national suicide rate is 3 per 100,000 People. The Transgender/Transsexual suicide rate is 31% in our group (small TS/TG specific group in the U.S.) Over 50% of Transsexuals will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Even more self harm themselves daily either by cutting or self mutilation.

      These people even suffer within heir own communities. In one instance:

      Sarah: Transsexual Committed suicide by hanging herself. Died: April17th, 2008

      While Sarah was not a regular member here her story must be told. Many TS's who committ suicide are often driven by non-acceptance by Mainstream society or family members. This was not the issue with Sarah as her familiy and friends supported her. This was a case where she was not supported by her own community. Sarah frequented a site run by Harry Benjamin Syndrome members where she was disparaged and put down by the elite group because she had not yet had SRS surgery. She was told she was a fetishist because of this which was not the case. She was Transsexual.

      This is not the first time that HBS elitists have caused a Transgender suicide. All transgender people need support and treatment especially within their own community. These people attack new transgendered who may or may not always be 100% certain of their path or those they deem not as elite as they are. When you see these kind of attack taking place, please speak up to this small minority. You very well may be saving the life of a member of our Community.

      "The number of deaths in male-to-female transsexuals was five times the number expected, due to increased numbers of suicide and death of unknown cause." - "Mortality and Morbidity in Transsexual Patients with Cross-Gender Hormone Treatment" -H. Asscheman, L.J.G. Gooren, and P.L.E. Eklund

      "In over 50 percent of the total transgender hate violence cases, the offender was a law enforcement officer. . . .This completely mirrors the national trend. There is increased police brutality against the transgender community." - Shawna Virago, Community United Against Violence (CUAV) San Franscisco.

      The implication that a person who considers SRS thinks that Allah (swt) made a mistake is not necessary to be stated. Instead, it shows a lack of understanding on our part (the non-Gid person) when we see mental conditions manifested in human beings. For example, we take the mentally handicapped child. Is this person flawed or is it we, limited and unwise, who cannot see that the flaw lies within us to see this mentally handicapped person not as being tested, but as "us" being tested.

      Allah (swt) often shows us that the misunderstanding is within ourselves when we look at the world as human beings. However, Allah (swt) looks at the world as the One. We are merely zeros trying to follow.

      • Salaams,

        It's pretty clear you have a lot of passion about this issue, and that's fine. I hope you understand that no one is advocating intolerance against anyone based on what they are experiencing or understanding about themselves. While it's good that you shared the aspects of transgenderism based on fatwas, I'm sure you can't blame us for taking a more conservative view and also advising based on that.

        In my experience, some who call themselves "transgender" are indeed homosexual. Not everyone who identifies themselves with that label has GID, or wants to undergo SRS. Some very masculine women especially refer to themselves as transgender, only because they prefer the masculine identity in the context of their homosexual relationship. This does happen, and I work with women who frame themselves this way (whether it's "correct" by definition or not). That's why I said in the beginning that the term is already too loosely used, it no longer strictly means those with GID only.

        Gender Identity Disorder does exist, and there have always been people who felt like they were living in the wrong body. However, up until recently, it was extremely rare to find such an individual. I personally feel with the advent of the medical advances that make sex changes possible, that people are looking more and more at identifying with something that doesn't really describe them, and whether they get surgery or not some are taking on lifestyles that are arguably haraam. It's the dunya that pushes people to believe that if they don't like themselves or their lives, they should change whatever is "wrong" to make themselves feel more at peace. To me, SRS can be another evidence of our disposable society, a society where people are pickling their bodies with botox and trading out their spouses or significant others every time the first digit in their age changes. Those who had GID 500 years ago found ways to live with it and work with it, and all I am saying is the same can still happen now without SRS being the only option. Contrary to the world's solution to problems (fix it to make it your way), Islam teaches us to embrace tests, trials, struggles against nafs, all in the belief that it is preparing us for the next and permanent life when we return to our Creator. I do feel that anyone with GID who takes that approach of trying to deal with their emotions and experiences without altering their sex, will find a greater reward in the end.

        I don't really feel that suicide rates prove anything. On this site alone we get many posts from people talking about wanting to commit suicide because they didn't get the one they "love". It would be wrong of us to tell them to do something that would otherwise be inadviseable only in the interest of saving their life. Except in the most rare of instances, suicide is always a choice. No one is being forced to commit suicide, so the fact that a certain number of transgenders have done so doesn't mean that any transgender must do so in the future. Every suicidal person has the same choice, and every one of them has the same options of reaching out to save their own lives regardless of what is causing their distress. I personally don't think it's fair to say that the distress of someone with GID is more profound than someone who has been struggling with severe depression or bipolar for decades, or someone who is in the worst kind of chronic pain, or someone who can't get over the loss of their spouse. Desperation feels the same, no matter what face it wears. No matter how desperate someone becomes or why, there is always another option besides taking one's life.

        One thing that has to be a part of our foundation is acknowleding the reality that anything we love or want could be bad for us, and anything that we hate or would try to avoid could be good for us. Anything. The world will tell us that we should have everything we love, and nothing of what we dislike. We should always feel right inside and out, and things should always go smoothly. Every catastrophe can be avoided, and every misfortune can be blamed on something else. When we start making life altering decisions, we should go to great lengths to make sure that these type of ideologies are not influencing our thinking. I read somewhere recently a saying along the lines of, "If you really want to grow, then whatever is easier for you to do, do the opposite". Sometimes, when it comes to issues like SRS, I think that's the best advice to follow.

        -Amy Editor

        • Walaikum salaam,

          What is paramount to this issue is to remove the sexual intercourse discussion from this topic. We must move past the animal tendencies, so to speak, since GID and the homosexuality comparison are futile in this case. This issue is quite different.

          So I believe your experiences with the lesbian women you have encountered show more the problems within the homosexual community. Their practiced tactics is something that homosexuals have been using in their repeated attempts to justify their behavior rather than any true pursuit of identifying the problems of their self. It's merely a scapegoating of labels.

          This issue is also compounded by a global society being unable to recognize the difference. While the homosexual is trying to justify an action of sexual intercourse, the GID sufferer is going beyond an act of mere sexual depravity.

          However, I do not feel that the phenomena you express to have been occurring within the 'medical labels' is increasing these days with GID markers, because it is more than likely evidence that more modern reporting standards have improved within the last century. For example, sexual molestation rates may have been the same for the past 100 years, but it's the reporting both in the medical and public sectors that has made us more aware of an issue that had been occurring before. Were the rates increasing or decreasing before reporting methods were more reliable and mandated by government law enforcement? It's almost impossible to say because there is no barometer to compare them to from earlier history. We cannot clearly determine whether an increase or decrease was occurring just from the absence of reporting.

          What we do know is that GID was a problem facing both the pre-Islamic societies and still occurs to this day. Yet, what the fiqh of Islam has been able to do, as a testament to the foundation of Islam, is create the proper religious framework for dealing with the issue. Wherein other religions fail to properly address the physical and metaphysical being, Islam is able to handle and embrace the soul of the person beyond the temporal world for those who suffer from true GID.

          The rates of suicide do suggest, since they fall quite significantly after the SRS of the individual, is that the pressure of this ailment is greatly reduced by the procedure of sex change and has a significant role on the mental condition. This is showing a psychological improvement in the individual from a medical procedure as they experience an acceptance of their own body and are more readily able to overcome the earlier feelings of destitution. Thus, marked improvement of the psychological condition is therefore a goal of SRS. It can be more than life changing, but life saving, as well. Something that the botox comparison fails to establish.

          A person might argue a counter point that it is therefore a plight of "mind over matter," however that neglects the individual GID sufferer's mental inability to cope with their own body. It would be akin to telling an amputee to imagine they have a right arm when they do not. The reality of the physicality makes this impossible. So that is where SRS has its' place.

          The problem that I have based on the conservative view presented here is that it's either based on irrelevant context (homosexuality), incomplete context, misreading of verses (one case of a verse being incomplete which I find abhorrent given the importance of the issue), etc. It's mere opinion over Islamic principle. My passion per se is therefore borne out for Islam and these principles, in this degree then.

          The bad versus good analogy at the end is again insufficient in this case. In this regard, I offer the case of the person who would be physically harmed by fasting. Islamically, there is a recourse for this person to follow. Another would be a person physically unable to perform the mechanical aspects of prayer, but again, within Islamic fiqh, they have recourse. So with GID, we have a person who suffers a psychological disorder being affected by their physical being. The fiqh, when applied correctly, gives recourse.

          As of yet, I have failed to see a succinct Islamic counter point that bears this out.

        • "I do feel that anyone with GID who takes that approach of trying to deal with their emotions and experiences without altering their sex, will find a greater reward in the end. "

          Salam Amy.

          I have to say, as someone who has struggled and tried this approach for years. My youth has been wasted away in constant suicidal thoughts to the point of psychological scarring. I have to force myself to not have the desire to die because i've felt it from childhood!

          I find it quite naive of you to dictate how somebody like me *should* deal with their emotions and experience and suppress themselves. You cannot dictate the grateness of reward here Amy because firstly you do not have the knowledge which Allah possesses.

          Secondly, you have absolutely no clue what so ever what this feels like, you can tell me and others to deal with this, then go out and have a nice stroll with friends and enjoy life totally unaffected. You have absolutely no idea how psychologically crippling this feeling is!

