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Assalamolekum. I have a question about sex with wife.
1. Can we do sex in some open space like lawn of my house under open sky where we are sure no one is looking.
2. Can we do sex on beach where we are sure no one is looking?
Thanks for your cooperation.


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  1. Walaikum As Salam

    Why ?

    1 - You dont have a house of your own? If you do, then you dont have a seperate room for you & your wife ?

    2 - Your lawn is larger than your house?

    3 - Sex on the beach. You owe a Private beach or something? Asking that because you are expecting no one to be around on a beach.

    4 - From where have you got these exaggerating ideas ? From some fairy tales ?

    5 - Last and the least are you by any chance trying to imitate some animal ? Probably a cat or a dog ?

    Your name Arsalan means a Lion. But your thinking is like that of a Rooster. Good Luck

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Firstly, you can't be sure nobody would see. People can turn up unexpectedly, including children. Do you really want to risk it?

    Secondly, while sex outside may look romantic in the movies, real life isn't like that. Sand, grass, dirt, etc. can end up getting into all kinds of places (ever tried getting all the sand out of a pair of shoes after a trip to the beach?) - imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have that happen to you or your wife in more private places. Not fun.

    Thirdly, depending on where you live, you could also end up getting in trouble with the police. For example, in the UK, having sex in a public place could be considered a breach of the peace, public indecency, "dogging", indecent exposure... Some of these are charges which could end up getting you in a lot of trouble, including potentially getting a criminal record (which could impact on your employment) and have far-reaching consequences (eg. social services investigations, restricted access to children, stories being told in the press). That's not something you want to risk for you or your wife.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Brother let me ask you a single question..

    Would you like to follow western culture or the legacy of our beloved prophet??

    Prophet never did such things or propagated that. Intimation of beloved prophet was so private that Ayisha (r.a) beloved wife of prophet said that they never seen the private places each other in their entire life. Not suggesting you to not to see private parts but conveying the required modesty in married life.

  4. Really, it can be very funny when people make such statements as "When you are sure no one is watching/looking" are u sure? in this new age of drones, binoculars, street cameras/security cameras. Whereas sex isn't like taking some icecream or eating sm burger. This is something u get so carried away while doing so even in the beginning if someone wasn't watching, and later started watching, where do u think ur senses would be? Obviously it wld hv bn in cloud 9 or 10. So how can u continue to keep watch or how do u even comprehend what's going on around you when u r not even yourself anymore. My candid advise brother, your house In Sha ALLAH is big enough for you, keep it indoors. may ALLAH mk it easy for u and us all to do that which is decent, modest and pleasing to him and may He grant u and us all pleasure beyond imagination within His set limits, Aamin

    • Those are all good points. I agree with muhammad.

      Wael Editor

    • ditto above responses re drones and etc. They are flying all over USA too so what makes oyu think they wont see you? Also, the new light poles now have cameras and two way speakers on them so you have to think about that as well. Finally, I ""believe"" it is haram to do it in an open area, under the sky etc You would have to check.

  5. Yes u do the open area but no body is there ....

  6. Arsalan,

    You are a husband to your wife. You have huge responsibility to take good care of your wife. You must always maintain her honor and dignity, and likewise she should do the same for you, maintain your respect and dignity.

    Islam is a very practical and very modest religion. It will be immoral and immodest to make love with your spouse in an open space where the general public is not restricted and huge possibility (even if it may seem.impossible) for a member of public witnessing your intended act.

    Please refrain yourself from such thoughts and always ensure none of your act harms the society. Instead fulfill your lawful desires with your respected wife under a four walls with doors locked and curtains down - where there is no possibility whatsoever for a third party to witness, in shaa Allah.

    Best wishes,

    - Me


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