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salam,, i am a 23 years old girl MA SHA ALLAH, . i have very massive and severe depression ,anxiety , .. it affect my daily routine,,i cant work,,,cant study,,cant even pray salah proper. someone suggest me cupping therapy for depression and he said he is cured with cupping,,, i will try it also. but i am asking is there any tested and triedd method u ppl use for depression to be cure 100%,,,or atleast 75%.... is wet cupping really good for mental illness?

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  1. Salamwalaikum sister. Cupping is good, but you also need to try and pray on time, make sincere repentance, give up the major sins and if you can not then make sincere dua to give them up and strive also, Allah only changes the condition of A people when they change themselves first, make an extra effort to be good to your parents and loved ones even, recite surah ikhlas surah falaq and surah Al nas before bed into your hands three times then wipe your hands over your face head and body. Let go of your thoughts, don't think too much in shaa Allah, the devils know our weaknesses and what whispers effect us. I found that sports really helps purifies the brain, mind and heart. Don't eat a lot of red meat. Drink water instead of fizzy drinks. Coffee is bad for anxiety. Eat healthy food but don't eat until you are completely full, it takes 20 minutes roughly for the body to register that it has food in the stomach. Race in good deeds and to Allah and in shaa Allah this is the cure, it's not going to be easy, but Allah created us fully capable and He will help us if we strive hard with sincerity and we will reach our target in shaa Allah

  2. The whole of qur'an is a cure. Salaah, recite qur'an. I recommend ruqyah. Recite surah baqarah. Listen to qur'an recitation to start you off. Ideally you should recite. Cure comes only from Allah. Exercise also helps. Find a Muslim therapist, you could could talk to.

  3. Sister please start praying it heals your heart and let’s you know you are connected to Allah and you are loved, plus depression isn’t easy take your time until you can come out the cave , don’t be too gone from the things you liked and people you love look into therapy, talk about how you feel even if no body understands it will make you feel better

  4. Assalaamualaykum Hala,

    The most researched "cure" for depression is taking medications. Medications go through research trials by the food and drug administrations in your country and the drug companies, and work for the illness in MOST cases.

    Please see a psychiatrist and see what he or she recommends for you. Please don't give up if the first medication you try does not work, because it often takes quite a bit of trial and error to find the right one...there is not currently a way to scan the brain chemicals and neurotransmitters to determine the correct medicine. So don't give up, and it will be worth it in the end.

    Remember, "For every disease there is a cure. Those that know it, know it, and those that don't know it, do not."

    Inshallah you will be cured by Allah's leave,



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