          And please do not compare me to someone 100s of years ago that "dealt" with it. you really do not know the shear hell one has to go through. and just because one decides to have SRS it isn't any less of a test! it's not an instant cure. There are so many psychological scars which will last for the rest of our lives.

          I barely have any ego left because it's been battered so much by life, so you cannot accuse me of having issues with my overpowering nafs" because i am speaking from my heart, it's ALL I have left! I practically fall to tears at the drop of a hat.

          So please, have some respect for something which is beyond your understanding, no matter how much you try to understand, you still have no idea what it actually feels like. as stated in the Qur'an, Allah creates all that He wills and judges each one accordingly. We have no right to dictate what Allah will do or not do and what others should or shouldn't do!

          Who are we to say what has the biggest reward or even who goes to hell?
          This is hell for me no matter if I have SRS or not. It's a huge test and something which is beyond your imagination. Please don't umbrella this with the "we all have issues" attitude, you do Not know what this feels like! This is a major test, in fact if anything we have had such a beating to our nafs by not fitting in with the world and being psychologically battered that there is more chance of us being closer to Allah! Allah loves those who are of the heart! SRS or not I do not fear death and would gladly leave right now. SRS will relieve me from alot but it's not going to take the scars away, it will stop new ones and sooth but a wound is a wound and the test is NO less! even the process of SRS is traumatizing and you speak about it like it's a simple botox injection?? Please!! Don't insult me and the struggles i've been through!!
          I am a soul and I am no less than you in Allah's eyes!!

          There is responsibility in giving advice too! I really wish more Muslims would be more cautious with this! You have the power to make someone who is very desperate feel claustrophobic to the point of not only losing their faith but also killing themselves.

          And one must NEVER think that they will not be held accountable for the advice they give. We will be questioned if our judgement causes harm to others! psychological or otherwise!

          Take it from a sister who has been through all this rather than drawing conclusions from hollow statistics! I am more than just a single digit on a survey for the sake of your convenience!
          I am a soul of Allah! Al7amdulillah!

          Assalam 3leykom!

          • Salaams,

            Sister Zaynah, my comments were not directed at you personally. In fact, these were made months before you even visited this post.

            Like you said, it's naive for any one of us to assume others do or don't know about how it feels to be suicidal or to feel like you don't fit in with anyone or your own self. You might be surprised that I actually have had a lot of experience with those things, as many others do. Someone doesn't need to be transgender to feel some of the things you described, and I do try to take care that I have a reasonable understanding of a situation before I give feedback.

            At any rate, I don't believe your beef is with me as much as it is with Allah. I didn't make the rules, I don't dictate what's halal or haraam. I personally think that it can be a deception that psychological or emotional pain can be a wall or block to Allah. It can be that if one allows it, but it can also be a door to Allah if one seeks that as well.


          • Salam sister Amy,

            I know your comments were not directed at me personally but you have to understand by the nature of what i've been through, it's not easy to read the things which you have written. Someone comparing any hope of treatment for me with something as vain and shallow as a botox injection? You're stereotyping people who are genuinely suffering with people who want to be prettier out of vanity's sake!

            And no my "Beef" here is not with Allah because He is more merciful than His followers.
            I have never questioned why He has done what He has with me! I know it's a test for me.
            but I have more of an issue with the things that were mentioned in your post, and how naively they were put.

            No i strongly disagree to know exactly what is involved you HAVE to be going through the issue yourself to know!.. esp to make any sort of judgements upon what people should do!

            Just because certain things are described with the same words doesn't mean they are exactly the same feelings, and same depths etc. You didnt decide what is Halal or Haram but you are able to contribute give people the wrong image and make it sound like something is Haram therefore making things socially harder for people who are suffering way more than you can imagine!

            The block is not psychological or emotional pain, what you refuse to understand is that it's this pain and torture that has forced me to seek refuge in Allah and i have become closer to Him!

            What is surely a block or a wall between one and Allah is the nafs and it's selfishness which causes it's lack of understanding and compassion.


          • Zaynah

            I faced a lot of comments that there Are many people like me in prophet time who deal with this issue without altering their sex. I feel female .I do feel pricked when I hear these comments . I mean I am asking a advise from you that ho do I dealt with these comments?
            Because its a fact there are a lot of people who actually deals without having SRs.

  3. Assalam oalykum wr wb. I would like to thank you for showing keenness on learning the teachings of Islam, and appreciate the great confidence you have in us. And i can understand ur situation and feeling of hanging in between May Allah swt guide you always and shower his blessings ameen.

    Well ,i agree with amy a lot and in regards to shia fiqah we dont need that.
    ..IN REGARDS to question posed:

    The person who is by nature a hermaphrodite [mukhannath khalqi] is not to be blamed.This is based on [the consideration that] if he is not capable of abandoning the female, swinging his hips in walking and speaking in a feminine way, after having been subjected to treatment against it, [he is at least willing to accept that] it is still possible for him to abandon it, if only gradually. But if he gives up the cure with no good excuse, then he deserves blame.

    Let us first establish some related fundamentals, so it will be easy to understand the Islamic ruling regarding to above-mentioned situation.

    1)Almighty Allah created humans in two genders, male and female. This is has been stated in many verses:surah nissa :1,Also refer to Surat Al-Layl: 3, and Ash-Shura: 49. Allah the Almighty also says in Surat Al `Imran, verse 36, that "the male is not as the female."

    2)Allah, the Almighty, also said that He created every human being with Fitra (nature) that suits him or her. Since Fitra is an inbuilt system designed to suit every creation, the Fitra of a male is different from the Fitra of a female.

    3)Changing the Creation

    Allah, Exalted be He, also made it clear to us that when the Shaitan (Satan) challenged to deviate humans he said he would cause them to change the creation of Allah, the Almighty. Allah says: "And surely I will command them and they will change Allah's creation." (An-Nisa': 119)

    4)Hermaphrodites Are An Exeption

    Every rule has an exception, so the hermaphrodite gender is an exception, and as it indicates, it is not a standard, but only a sign of Allah's Power of creation, for a wisdom He knows better.

    5)Imitating the Opposite Gender is Haram

    The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, has invoked the curse of Allah, the Almighty, upon "a male who imitates a female or vice versa." This Hadith is about the matters of dress and fashion, but it also explains the importance of gender in Islam. So, if an imitation in outward appearance is counted as a sin, then by Qiyas (analogy), a total change in gender will be even more sinful act.

    6)Do NOT covet or ENVY

    This means that Allah, the Almighty, created each of us in one gender, in one shape, while he or she likes another gender, but as a Muslim and believer he or she has to accept the destiny of Allah.

    In the light of the above-mentioned basic facts, I would conclude by saying that it is not allowed in Islam to change the gender, and doing so will be changing of Allah's creation.

    The only exception to this ruling is related to a person who has both genders potential in body, so a medical treatment can be sought to unify one gender. In this case it will be a correction, and not a change in the creation of Allah, the Almighty. This issue has been previously discussed by our earlier Fuqahaa' and the same ruling has been given.

    At-Tabari took it as an example that the Prophet (God bless him and grant him salvation) did not forbid the hermaphrodite from entering the women's quarters until he heard him giving a description of the woman in great detail. Then he prohibited it. This proves that no blame is on the hermaphrodite for simply being created that way.(THAT IS WHY IN THE HAREM OF KINGS THEY USED TO KEEP HERMAPHRODITE )

    "It is not permissible for a person to have gender operation; from male to female or vice versa. Every Muslim has to be content with what Allah has decreed for him/her, for He has placed him in a suitable position. He/she does not know what is good for him/her; (being a male) perhaps if he was created female, that would not be good for him, or (being a female) if she was created male, that would be bad for her. By the same token, there are some people for whom nothing but poverty is good, and if Allah made such a person rich it would be harmful for him; and there are others for whom nothing but richness is appropriate, and if they became poor that would be harmful to them.

    Some women wished they had been created men so they could fight in the way of Allah. This was just wishful thinking, but Allah revealed the prohibition of that wishful thinking in the ayah (Qur'anic verse):

    "And wish not for the things in which Allah has made some of you to excel others. For men there is reward for what they have earned, (and likewise) for women there is reward for what they have earned." (An-Nisa':32)

    If mere wishful thinking is forbidden, then how about taking action upon such thinking? If a Muslim is forbidden to change the creation of Allah in minor cases, so how about changing sex altogether?

    • Asalaam alaikum,

      The poster did not indicate whether they were Shia or Sunni, so providing the Shi'ite perspective is relevant. The failure to understand the Shia fiqh is also evidenced by the fact that you made no reference to the Sunni fatwa, which was not mentioned in your post. Fiqh of both schools of Islamic thought is a process and unless you could provide valid evidence in contravention of the rulings you cannot simple dismiss it.

      Furthermore, your points have a literalness interpretation that fails to understand both human essence of the fitrah and the verse you have given as evidence. For example, if we took your interpretation on face value of the verse, there could be no skin grafts, organ transplants, plastic repair surgery, blood transfusions, skin grafts, hair surgery, tooth implant surgery, cavity filling, bridges, root canals, bone marrow transplants, etc., etc., etc. Furthermore, turning items like wood into paper, using it for fire upon which it diminishes into ashes, changing fuel through the internal combustion engine into hydrocarbons and energy, among the many things in our lives in which resources of the Earth are made available by changing their nature, we would have nothing of these items.

