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Need help and prayers to achieve my dream

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I want to go to medical school.

Assalam-Alaikum everyone,

I hope everyone is well. I needed some advice and some help. I am currently a Sophmore in College, and I plan on becoming a doctor. Specifically a pediatrician. I hope Inshallah I can achieve my dream.

Since, I am a girl and I went to college away from my parents I faced a lot of criticism from family and my parents friends. I never said anything because I know it is hard to change peoples perspective. I knew in my mind that to only change peoples views about me was by showing them. My first year of college was extremely hard because I have a twin sister and my father was the only one in the house working. Even after being number #2 ( Solutatorian) and my sister being valedictorian we didnt get scholarships. Sometimes no matter how much you try if it isn't written in your destiny then we can't have it. The financial situation started affecting me and my grades. When I would look at people registering for class I felt down. I even tried to ask everyone if they had any information about scholarships, but people never really helped. It was hard for my father because he wasnt feeling well . But in my heart I had hope. I knew that whatever happens it happens for a reason. After my father paid for my first year of college in the summer I had received an opportunity to have a full scholarship at the University. It wasn't because of academics but, for a recent job interview that I had given. I was thankful to Allah (swt) and even today when  praying I thank Allah (swt) for everything he has given me.

My second year of college is about to end and I am stressed about my grades and medical school. Honestly, no one in my college really puts effort into giving information. I have tried to talk to so many people, and gather information , but people just dont want to invest their time in helping me out. I am worried because gpa, and mcat scores is what medical schools look into. Therefore, I am trying really hard to boost up my gpa, and start studying for mcat. Afterall we must pray and put effort into everything we do.

Therefore, I want to ask you guys if you guys have any information or duas please let me know. Honestly, I have faith in Allah (swt) . Even if my grades or gpa is low because I know that I have learned so much in college. We arent perfect and each mistake teaches us something. I wrote this also to let you guys know don't give up so easily. To win something you must go through many obstacles. I haven't given up in  my dream, and i know myself that i do have to work much harder, and Inshallah I will. But, please can someone give me advice and duas.

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  1. Sister,

    You are absolutely correct in your views to never give up. May Allah guide you and make things easy for you. Have faith in yourself and even when you feel you have hit a brick wall, go around it. Nothing ever comes easy in life. You have come a long way and you should be very proud of who you are and what you have accomplished thus far.

    If you need financial assistance, go to the registrars office or financial office at your University and inquire as to where you can begin your search for help. If you have an advisor, ask there too...they might be able to guide you in a direction that might help you.


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