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I was in relationship with a boy and when my family started to look a spouse for me. He just ignored saying that he has some problem at his home .After 7 months of the engagement ,this person comes back and says that he just wants to be friends with me ...In addition to this  he abused me in the market and called me names ..please i need suggestion what should i do ..


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  1. Cut all ties and find someone else who will respect you. You should tell your parents and be honest get out while you can because if his already abusing you which shows his true colours then there is no point to marry him. You deserve better and I honestly think he wants this too.

  2. Sister
    He just wanna make you his gf. So you know the answer. If he is abusive right now and blackmailing you than you should thanks Allah and your parents who protect you from that devil nature person. Don't contact him if you contact him he will chase you back and force you to make relation with him. Be aware of him
    Allah protect you InshahAllah.

  3. As Salam Alaikum,

    Dear Sister, I would advise you to do istikhara and also have good imam do istikhara. Also, do not just be friend with a man, it is haram. May Allah (Swt) protect you from anything that can take your smile away.

    Allah hafiz

  4. Assalamalekum sister

    I think you know the answer yourself.for your self respect and to please Allah cut all ties with him, repent and move on.

    Connect yourself with Allah.offer extra salaH you will find peace within yourself. And surround yourself with your siblings/ parents no matter what happen they will be there for you.
    If you were married to him then I would suggest do isteqaraH get others involved etc . This guy has no respect for you.he is not worth your effort.there are reason why Islam has rules against mixing with opposite sex freely & get involved in haram relationship. Allah is merciful and loves repentance. Do loads of Astagfar day and night.
    May Allah guide you and protect our girls from such men/situations .

  5. Salam sisterling. .1st if you are not a sunni muslim .there is no way success will ever come to you or anyone...WHY BECAUSE Allah is the creator and the owner knower and controller of everything...Do you have control over your heart Do you know when and how you will die...and most of all in what condition you will die....The only success that majority of this ummah is missing is obeying the commandments of Allah and teachings of prophet Muhammad S.a.w. .This means praying 5 times a day perfecting it,knowing the prerequisite Reading Quran daily being good and kind.Helping anyone (charity)You are a role model and inviter to Deen. This is the true success in both of the world's. ..Those who play games and have good time and take this world as paradise...regardless of wealth intelligence. .They will never be content and satisfied in this world.They will be chasing dreams and all dreams come to an end.Once you are cursed Good luk..
    So make tauba and change your life 300 degrees ..Look for a man who practices his faith fears Allah and the day of judgement.Soft in speech and always honest and kind to everyone..
    He also is works hard he m8ght even have a high education too.So be smart and wise..Now days marriage is easy ..Babies are easy but divorce is faster..You yourself should not rush until you are really ready. .SayING this besides understanding your faith..
    What about your courier..don't you want to be independent and travel especially Hajj is expensive. Because most women end up a slave at home mentally abused and physically because of a weak environment. .
    Yes it's possible you can have strict religious person who dictacts but he is also lacking the true guidance because his character and that's the worst of all human beings...The prophet is an example and the best of all humanity..He was never harsh or strict..There 2 things that will save a man...1 his tongue So talk only good..and his private part.Good luk sister


  6. Even after that you need to know , what you should do girl? Cut your connections with him completely, he already showed you his actual personality, never ever fall for a person who doesn't know how to respect women. Run away from him , kick his ass off .

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