      So the verse that you interpret as literal is insufficient and by our current everyday lives, would make the verse useless. Yet, Allah (swt) is greater than this and His Wisdom of this verse extends beyond the physical. This verse is not talking about what man crafts by his hand, in as much as how Shaytan will try to change the nature of man from worshiping, acknowledging and recognizing Allah (swt). The verse then possess a very deep and spiritual meaning far above the literal interpretation which would concern only the state of man in your interpretation. However, this verse is talking of a greater cause and esoteric meaning.

      Your points do not establish that male and female is the sole existence of fitrah. Is it possible that a male physical being has a woman's fitrah? It can be possible. Since you base your argument on a misunderstanding of the verse, this fundamental part of your argument fails to be supported. Thus you nullify your first two points by your fourth point. The third point, as I have examined, is invalid.

      You don't elaborate on the fourth point at all. So this is where the fiqh comes in regarding the rulings that are based in the links that I gave above.

      In point five you extend the ruling by your own elaboration while failing to understand the context as a whole regarding the hadith you mentioned and the point (with flawed reasoning) you have given. The hadith is in regards to homosexuality and cross dressing. Once the person who suffers from GID has the SRS surgery, they are not in this category or are in it beforehand because most either live in fear from persecution and do not display themselves or on the guided route towards gender reassignment. Again, the fiqh is more intricate that you have understood it to be. You cannot form a ruling based on one hadith existing in a vacuum. This is not how fiqh works.

      Your point six is useless in this context. The individual is not envying another person. Instead, they do not "identify" with their own body. It is not that they "want" what another person has or what they have not been given, in as much as they cannot "identify" with what they have. It's not coveting, but a rejection of their own body as they do not identify with it not only on the physical matter, but on an emotional and psychological sense.

      The rich and poor analogy is a low one and belies psychological suffering for materialism. This is not how Islam is practiced. The suffering of the individual is taken into account. Medical evaluations are brought forth, the fiqh is presented and the individual is counseled. Once it is determined that SRS is appropriate then they are allowed and so, Islam through the fiqh of both schools has made an allowance for it.

      The last verse you have given as evidence is also out of context and incomplete. That verse has to do with inheritance.

      And do not wish for that by which Allah has made some of you exceed others. For men is a share of what they have earned, and for women is a share of what they have earned. And ask Allah of his bounty. Indeed Allah is ever, of all things, Knowing.

      The last part in bold means, that even if we take your interpretation, the individual would be able to ask Allah (swt) for the permission to change the sex gender so that person could excel in their own being. Thus it throws the whole "wish" question out the window near the end.

  4. Salaams,

    Just want to clarify, that I was referring to a hermaphrodite when I was talking about transsexuals.

    Anyway, I just want to advise you Wasan, that in my view, the best and most halal course is to remain as you have been created. If you are a male now, remain a male. Whether you feel "manly" or not may be an ongoing struggle for you, but that doesn't mean you are not a man. You are the unique man Allah made you to be, and as a man the only permissible sexual expression for you is with a female in the context of marriage. I believe it's possible that you can find companionship with a woman who will love, accept and support you exactly as you are, and will provide the type of intimacy you are most comfortable with. In the meantime, if you have your hormone levels checked and it turns out you have a deficiency in testosterone, or your estrogen levels are highly elevated (yes, men do have estrogen, just at much lower level than females....and females also have low levels of testosterone), then these imbalances can be easily remedied by hormonal supplements and may provide a type of relief to what you may be experiencing.

    -Amy Editor

  5. Assalamu aleykam to all

    Professor X, although you seem quite passionate about this topic I really have to say that unless you suffer from these issues yourself then perhaps is safer not to assume things.

    I personally suffer from this terribly however I have found ways to deal with it, I think it has lead to some form of split personality disorder and has horribly messed with my mind, sexuality and has caused a great deal of depression.

    I wish I could take the easy way out and simply go ahead with the standard medical treatment however I feel that this is a test from Allah and I have found that with perseverance and taqwa it is something that can be overcome.

    So long as you are 'active' and keep your mind focused on other things it isn't so bad. Personally I feel like Allah has blessed me with the ability to emotionally feel attached to women and understand them and connect with them in a way most men can't however I have also been blessed with the ability to be a strong man and follow the sunnah even closer than if I were female. It is a hard life sometimes but Allah knows what is best for us and I feel that usually it is shay` tan that plays on my heart and tricks me into wanting to get 'treatment'.

    Although I am not saying that I condemn the topic wholesale because I have heard of some people getting treatment under the advice of apparently scholars however I can not agree with a MtF actually marrying a normal biological male - I think this is a step too far. I don't think a man suffering from transgenderism can ever become female and this is simply a false desire from shay` tan. Also I might add I have never heard of a credible scholar saying that this is permissible only Allah knows.

    I don't agree with the shia at all and I personally do not recognize them as being a valid alternative to the Qur`an and Hadith texts.

    • Asalaam alaikum,

      Yet, there are Sunni fatwas on this, as well. A point that often seems overlooked. Everyone's journey is personal, but actually being diagnosed with GID is a step within itself. When that occurs in the person's life, and Islamically they are allowed to seek that diagnosis, then they are free to make their decision knowing that there is fiqh to back their decision.

      The purpose of the discussion is to determine whether they are allowed to tread that path, and it is permissible for them to research it, understand the ruling and partake in it, if they so need. However, to say that there is no allowance for it in the initial stage is not correct and that is my contention on this subject, since there is jurisprudence guidance to follow.

      If you haven't heard a credible scholar saying that marriage would be permissible for the post-op, then I might venture to say, you haven't done a lot of research, because there are several, including Sunni, who have advised as such. The difference is that with the Shia fiqh, they are more ahead of the curve in publishing their criteria for distribution. In Dubai for instance in relating to Sunni rulings, there is an actual court process regarding post-ops and they only rely on fiqh to make these rulings to change documents, etc. While it's not easy to get past their judgement (as of late they have following hardline Yemeni fatwas), it has been done in the past.

  6. Professor X can you provide a source or any definitive fatwa on this for Sunni fiqh.

    This is a VERY USEFUL discussion and is VERY HARD to conduct as it is SO RARE to come by!

    All the best,

  7. ุฃุณุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู… ูˆุฑุญู…ุฉุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุจุฑูƒุงุช

    Professor x - I am also a transgender muslim that needs a few answers.
    I have read the post from a few months back where you and "Your sister in islam" gave some very good and thought provoking points.

    How is it possible to have a private conversation with either any1 of you?

    ุฌูŽุฒูŽุงูƒูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ุฎูŽูŠู’ุฑู‹ุง in advance.

    ุฃุณุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู… ูˆุฑุญู…ุฉุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุจุฑูƒุงุช

    • It isn't possible unless either yourself or Professor X has an anonymous blog that you can put in the website category.

      Professor X can you please provide the fatwa for sunni fiqh because every one I have gone through has a deep misunderstanding regarding transsexuality and they define that an "operation can be carried out to reveal what is underneath" - i.e. this is for hermaphrodites or intersex individuals that have both sets of sex organs and does NOT apply to transsexuality which is a psychological condition!

    • Assalam 3leykom,

      i've just recently been returning to this site after the lengthy discussion I had with 'Professor X' earlier this year.... (i'm 'Your sister in Islam')

      There are also new and more recent posts to do with transgender. I'm a trans-woman, however I identify myself as a girl only. I have never had weak faith and have always been close to Allah, in my early years and much, much more so now.

      I firstly wish to reply to a few points brought up by answerers brought up on these discussions.

      1) Someone mentioned that Shaytan is messing with you and wants to deviate you from Allah's path.
      I actually highly disagree that Shaytan can pray on someone and completely take over one's mind and soul to such a deep level so easily!!

      Shaytan is amongst the jinni, we are human souls of Allah who are actually higher in rank to jinni and we are in fact much stronger! Let alone Allahu Akbar! ...This situation is crippling for one who is going through it, others will never understand what these feelings feel like. Many years I myself was against SRS because i thought it was wrong from what people said. However the more i'm transitioning and being myself on the outside, the closer i am becoming to Allah spiritually rather than superficial people pleasing and the more i am becoming anti shaytan! Islam is about what Allah wants, it's not about the comfort of society!

      The distracting emotions and pressures are becoming less and less to me because i'm feeling more comfortable in my body....However this has not made me a vain worldly being just because i'm about to have SRS. In fact I do not fear death at all, I fear Allah! I have no desire for any worldly pleasures, however I wish to die a complete female, even if I had SRS and died the next day, Al7amdolillah!

      This may not make any logical sense to many but sorry to break it to you but life is beyond logic!
      The life of the soul, the life of the akhirah it is not binary! it is beyond! way beyond!

      2) Somebody mentioned ""operation can be carried out to reveal what is underneath" is not for transgendered."

      Sorry but i have to disagree with you! There is no denying that there is more to a human being than just the physical body! you can look at this in a metaphysical sense only and said that one is completely masculine on the outside, and disregard what this person feels on the inside just to suit the "Look" of society and change ones nature.....This actually sounds more like it's for vanity's sake! .. Why would you try to change the temperament of somebody's soul which is eternal for something that is temporary only like the body?

      Just because there is no physical femininity doesnt mean that there is no femininity of the mind (which we forget is also physical! just because we cannot see a visual difference between a male brain and a female brain doesn't mean that it should be written off from being something that is underneath to be revealed!

