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Want to quit zina! Shall I have a secret nikah?

Secret relationships are a bad idea

Not that I'm in the habit of taking advice from church billboards, but in this case they have a point. Secret relationships are always a mistake.

Hi everyone salaam. This is a 22 years old boy who is studying and also doing job. Please help me out! I made a lot of money from my job in early age which spoiled me. As I grew up, I got involved into unethical activities. I have committed zina with a girl I like.

I want to stop these sins but I need your help. The sexual desires of mine are at peak and I really need to fulfill them. I want to secretly Nikah with someone (any girl) and keep the physical relation for couple of years until I actually decide to marry with my family's involvement.

Please note that I cannot get married right now due to family issues and also I don't want to spoil someone's life just because i want my desires to fulfill. To all of you our there I have multiple question, please answer if you can.

1) Is that a good idea to secretly Nikah with someone?

2) If I do that, will i have to declare that Nikah during my actual Nikah? Or if i divorce that girl, do I need to mention that in my real Nikah nama? And same for girl, does she need to mention in the future that she is divorced?

I am aware that divorce is not good option but I will be telling this to any girl I Nikah with. I just want to avoid the haram relationship and make it halal by Nikah. I hope you will help.


- kamz9

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  1. I recently found out that practice of Mutah is legal in Islam. I being a Sunni found it quite useriøst and handy, i believe it can help you alot.
    Search for it and if your heart accepts it go for it. And remeber you getting guilty thoughts is a sign of having Faith in the Supreme Almighty ALLAH

  2. Salam bro

    your mind will not be peaceful. You can't have happiness. I am telling you from someone's experience. No happiness at all.
    The person i know did secret nikah not for desire like you but just to help a man who was in need, she used to take care of him because he was unwell health-wise. so she didnt want commit sin while having physical connection while taking care of him. But she was never been happy, although she did nikah fearing Allah.

    just convince your family and get married

    by the way, are you going to looking for a girl who has the same intention like you i mean who wants temporary marriage??

    Best of luck

  3. As salamualikum
    Please read your own question twice , you say you dont want to spoil anyones life but want to have secret nikah for physical pleasures. Isnt that a human life wasted where you are reducing the other women to mere an object of your gratification. How will that psychologically affect the other person . Also how is it fair to the person you will want to marry in future ? Will you hide it from your future wife ? Once you relaize the real worth islam gives to woman you will feel ashamed of this act of yours. What you are doing is basically a trade/ contract of fulfilling your desires.

    22 is definitely an age for marriage , why do you not want to have legal marriage . Islam asks you to ANNOUCE your marriage , there is absolutely no place for secret nikah .
    Shaitans biggest plot is to take away a person’s iman , and according to hadith iman hovers over a person like a cloud while he is doing zina . So first of all Repent from Allah . Pray 2 nafals and seek Tauba.

    Why dont you just do nikah now and bring the girl home later when you are stable.You are merely making excuses to not get married , you are placing your desires first and marriage later. I am sorry but How would you feel if someone wanted to do that with sister or any women in family . What would you think of a man who would have done this .

    I have see my friends husbands crying, fighting, getting beaten up for the girls they wanted to get married to all the while mainting the ideal standards of modesty !!! There is a huge lesson here if you want it the right way , seek help from Allah and He will surely help you. Marriage is a priority when your iman is in danger as zina is Huge sin in islam. You are 22 , a grown up adult and you have to find the RIGHT way for your problem , may Allah show you the clear path. Do not beat around the bush. There is so much you can do with your money , muslim world needs so much development in every field, we follow western science , where are our core researches why dont you contribute your wealth and time there so you can be productive and divert your thoughts.

    Juggling your studies and work means you are an adult who knows responsiblities of life.
    Your solution is to get married and DECLARE it , pray to Allah , do istikhara . In the meanwhile Fast , as Fasting is the only formula given to those who want to stay from zina.

    Please Do NOT spoil any muslimah’s or any women life in particular all because of your desires. This can take a serious toll on the mental health of both involved in secret nikah.

    Also you can consider polygamy, but not secret nikah.

  4. Are you even a muslim ? You seems to me like a selfish brat. Sorry for my words but thats how it is. Your question seems to be as exploited as you are. Are you the only one in universe who is 22 yrs old and with hell lots of sexual desires and urge ? Come on grow up ?
    Is it mentioned anywhere in ISLAMIC scriptures even about the concept of so called SECRET NIKAAH ? Someone just said above about MUTAH.. well even that has lots of terms and conditions and its not even advisable.

    Rather than exploiting your as well as that ANY girls life .. spoiling the family names.. its better you ask your family to get you married as per there choice.. because any which ways you just seems to need a why not be her of their choice ?

    Have some fear of ALLAH if not anyone else. I am just wondering how come such Questions arise in a persons mind. Improve before its too late

    Best Luck

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