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Husband abandoned kids and wife.

My in-laws are causing trouble in my marriage.

asalaum u alikum

my question is. My husband has really bad temper issues. My mil is a big problem in it. We have been having terrible fights over the marriage of 4 years and two kids just because of my mother in law. Me and husband had never ever had any issue its always the mother in law who says something to him regarding me and he used to get abusive and hit me for no good reasons. I was pregnant with my second child my mother in law asked me to leave the house. She gave me lots of baduas as well as I never get blessed with a baby girl as she only had two sons no daughter but Alhumdulilah i was blessed with a baby girl.

Now again after few years we had a terrible fight and my husband left me and my two kids aged1.5 and 2.5 at my moms place. Its been two months he didnt even ask how are the kids and me. Me and my my father went to their house but my mother in law asked my father to take me home she didnt want to keep me in the house and my husband says he doesnt want anymore disrespect of their parents so he also asked me to leave the house saying my father( his father in law) shouls contruct a house and then after months we could shift but till then the doors of the inlaws are permanently closed for me. Its totally cruel for him and his parents to abandoned the kids and me like this. They didnt even contact and blocked all our numbers. We tried resolving but nothing happened.

I need islamic advice as to what should be done now. Husband says he wont do anything no matter whereever we take the matter to his uncles or any muftis/aalims or anyone. He is being really rude and abusive. Not willing to do anythhing for us. He says I used to go at my moms alot now I should live there only. He is being very very harsh and his parents are totally supporting him in this case.


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  1. Oh dear. I read this reply by james ahmed and don't even know where to start.....

    Brother james, the man hitting the woman is somehow the woman's fault? That alone will get you crucified on this forum. God help you brother.

  2. Your mother in law may be troublesome, but it is your husband who has beat you and treats you horribly. Based on his behavior, you should request a divorce. Life can not be any worse. You probably already know this but your husband is responsible to provide you and your children food, clothing and shelter. It is not your father's responsibility to provide you housing. Why would you want to stay with a man who has such small character and lack of any iman.

  3. He doeant deserve u.Leave him and wait for karma to work.Be independent and financially strong,raise ur children in good way.He doesnt know importance of family and children.Let him spend his own life with his mother forever.Dont fall for such man who dont have respect for u.

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