      More importantly than the brain... there is the temperament of one's soul! After looking at this, the body is actually just a mere vessel! and just because we see it doesnt mean it's more significant than the soul or the mind! This attitude of concentrating on physical only and holding importance to it only is actually more an attitude of vanity...

      Transgender people who are truly suffering with feelings of being trapped in a body that is of the opposite gender to their nature are actually anything but vain! Allah has made us not get attached to our body so that we know our souls better

      Where is a part of Islam that values the nature and the soul? if this world is temporary, the body is temporary therefore we must look at the soul primarily and go according to it's nature!

      I have suffered enough in my life and been put through hell on earth and back, even after SRS yes my heart feels calmer and I can concentrate on my deep relationship with Allah without being distracted by traumatizing feelings of being trapped! i'm in love with Allah! huwa 7abibi! No one can accuse me of going off the path just because I chose to transition. in fact i've come out wiser in life after going through all this. Life is still a test and just because a transgender person has transitioned and had SRS does not mean automatically that they have failed the test

      I myself as a girl who has had to live through this have gone through a grand privilege of the sense of detachment from my body and insight to which Allah has given me, as hard, suffocating and crippling as this life has been to me beyond belief, it has been such a huge gift and for such love i cannot thank Allah enough! Al7amdolillah ya rabb!

      3) Yes I agree with Prof X and those who say that you must go through the pathway of medical care who will not leave anything behind. Alot of people on here think that in the west they are waiting eagerly to give you a sex change and jumping at the fact to call you transgendered and diagnose you so.... Take it from someone who has gone through these procedures herself You don't realise just how hard it is to convince these western specialists that you are transgendered, you are looked at and examined through a fine tooth comb! They will put you through hard tasks Even before giving you any sort of treatment at all let alone hormone!

      There was a point that they put me through so many tests, and examining me so much i began to actually think "Wow, everyone seems to think i'm crazy... Am I? "

      Finally, if you are struggling, don't suppress a transgender diagnosis is not easily acquired! And is a lengthy process where you WILL need a strong faith and Allah's help! So stay close to Allah no matter what! ... And it's naive to make out that Allah will "decrease your reward and punish you" just because you transitioned... you still are going through a test, SRS is not an instant fix! The psychological trauma is eased but scars still remain which needed to be faded out, the human brain is a habitual organ, so don't seek an instant fix with SRS but see it more as a turning point, more like the beginning of a healing process which may last until death, this is the test in life, continued after SRS and treatment.

      At the end of the day, one cannot judge a situation like this unless they have the deep insight! .
      If someone thinks they can judge or dictate mine or someone elses life, then it's time to start questioning their own comfort zone which they call their faith!

      I am not Haram! I am a soul of Allah and He is ALL I have! wallahi never have I come across a love so sweet as His! Al7amdolillahi rabb-al3alamin!

      Zaynah ('Your sister in Islam')

      • ุฃุณุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู… ูˆุฑุญู…ุฉุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุจุฑูƒุงุช Zaynah

        I previously posted with the name "confused" but see now that someone else also is using the alias "confused", I assure u that I am not the same person that posted below.

        I am really glad that you are back on this forum and would really like to keep intouch with u.

        I am transgender and have no doubt about that and share a lot of the sentiments that u do.

        The only problem is I have no clue of where to start, I am from south africa and not many scholars here know about transgender. Some often confuse transgender with being homosexual and then I just feel like its a dead end. I'm in my early 20's and hate life more and more with each passing day. Maybe u can help me out with some of the scholars that u spoke to? If admin allows me to give u a facebook link to my profile will u message me? Coz I'm not sure if there is private messaging on the forum.

        Wallahi I'm not somone pretending to be transgender, I really need help. The worst lonliness one can feel is not being comfortable with ones self. I just feel my body is not in line with my soul and I have been feeling this way since a very young age. So its not just some overnight feeling.

        • Sorry
          I didn't realise I took your name

          I'm from Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Walaikum assalam.

          I have a dormant fb account somewhere so i'm able to message you, of course anonymously. But i highly doubt the admin will allow you.

          You're actually quite lucky to have a forum or meet Muslims who are transgendered, I actually never spoke to or met and only once or twice in my life actually saw a transgender woman on TV, non Muslim let alone Muslim...I was completely isolated and feeling these feelings all on my own. That was shear hell, so i know what you're feeling!

          If you are able to contact me privately then great, we can talk more.

          But for now my advice to you would be first of all get as close to Allah as possible and NEVER forget Him, Wallah He is the only strong pillar you will find in life!

          If i was not Muslim, i would simply not be alive! alhamdulillah, i have always had strong faith and it has been a pillar for me, really!

          The second would be to talk to your GP. I spoke to a scholar who i no longer have contact with as he was passing through and attended a local event. He basically had exactly the same point of view as the Muslim scholar Dr Tareq Al-Habib.

          I will say a pray for you today, may Allah guide you and be with you. Even if people have forgotten you, rest assured Allah has not!


          • ุฌูŽุฒูŽุงูƒูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ุฎูŽูŠู’ุฑู‹ุง for your response Zaynah.

            I've added my facebook link in the website field so if gets approved please click on my alias and it will re-direct you to my facebook profile. I understand that it will be anonymously, my profile is also anonymous.

            Alhamdulilah I am lucky to be in contact with muslims on a forum, to be honest this is the first forum I've ever voiced myself. Ever since I read the older thread of comments between you and professor x I thought of u as an inspiration and a source of hope. U have manged to place hope in a hopless heart and for that may Allah reward you well.

            Alhamdulilah I am close to Allah and may I always remain close to our creator. I also feel that had I not been a muslim I would have ended my life already.

  8. Salam

    I am transgender and I live in the West and I'm happily married to a good religious man alhamdulillah, of course I told my husband everything about me and he did not pass judgement on me he told me my past with my past and that I am a woman and regardless of my situation he knew I was the woman for him subhan'Allah we are both Arab Muslims I keep my life very private because you have to for your safety and the safety of your husband because a muslim does not want his wife's business everywhere, he never treat me different and he give me nothing but unconditional love we were recently just had a big beautiful wedding Mashallah I'm so grateful that Allah swt answer to my prayers and sent me a good Muslim man!! our business is our business between husband and wife your gender is not defined by what's in between your legs but what's in between your ears though I have had full surgery I never look back on my past so be happy and embracing you are Inshallah things will work out for you!

  9. Salaams to all,

    Alhamdulillah I do not know how it feels to be enduring such a trial as this. However I can't help thinking if it weren't for all the deviations that are prevalent in today's society would any of these 'afflicted' people ever entertain such an idea of changing gender? Or would they accept that they are just a girly boy or a tomboy girl?

    I read various articles on the net to do with end times and conspiracy theories and many of these articles discuss how through doctoring of nature have resulted in this issue becoming more widespread such as an excess of female hormones in the water cycle. This leading to abnormalities to foetuses in development.

    To Wasan, you are teenage. Your body is going through changes anyway, you have not reached maturity yet and how do you know how you will be feeling in years to come?

    • Assalam 3leykom,

      Actually before I even knew about treatment or what you prefer to call a "deviation" out of your comfort.....I was enduring constant suffocation and was continuously praying for death, at one point I had thoughts and ideas run through my head to even provoke someone so that he would kill me and it wouldn't technically be classed as suicide...
      Had I not been Muslim, I would have destroyed myself a long time ago.

      And no i didnt entertain the thought of surgery, I was constantly wanting and wishing to wake up the next day in a female body.... surgery is just the next best thing.

      i've been constantly suicidal throughout my life from childhood until just a couple of years ago.

      Accept myself as a "girly boy"? I wasn't even able to accept myself as being alive!

      I hope this answers your question.


  10. Salam Alaykum
    I am a 22 year old male about to get married to a woman in 2 months.

    i wanted to know more about you zaynah

    I feel this will deep inside of me, to be female. I like feminine things (romance/love stories, children, clothes), I dislike masculine things (cars, building stuff etc.).

    I used to put on my sisters/mothers underwear and occasionally clothing during my teenage years...
    I felt so much more comfortable in those items.

    I stopped upon hearing the Prophet (SAW) criticise the man who imitates the woman!

    But with or without these clothes I can't stop these feelings.

    I imagine what life would be like as a much more comfortable I would feel.
    And also marriage, to a man...a real man.
    I am not homosexual...I believe strongly in a heterosexual relationship

    I feel like I am pretending to be a guy...

    I was advised by a Islamic source in Australia to get married, that it would help sort out these mixed feelings.

    And I am about to get married, but these doubts have resurfaced...

    Firstly, I strongly believe in else does that explain our predicament?
    My only issue is the correct course of action...I think this is a test from Allah, and changing sex is failing the test?
    1. How old are you?
    2. When did you start transitioning?
    3. Do you have romantic feelings like a woman for a man?
    4. Will you seek marriage with a man one day?
    5. How did you overcome the hadith criticising the man who imitates the woman with clothing?
    6. How did you overcome the concept of changing Allah's creation?


    • Wa3leikum assalam,

      First of all, i dont recommend doing anything drastic, most people (not just Muslims but people) won't understand this situation. If I was you, i wouldnt get married if you feel you don't want to, the last thing you want to do is live a lie or force yourself before you are sure... There is NEVER a quick fix for anything! I dont understand why people keep insisting on this quick fix method, to get married or to fast etc would "solve" the problem... A problem such as this needs to be ironed out. It's naturally human to be superficial, so people will tend to favour what you look like on the outside.... I'd say seek medical help and investigate this. You may find you are transgendered, or you may find it might be because of another psychological issue. But you won't know until you get it seen to!

      1) I'm in my late 20s
      2) I started transitioning in my mid 20s but i've been suffering these feelings ever since i could earliest remember which was when i was 4-5 year old.
      3)I have romantic feelings for a man exactly the way a woman does.
      4) And Insh'allah i do hope to meet a man one day and get married.
      5) Because I don't regard myself as a man at all, I appeared as a man to people, but i feel my soul and mind is female. The hadith i believe put into context talks about men who impersonate women, as in trick others.... I'm not impersonating a woman, I am a woman, period! And in Allah's eyes too because He knows what's in my heart and knows i'm not impersonating, where as people only look at the surface and can only judge by that unless they are understanding and compassionate enough to respect this.

      6) I researched advice from scholars and also spoke to one myself, they said when it's a medical situation, i.e if i've been diagnosed with this officially and gone through a seriously tough process (it's not easy, believe me) Obviously this is distressing me so much that i dont want to be alive, so Allah is not going to burden me more than i can handle, and no "counseling" will make me feel good again as has been suggested to me.... These scholars have said when it's a situation like this, what is normally Haram becomes Halal. E.g, plastic surgery for altering a facial feature such as the nose for a whimsical vanity's sake is Haram, but if that person is unable to actually breath properly out of their nose, then it becomes Halal, even though it's changing the creation of Allah.

      If this rule was so strict then all types of surgery would be Haram, whether it's open heart surgery, a liver transplant or anything.

      However the scholars who have talked abotu this have always said you need a full and official diagnosis first, which eradicates the possibility of it being a phase or a whim.

      There is also an in depth discussion between myself (your sister in Islam) and professor X towards the end of this thread:

      • Thanks for your reply Zaynah

        I'm not trying to start any fights so please remember that

        In reply to question 6) where you discuss changing Allah's creation.

        I understand the train of thought you are using...and I would love to agree with it.

        You are correct in saying it is permissible to seek treatment to help correct medical issues.

        However I did read one opinion which contradicts that logically!
        They agreed the nose operation is imperitive...because the nose has an impaired function.

        However the male private parts are in full working order...and they are capable of engaging in intercourse...and capable of reproducing, are they not???

        So they believe to remove a healthy body part is wrong!

        This actually leads me to my 2nd question today
        And please forgive me if I am rude or inappropriate

        In terms of male parts...are you capable?

        Personally...I know I am physically capable as a male...I have 'nafs'...but for me, it feels so unnatural...and contradicting myself.
        Does that make sense?
        It doesn't feel natural...but there are definately nafs/desires...

        That's the only thing that makes me doubt if I am actually transgendered...I would have thought I wouldn't experience these 'male nafs'

        PS. I wish I didn't have male private parts at all...which I know is consistent with being transgender

        • Yes but if the brain has developed as female which is a much more complicated organ, and the lesser complicated organ (the male organ) is actually causing so much psychological distress to the point of one not being able to function in the world then what would one do in this situation? Yes you can think of something logically but you must be careful how simple your logic is. logically a murderer can run free from a prison sentence if you save him through logical technicalities..Allah not only gave us a mind, but also a heart too don't forget.....

          According to people, one should follow what they look like on the outside, and the brain is then labelled as 'nafs' for convenience sake... yes you must control your nafs but not kill your nature, you can't do that without messing yourself up! (Suppression does not work in the long run)

          Firstly about nafs, it's more complicated than people think:
          Even with one's nature, there is the desire of the ego (nafs) and the desire of the heart. The desire of the nafs/ego is actually in tune to the wordly, as in superficial, lustful, vain, the desires we are supposed to kill are those conditioned desires of wanting to be more materialistic, the longing to have better possessions than others, and wanting to be prettier than others. Competing for objects to the point of damaging others' lives...The ego can trap, blind you and bind you to this world.

          The desire of the heart is the core self, the heart is the connection to the soul. If your desire to be a woman is fueled by worldly issues that are materialistic, show-business, etc etc then it would be a matter of the nafs/ego, this would be classed as a whim. However if you yourself feel strongly like you are female then you must investigate this and what has caused you to feel this way.

          Going through the medical pathway is a very, very tough process drawn across many years, if you can go through this and still feel the same in the end then you are most likely transgendered.

          By the way the fatwa for hermaphrodites (people who are born with both organs) is apparently to look at the person's nature and remove the organ which doesn't suit them..... bear in mind both organs are actually functioning fully in this case..... but why is this acceptable? logically according to what you say, it's Haram too...but it's acceptible because the world clearly (visually) sees there are two organs and this person will not fit into society unless something is done... People will only excuse something that is visible to the eye.
          No one will ever see the internal turmoil of someone who is transgendered and it's easy for anyone to tell you to "kill your nafs" because they don't have to do anything but walk away thinking they've earned Allah's reward points.... And they will more often than not give you a rug (marriage) to cover up any mess.... there is a cover up attitude when dealing with other's and even sometimes one's own problems, in the case with you, someone's suggested you marry as a quick fix method.
          (Sex does not solve everything)

          People are mistaken into thinking Islam is for them (society),that it's to make people fit into society and be a slave to society, actually, wrong! This is the nafs at play on a big scale!..People forget it's actually for Allah only!

          If i'm unable to have treatment for this then I strongly pray for Allah to completely destroy me and remove me from this world, because i am unable to function at all in the way that i am. This is more than nafs, my body is not matching my soul and heart, I barely have desire to live on this earth, this is not materialistic and for vanity...this is because i dont feel comfortable in my skin... I am by no means going to try to change my soul which is eternal, for people's worldly, superficial comfort!
          I would not be true to myself.

          If this psychological suffocation has lasted my entire life so far and has caused me to pray for my own death most of my life and self harm as the second best thing to suicide, after going through counseling, psychiatry and all that already, what else is left to do? if I cannot be treated then may Allah bring my death extremely soon. Ameen!

          If you are able to remain in your male body and continue to live this way as i once thought i could, then by all means it's your choice.
          But one thing i've learned in life, I certainly cannot do this. I'm hanging by a thread and treatment is the only hope i have after everything else. With this level of distress i have decided to undergo the surgery, if this is proven Haram then may i be painlessly destroyed and taken from this earth. Ameen ya Allah.

          Allah be with you throughout your journey and life.

          • Also, i'm not accusing you of anything, but however if you are somebody who is posing as a transgendered person to try and challenge me,
            (which i know others have tried to do)
            Then may Allah forgive you for meddling in something beyond your understanding and awareness.

            it is an ego desire to want the biggest reward points of Allah and people will go to any extent to get it, even if that means stepping on someone else's neck and breaking it.

            Chasing Allah's reward can also turn into a worldly egotistical whim, very quickly.


          • Trust me, I have experienced emotional turmoil...maybe not as long.
            Obviously being youner I am at a different stage than you are...

            If I wasn't muslim I would 100% try my hardest in becoming a woman.
            I think deep down, it would make me actually happy.

            But regardless I am still scared of Allah

            But I just wanted to clarify the 2nd question I asked you...I know you sort of touched on it...but I wanted a proper answer (if possible)
            It's the only thing that makes me doubt whether I am transgendered!

            "This actually leads me to my 2nd question today
            And please forgive me if I am rude or inappropriate

            In terms of male parts...are you capable?

            Personally...I know I am physically capable as a male...I have 'nafs'...but for me, it feels so unnatural...and contradicting myself.
            Does that make sense?
            It doesn't feel natural...but there are definately nafs/desires...

            That's the only thing that makes me doubt if I am actually transgendered...I would have thought I wouldn't experience these 'male nafs'

            PS. I wish I didn't have male private parts at all...which I know is consistent with being transgender""

          • Sorry but i cannot "trust you" because i dont know you

            You've totally ignored all the points i've made and are repeating yourself again, adamant in forcing your point acrossand refusing to take anything else into account!!!...

            Sorry but i'm not convinced that you are suffering from anything like this.
            I think you are actually posing as someone transgender to try and convince me out of this, you have no knowledge of what you are dealing with!
            i've dealt with many types of people before by the way.

            I have NOT taken this decision lightly! It is my survival instinct!

            You think i have no fear of Allah? you have not lived my life!!

            Stop trying to play with fire and with something beyond your comprehension!

            No i'm not going to answer your humiliating question!
            Stop mocking me, my life and my hardships just for the sake of this reward from Allah you think you're going to get, which in fact is not from Him but your own ego!

            May Allah deal with you whoever you are!!

          • And in case you *really* want to know the answer to this question I suggest that you research properly everything about transgender! If that is making you feel doubt then it should be eradicated after knowing what the term "transgender" means


          • I am telling the truth
            I understand u have no doubt experienced a lot of negative opinions in the past
            But I'm struggling here
            Don't you remember what is like before?
            I spent my teenage years alone and confused
            I had no support
            Sure I had the Internet...but they werent Muslim
            They werent scared of Allah ๐Ÿ™

            This was the first time I met someone like me.
            Transgendered and Muslim ๐Ÿ™‚

            And arguing?
            It might appear like I was arguing with you
            But I am really arguing with myself
            Right now as I speak...I am tormented about what to do
            What feels right??? What will be the consequences?

            I just wanted advice and support

            I tried posting on Muslim forums...but they all thought I was a freak
            Nobody understood...and I got some really hurtful feedback ๐Ÿ™

            I even got banned from

            And don't trust me
            Fine...I can't force you to trust me

            But I don't know what else to do, who to talk to ๐Ÿ™

          • Listen, Please calm down and just put the pieces of the puzzle together.

            Firstly, it's clear that such a question brought up my defense barriers, so its clearly uncomfortable! of course I cannot trust you because of the nature of what i've been through my entire life.

            Technically i'm transgendered, which means born physically male and with the mind, heart and soul of a female. I think from this you can figure out your answer, I am by no means going to talk about anything private into great detail and specifics. But i've basically answered your question for you!

            But I see myself as nothing but a woman,

            And i am a very romantic woman, but unlike you, I am unable to psychologically marry a woman and sleep with her and have children, it would feel like i'm forced to commit homosexuality. I desire to be with a man and there are Muslim men out there who would see me as a woman. A couple of good friends who are also religious Muslims and Arab accept me as a woman knowing my whole story, one of them he's known me for many years, before and after transition and he's a very religious Muslim, he sees me as nothing but a woman now and keeps my situation private because he knows i see myself as nothing but a woman and that's how i want to portray myself to the world, as the real me.

            Stop looking at the body and the apparent pieces of the physical puzzle and take into consideration the bigger picture! Heart, mind and soul! These cannot be suppressed because the heart and soul are eternal!

            Allah is more merciful than Muslims! He put me through this test, alhamdolillah for everything because it brought me closer to Him...He is not going to make me suffer to this degree and in the end toss me into hell! People make Him out to be this cruel God who is waiting to burn and scald people!
            I fear Him because I love Him. ... If you are even thinking about going down this route then you WILL need Allah, His love and His support! no doubt! Stay close to Him whatever happens!

            Once again, I've already answered your question for you, read between the lines please.

          • ok
            thanks for replying

            I was really upset at thought of losing someone for advice

            1) So you never saw any muslim Dr's?
            All the people on forums are telling me to find a muslim Dr

            But I live in a country with 500k muslims...that's nothing lol

            And my issue I don't trust non-believers...

            So really, it is like I am by myself

            2) How did your family take the news?

            And can I please clarify why I overstepped before, and asked the impolite question???
            (I'm not trying to convince you to answer)

            Have you heard of the Mukhannathun?

            I've heard some people relate them to today's 'homosexuals' and/or 'transgendered'
            NB: I am not trying to relate homosexuality to transexuality!!!!

            This group of people existed...they were males and they had feminine qualities!!!
            And they did not have attraction to females...
            And it says in the Quran (24:31) that women may uncover in front of them...

            So I actually don't know if that covers me

            In terms of the internet. I am still covered under the 'transgendered umbrella' is actually pretty broad in terms of 'sexuality'

            But I wanted to determine where I fit in Islamically

            So that's why I am confused about myself.

            I'm sorry for prying.
            I just wanted to know

            But it's ok now

          • Firstly, the people on the forums are telling you to see a Muslim Dr because they don't know how to answer this sort of question... Some probably in the hope that you will be refused treatment.

            I'm like you, i'm more likely to trust a Muslim source and i didnt even know a transgender Muslim existed when i was younger! It felt I was the only one.... However I'm exactly like you, I am much more comfortable talking to someone who fears Allah (even a lot of Muslims don't fear Allah like they make out, be careful of that!) ......My faith is very strong and I really fear Allah greatly. But one valuable lesson i've learned is that people (Muslims) are unable to represent the view of Allah in the way they always try to, because they are only human after all and cannot know everything, Its easy to write something off as "Haram" if it doesnt concern you... A lot of Muslims will not understand the transgender issue, in their mind they'll class it as homosexual which is wrong, it's an entirely different concept.... After all we say Allahu Akbar. ๐Ÿ™‚

            It is nice to see that fear of Allah in you thought but do remember that Allah is way, way more merciful than his followers. He is testing you and He tests those He loves the most.

            You don't just see one Dr, you see many specialists, more than 1 psychiatrist (and believe me they are not easy to convince, they will analyze you thoroughly) So i think as long as you have a well qualified good Dr, he or she doesn't have to be Muslim. (After all you wouldn't demand a Muslim Dr to perform a transplant or any other standard procedure on you)

            By the way transgender is not accepted by people in the west either, there is a lot of discrimination, and i mean A LOT!

            However what's important is the entire concept must be researched Islamically for yourself. After that a good Dr should be enough.

            (My specialists were not Muslim but I got advice from a Muslim scholar, he actually stressed the point of being diagnosed by doctors first, and he knew that my doctors and specialists aren't Muslim and he accepted my diagnosis from them)

            As I said above in another post, the scholar I spoke to had exactly the same views as Dr Tareq Al-Habeeb, This man has a very scientific background and is Muslim too.

            About why I reacted the way I did, because I see myself as a woman 100% .... thinking about the organ I was born with, really isn't easy, something like this really bashes a girl's self esteem and confidence. Wallah!

            Yes i've heard of Mukhannathoun, though it's wrong to relate them to homosexuality! It's way more closer to Transgender:


            The reason why people probably relate them to homosexuals is because people don't know any different, more often than not these very people see transgender and homosexuality as the same thing.

            If you feel you are a woman on the inside and a male on the outside (fully) then you would be transgendered, however you cannot have any treatment in the form of hormones and surgery islamically if you have not been officially diagnosed by specialists. Just to rule out the possibility of it being a whimsical desire.

            Dr Tareq al-Habeeb puts it fantastically!
            (Type in his name plus 'transgender' on youtube)


            Personally, I wouldn't do anything drastic like getting married unless you are sure, you may end up ruining not your life but also your wife's if you are unable to handle this over years. Having a spouse is also a great responsibility! If you upset, oppress or ruin someones life, you will have to answer to Allah. Bear that in mind too! Something as big as marriage is by no means a quick fix and should never be taken lightly. Make sure first and if you still want to get married then so be it, it's your choice but don't do anything on a whim!

          • I know that they are discriminated by the general public.
            That is very obvious...

            But no-one discriminates in the medical world...
            Whereas if you went to see a Dr in Egypt (my native country)...they would still discriminate
            And send you for pyschological treatment
            Maybe testosterone therapy etc.

            That's what I mean is the difference

            But I don't care what others think of me.
            I honestly don't!!!
            I ONLY care what Allah thinks of me.

            If I was sure Allah wouldn't be angry I would take this treatment in a heartbeat.
            I'd much be rather be a happy 'freak' than an unhappy one

            Have you heard of the hadeeth regarding the baby in the mothers womb?????

            Where the Angel asks Allah whether this baby is to be a boy or girl?

            That hadeeth spooks me.

            I look at myself...and it makes me think Allah decided that I was to be a male.

            And I am scared to contradict his decision.
            Do I know better than Allah?

            NB: Please don't think I am attacking you.
            This is me thinking aloud.
            These are the things that are tormenting me.
            I am arguing with myself...not with you!

          • I've realised now that you're not attacking me so you can relax now ๐Ÿ™‚

            You'd be surprised actually, it's discriminated against in the medical world here too, they're just not allowed to go to that level with it.
            The first person you need to see is your general practitioner, now if you have one that understands, you're lucky, if not, then expect life to get hard... at this stage in time most aren't easy to deal with because they're uneducated about this issue.

            In countries like Egypt, yes you're going to struggle! But less in Australia I'm sure.

            Actually that's the best attitude, I stopped caring what other's thought and only cared what Allah thought, I still only care what Allah thinks because you know sweetie, you dont belong to anyone else but Allah, no one has that right over you.

            Just make sure not to listen to those who try to portray to you Allah's voice, but in actual fact is their own ego's voice! Voicing their personal discomfort... (people have a bad habit of doing that, assuming what they find uncomfortable is uncomfortable to Allah) But in fact Allah is greater than them, and us. Allahu Akbar.

            And yes I heard that Hadith but who's to say that with us the angel in the womb didn't say create a female but in a male body? and vice versa? Allah knows all.
            What would that angel have said for a hermaphrodite, someone who is born with both functional organs? .... You need to observe Allah's wisdom as whole as you can and not think things in such a black and white manner or you will torture yourself! Allah's knowledge is more vast than the human minds that portray Him.

            The last thing Allah wants is for you to blind yourself with your own fear, let this fear be your motivation to seek knowledge instead!
            And i'm reminding myself this as well as telling you because every step i've taken in transition has been torturous, i'm constantly checking with Allah, because I love Him and I care so much about how He sees me....But sweetie we are not deviating here because we cannot help feeling ths way, He created us this way for our own test. And it's a BIG test.

            When I prayed to Allah in fear because i thought these feelings were Haram maybe (unfortunately i was not lucky to have internet or forums like you have ๐Ÿ™‚ ).... He actually showed me these results in a documentary the very next day:

            They did research on the brain of transgendered, This research took around 8 years... They actually compared a normal male and female brain and saw the patterns between, they then examined the brain of a transwoman and wallah found that his (her) brain was actually female.

            SubhanAllah, Alhamdolillah and Allahu Akbar.

            "To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills (and plans). He bestows (children) male or female according to His Will (and Plan),
            Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves barren whom He will: for He is full of Knowledge and Power." Al-Quran 42:49-50

            Don't forget the part where 'He creates what He wills'... There are creations on this earth that are both male and female in appearance, there are people like us too. The mind is a physical organ even though it's not apparent to us, but it can physically differ in structure to the body. If I find more details on this case study i will post it here.

            But think about it in terms of common sense for a minute too, someone as fearful as Allah as you are, would never be this way on purpose just to defy Him by deviating. That in itself is a contradiction, you clearly cannot help these feelings. You just need to identify these feelings and get them officially diagnosed by someone who is qualified, Muslim or not is actually irrelavent in the case of the doctor as long as they're an unbiased doctor (as you said doctors in the Muslim world will have prejudice, which does sound like a doctor doing their job properly)

            In this case dear, you're going to have to be very pro-active and do your research well! As I had to! Because you won't get a straight answer out of people, educate yourself! Seek as much knowledge as possible about this, you have the internet, I had nothing when i was at your stage except Allah and my prayers.

            Allah's decision was to put you into this test, if you are transgendered for sure, then His decision was to make you be male on the outside and female on the inside. Allah is NOT a black and white thinker, do not equate His way of dealing with things as the human's around you, they are way more inferior and will portray His words in ways according to their capacity which limits His words (even me when i portray Him) He is vast and knowledgeable beyond belief!

          • Typo correction:

            "Muslim or not is actually irrelavent in the case of the doctor as long as they're an unbiased doctor (as you said doctors in the Muslim world will have prejudice, which does NOT sound like a doctor doing their job properly)"

            I hate the sort of typos that change the entire meaning of the sentence lol :-p

          • I've heard of the research you mention...

            But I'm pretty sure that it doesnt cover every transgender...

            So for a transgendered individual maybe there is a female like brain (anatomically speaking)
            Maybe there isn't

            I wish I could undergo tests to confirm

            But I'd say they would be well as considered unnecessary in the treatment process.
            In the current medical world It's not necessary to diagnose GID.
            However n my a muslim.
            I would actually suggest that for a SRS to even be considered (if it was to go ahead at all), the patient must be shown to have a female brain anatomically.
            By this logic, they could then be classified somewhat as 'intersexed'

            NB: I'm not saying I support the SRS.
            But if ever there was a justifiable reason...that would be the only time.
            I think that brains studies would be a NECESSARY component in my personal opinion.

            Whilst I do fit into the transgender spectrum medically speaking, my biggest issues are
            1) I still have no proof that I am transgendered. It could be behavioural rather than genetic?
            If I could prove I was intersexed in a way...then that might help?
            2) According to my interpretation of the Quran and Hadith...I am not a Mukhannathun.
            Whilst once more I would like to stress...I don't think being a Mukhannathun means SRS is halal...
            I do think that if SRS was deemed allowable...being a Mukhannathun would have to be part of the criteria.
            NB: I believe that all Mukhannathuns are transgender...BUT not all transgenders are Mukhannathuns.

            And my biggest issue of all?

            I would never seek medical help unless I was actually sure that the treatment options were permissable!

            If I saw a Dr...and then a psychologist etc.
            I might be swayed...I might get over emotional
            I might let my feelings overpower my better judgement.

            I am trying my best to be calm and clinical.

            And unless I am able to justify SRS beforehand...I will NEVER seek medically help...

          • Well, what more can I say? you seem to have burnt your own bridges, the criteria you're asking for is impossible to know. And yo've actually made some uneducated assumptions on treatment currently available...

            The thing is, even if you are swayed emotionally... Do you honestly think s/he will give you a diagnosis based on you crying? please!! ๐Ÿ™‚ be realistic!!
            You don't know the professional and medical world at all if you're making these silly assumptions.
            Do you have any idea how many crying/hysterical patients they've seen in their career and have become desensitized to?
            Take it from someone who knows more than you do, even with doctors in the family. I've actually been through and cried, kicked and screamed so sorry but i'm not going to accept your reasons as viable..... because I know better having gone through it.

            However if you don't wish to seek treatment, that's actually your choice.
            but you cannot question the treatment having not gone through it or not knowing anything about it.

            If you want to look at everything logically and value logic over reason and how you're feeling inside and your heart. then you're in for a battle.
            You're not trying to be calm and clinical, you're actually trying to challenge every opportunity in an irrational way by the sounds of it. If you can live the way you are then by all means go ahead, this is where we differ greatly.
            You may not actually be transgendered after all if you're fighting the ways THIS much. Your inner feelings may not be so strong, I am wondering this and i'm not even a psychiatrist? Allah knows best what you are and what you're not.

            The answers you ask for are being given to you, but it's up to you to open up to them, (Judging by your responses, you're actually looking at them irrationally rather than objectively) this is YOUR responsibility, no one here is trying to convince you here.

            The way you seem to process advice is why i initially thought you are someone posing as transgendered to try to convince me otherwise for the sake of your "reward".... But it doesn't make a difference to me either way, I know my life, my journey and what I am, I have my own personal relationship with Allah.

            i'm taking my time out to give you as much info as you can but if you don't even consider looking at it. Then i'm afraid there is nothing else i am able to give you or say to you because it becomes pointless. :/

            There is a point where even when Allah hands you out a lifeline you throw it away due to stubbornness, He will then let you go through the harder route that you choose for yourself.

            You need to stop making so many uneducated assumptions and actually look these things up. This is why our faith encourages to seek knowledge instead of listening to other general people and making assumptions.

            Allah be with you.

        • "In the current medical world It's not necessary to diagnose GID."

          And I seriously do not know where you have got this from?!?! You clearly know nothing about the medical world and how it deals with transgendered individuals and how hard it is to get a diagnosis.

          you cannot just walk into a cinic as a male, undiagnosed and half a day later walk out out waltzing on the street as a female with hormones, SRS and everything else!

          I think you're trying to convince yourself here, because you certainly are not convincing me, I know otherwise from first hand experience.

  11. Salam,

    I am a transvestic male, about 15, and I wear girls knickers.
    I am not gay and I do not think what is like to be a woman,
    But I was just asking, is it wrong? I do not want to transition
    and I never cast back and say that it was a mistake being created a man.
    I just wear these clothes because they make me happy. I do not wear makeup
    and I do not wear false breasts. I do not shave my legs or facial hair.


  12. I think some people might think that they're transgender but I actually there transvestites ....... just saying! I'm not judging anybody


    • What about you "hijabforAllah"

      can you answer the above 6 questions if you don't mind?

      (In my first post)

      I don't want to pry...but I am at a very confusing time of my life right now.

      And I've seeked advice on muslim forums...and I got banned from

      Nobody knows what this feels like.
      And the only advice I have available is from non-muslims...and I can't trust people who drink, fornicate etc.
      Make sense?

      You and Zaynah are the first interactions I have had with muslims I can relate to

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Actually I'll remove question 3 (romantic feelings for a man) and 4 (marriage to a man)

        1. How old are you?
        2. When did you start transitioning?

        5. How did you overcome the hadith criticising the man who imitates the woman with clothing?
        6. How did you overcome the concept of changing Allah's creation?

        7. Did you ever attempt to live romantically as a man (ie. seek a woman)?
        8. Do you have children (adopted)?
        9. Did you tell him before or after you married him?
        Most muslim men I know would freak out at that...
        I would rather be married to a woman...then to never be married at all.
        Love is such a beautiful thing, something I desperately crave...but a lot of men seem revolted at transgenders?


        • "I would rather be married to a woman...then to never be married at all."

          I am psychologically unable to do this, if you are then power to you.
          This is not by choice, I would feel like i'm committing a homosexual act if I married a woman.


          • not if I still have my male parts

            As long as I have my male parts...we can engage in a heterosexual relationship

            And InshaAllah this makes my wife happy...

            And me...well I will try and make Allah happy. And I will have an amazing best friend...and will have children.

            Unfortunately it's the best scenario I can see without angering Allah

            Deep down, I would love to be a woman, and marry a man...but I am too scared of Allah!

          • I'm talking about myself!! not about you!!

            I cannot do it, if you can then that's your choice!

            I personally feel i would be committing a homosexual act... you feel whatever you like.

          • Sorry
            I misunderstood

            I thought you were questioning me ๐Ÿ™

        • I'm 24 years old I don't consider myself transgender! Sorry since I fully transition that has to be a point in your transition will you stop saying saying transgenders in start using the W word woman, I started. transitioning when I was 16 so I guess I never truly developed male hormones so I was blessed to never have male features alhamdulillah I converted to Islam after my full transition so anything in my pass that was before Islam is erased and when I took my prayer how to say that Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was the last messenger of God my pass is my past so I wear hijab I just appropriately and I have several friends are Muslim girls I would never tell anybody to tell people about your sense is a sin Wallahi I love my friends and they would flip out if I told them, living romantically with the man I'm married I got married when I was 23 to an Arab Muslim alhamdulillah I started to tell him about me and he told me before saying another word that he doesn't care did he shocked and surprised because I'm so beautiful my husband is very religious you pray all 5 times he's taught me to be an even better Muslim alhamdulillah we don't talk about my past and I would never disrespect my husband by talking about it! but before him not all Muslim men are like that there was a Palestinian and the guy from Saudi Arabia that I was so madly in love with I told the 1 from Saudi Arabia right away he wanted to have sex with me. I told him I was a virgin and he didn't care he said I used to be a man so now he knows that all I want is sex Wallah true story! the the Palestinian did not care but I knew he would want children because he's Palestinian! I finally found my husband alhamdulillah he's beautiful and would never disrespect me we've talked about children and since his sisters have had problems in the past with children he understandsd about not having children subhan'Allah Allah give to those he wants and take some does he wants! Inshallah maybe we will adopt but I don't know I'm still very young, another thing I don't work I stay at home my husband gets super jealous when I'm around men I kind of like it lol alhamdulillah for everything I'm going to be very honest with you if you dont sound have a physical body or ook like a woman no Muslim man will ever consider marrying you it's about pride you have to look 110 percent better than and genetic female sorry but it's the truth if you're too tall your hands are too big your feet are too big you have a manly face these are things taken factors before transitioning because those things will never change unless you transition when you're young you will never develop those things since I converted to Islam and before I got married I have been asked by 7 men for marriage Wallah but you have to pick and choose who you can trust with your life story only cuz they want to marry you doesn't mean they know everything about you and of course you have to tell them everything about you take this into consideration you have to have beautiful hair my hair comes passed my chest and I don't have a receding hairline this is because I transition when I was 16 my hairline is a circle not a M! these are things that will get you noticed as a transexual my upper lip is bigger than my lower lip I have a tiny nose and I have naturally high eyebrows my hand is small but my fingers are long but no way bigger than my husband I wear size 7 shoes and I'm 5'7 my husband is almost 6'2 these are things to consider before transitioning I hope I have been helpful and not hurtful Inshallah <3

          • hmmmm
            I am petite, 5'6 (I am shorter than you lol), small hands, short fingers, normal feet? (size 9)
            I have very curly hair.
            I actually have had several female strangers compliment me on my beautiful curls.
            One even said that most women would die to have curls like mine...

            I really wish I could have female friends...but Islamically it's disliked for men to socialise with women ๐Ÿ™

            And I do imagine what it would be like to have a muslim husband. Someone that loved me for me. Someone that would hold my hand, look into my eyes, and tell me I am pretty. Someone who would hold me close when I am upset.
            Someone to get jealous over me. Someone to lead me in prayer.

            But unfortunately there is one major difference between us.
            You were non-muslim when you transitioned ๐Ÿ™
            When a non-muslim converts, Allah forgives all past sins

            But I am a born muslim...and I feel this path could lead me to anger Allah.


  13. Salamualaikum. I am a muslim man, born and raised muslim. I am hetero..., and currently reading pg law. I have interest in gender issues, as my area of specialization is labour law, and gender rights. Not to be confused with human or women rights pls! I would love to hear from wasan, zaynah, hijabforallah and any transgender muslima. My interest is work related. I mean as transgender muslimas, how do you handle job interviews and work place interaction etc. I also can provide legal advice (free) on labour law if any sister is interested. May Allah accept our taubaht and grant us success in dunya and ahkira. Amin. Wa Salam.

    • Musa, are you a licensed attorney, and in which country?

      Wael Editor

      • Yes, i am a legal counsel (barrister and solicitor). I had my LL.B (Hons) from Ahmad Bello University, Zaria. A BL from the council of legal education, Abuja. An LL.M from ABU and currently reading for a PhD. I also teach law courses at the University. My area of specialty is labour law, especially the obligation of states to the ILO conventions and also under the sharia. My law degree is a comparative one between common law and Islamic law. I work in Nigeria but my PhD fellowship requires i shuttle between Ghana and South Africa. Salam.

      • Salam. Just to add that the common wealth countries have similar legal systems which is based on the common law. Thus, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan etc, have similar systems. Even the USA has a common law type legal system although its not a member of the British Common Wealth for obvious reasons. Nigeria had been a Muslim country since the 10th century A.D and the sharia is still enforce generally in the country under its 1999 constitution, but particularly in 12 states ( we have a federal govt). Universities often teach a comparative law study between common law and Islamic law in Nigeria. While i may not be able to appear before a court in those countries as an advocate or barrister (except in Nigeria), the similarities of our legal system allows me the opportunity to understand, hence know their laws (on labour) and advice accordingly. Wa salam.

    • job interviews are easy you just walk in and do your interview lol but currently I don't work I'm a stay at home wife alhamdulillah my husband provides for both of us,

  14. Assalam aleykom!

    "Transsexuality" means nothing. Human beings CANNOT change sex. Only animals can do it.
    - Transsexualism - (or HBS) is the specific term which identifies the specifical medical condition in which some people are born with the inconsistency between sexual identity (innate, imprinted in brain structure - that is 'brain sex') and the anatomical sex.

    it is NOT a desire, nor a psychological problem! We are fools if we think that a psychological (mental) problem should and could be cured by an hormone therapy! It is not possible to cure any PSYCHOLOGICAL problem (so there is a psychological explanation, that is the ETIOLOGY) by an hormone therapy. It's not me telling you this, there are researches, medical studies and proofs (some are recent).
    If we think of 'transsexualism' as a psychological problem, we should be able to cure it by a psychotherapy.
    That's LOGIC.
    All this confusion starts from our using of WORDS.

    People who are born with HBS start to feel better just two or three months after hormone therapy (even if there aren't so many external changes--> that is NO merely esthetical reasons)

    People who are born with HBS cannot accept their anatomical sex BECAUSE: i can control my MIND, mind is flexible, mind can be cured (by praying Allah swt, for example), but i cannot control my BRAIN!

    Sexual identity is innate and imprinted in brain. Most of people are born in harmony between brain and anatomy. A Group of people are not. This is not phantasy. We cannot change sex, we cannot change our BRAIN. A man cannot take female hormones and then feelin good, because he is a man (in the anatomical sex -we see- but primary in his brain structure -we can't see, but this doesn't mean that IT IS NOT-).

    Physical etiology. not psychological.

    'transsexual' is the term which identifies this condition. It is not an identity. A woman born with HBS is not a transsexual, or a transsexual woman (yeah i can tell you "i am a muslim man", but I have choosen to identify myself this way...i'm not born muslim). She is a woman born with this condition. It is a particular condition, a serious condition. People SUFFER a lot. You just can't imagine.
    People with HBS are living dead until they start treatment. Oh yeah they can choose: 1-to continue my living dead life which worsen over time; 2- to die, put an end to my living dead life (haram); 3- to get treatment and SRS and start to live despite other people think i just want to 'change my nature' and so becomin a freak monster hated and judged by Others who don't KNOW (the majority).

    Ma assalam!

    • Human Beings can not change sex: This is what I have read scholars say, based on an Aayah from the Quran. Human beings can not change their sex but they can artificially modify themselves to appear like the opposite sex, in response to their desire to be opposite to their fitrah, attempting to change Allah's Creation.

      Jazakallah for mentioning this.

      I suppose the later part of your comment speaking about people born with different brain sex and anatomical sex must be referring to hermaphrodites. They are born with both male and female characteristics and Islam allows SRS ONLY in such a case, when their inclination to a particular gender is identified. Other than this, anyone wanting to undergo such a surgery would be following their desire against the Fitrah. And Allah Knows Best.

      Jazakallahu Khair

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

      • Yes, from the Islamic "point of view" the 'transsexual' condition must be referring to hermaphrodites.
        The problem lies in the use of words.
        Nowadays, in Western countries, the HBS (an inborn intersex condition) is seen as a mental disorder, or a 'way of being', or a choice... just like a sexual life style.
        The LGBT movement needs supportes and sympathizers: to make HBS people believe they are 'transsexuals' was their strategy. Most of people know nothing about HBS. It's easy to manipulate minds. Western mentality is totally different. Muslim people need to know the truth and to understand things as they really are.
        It's important to cooperate and i'm very happy to be helpful in some way.
        Jazakallah khair Allah a'lam

  15. As-Salaamou-Alay'Kum Zaynah,

    I'm also a transgendered female (MTF) and I'm 15.
    I've only just recently discovered that I'm transgendered, even though I had mixed emotions during the early ages of childhood.
    Most, if not all, the adversities you have talked about are the same as I am going through at the moment.
    I find it really hard, from severe depression to school!
    I just really wanted to get in contact with you personally so that we could discuss this matter further.

    I truly am blessed by Allah (SWT) to have found this website and topic as I have endlessly been questioning myself, where at some points I even became suicidal - but by Allah, I refrained. You people are really wonderful and Jazakallah Khair for all the help, advice and info etc.

    I would be very grateful if you could get back to me soon, and reply when you receive this and then Insha'Allah we could maybe further discuss...Don't worry, I also have an anonymous account on FB

    Thank you very much sister, truly may Allah be with you in all walks of life and stay blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Oh ok, sorry :P...Is there any other way I can contact her then? ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Please in what capacity can a transgender (eigther MTF or FTM) inherit under Islam? May Almighty ALLAH guide us, Ameen.

  18. Hi Zaynah;

    You seem to be going through the same journey as mine, as a muslim trans sexual. Please contact me on my email. it will be great to connect and share experiences.

  19. It is 100000% not wrong or a disease to be transgender, it is not wrong to still like guys. It is not wrong at all to feel how you feel. You are leading you life and you should be able to lead it how you want. There is nothing wrong with feeling a certain way. You should get to choose how you want your body to look. Just be how you feel fits you and if someone does not want you to be you and won't support you than ignore them because this is your life and you get one life, one chance to live it how you want.
    I am going though a similar problem, I do not want to be the gender I was born with and I don't really want to go through the trouble of being transgender.
    But just ask yourself: How much do I really want it?

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