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I’m 13 and other kids mock me because I have head lice, I can’t take it anymore

Get rid of head liceI'm 13 and I just went to a new school. I used to be in yr6. here's my story. I went to a new school and I was very happy but also nervous. There were lots of arabic kids in my class but I wasn't arabic. The teacher made me sit in a group of 2 Arab girls and one coloumbian also a autism Indian girl.

After some days they found out I had headlice. I got it from mine friend in my old school. She used to be bullied by her classmates and I fought for her and we started hanging out and then I got headlice from her.

those girls made a group on me. One of the Arab girl. I will call her Heba. Heba told everyone I had headlice. All of them started staying away from not even sit near me. They used to make fun of me in Arabic. I was very angry and sad. I tolerated it. Heba wouldn't let me make friends. She would tell everyone. I was a complete loner with suicidal thoughts.

One day I got 3 marks in maths cause i made a mistake.. Heba made fun of me. next day there was a girl with same nationality as me in my group. she was a pakistani. I kept on calling her. i told Heba and the coloumbian girl to call her. Heba shook her heard and coloumbian girl then ignored me..

In english there were all Arabs and one Indian girl who has autism or something.. They made a group against me. They used to make fun of me in Arabic and talk about me... I was very angry but I still tolerated it. Heba was in that group too and she used to talk about me in Arabic. how do I know?? She called me yu.. my name starts with y. that's how i found out.

Then I was very happy because I was gonna be promoted to yr7. well the last day in yr6 there were arabic kids and Heba In group. The guy said I'm ugly and laughed. One of the girl asked me if I have headlice and I replied with no.

So then i went to yr7 and met bunch of new girls. They all were nice to me. later on they found out I had headlice.. since then I started self-harming myself and my parents found out and I got grounded. I self harmed myself some days ago. It's been 15 days i guess since I self harmed. I know it's not allowed In Islam.. ik it's a very big sin. I'm tired of myself. I am starting to distance myself from everyone.

then yesterday I had Islamiat and it's near my yr6 class but I had to go to washroom in emergency. Heba was THERE. She saw me so I went in washroom and then one of my close friend was in washroom so she doesn't know I have headlice. I will call her Mona. Heba said to her do you know y? and Mona said yes. she said that do you know y has headlice? Mona replied no. They talked a bit more but I couldn't hear. I unlocked the door and went out. I told her do you know I can hear everything? she didn't say anything. Mona told me that Heba said she didn't want me in her class. I said even I didn't wanna be in h class and I said fake people nowadays.. and I was gonna go out of washroom and about to close the door and I heard Heba say what's wrong with y? that's what happened. I'm really tired and idk what to do.


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  1. Salam Sarah

    You have to wash and comb your hair daily until you get rid of them. Watch some videos on youtube on how to get rid of head lice. Buck up girl, don't worry about what others say. No one harms him/herself for having head lice.

    When you don't have school, apply raw-butter on your hair, wait for 2 hours, and wash it out till the butter smell gone.

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. Salaamu Alaikum, dear
    May Allah bless you for your courage and kindness in helping your friend who had head lice who was bullied. Allah saw that and He will reward you greatly. The Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) had heas lice, our most beloved Prophet who was an Arab, who Alllah loves. He went to a cousin or a companion who cut his hair so light could reach his scalp and treated the head lice. Nowadays you don't have to shave your head, they have shampoos and different treatments to kill head lice. I had a friend who had head lice, she had to cut her hair, and felt sad but I comfort her and told her how pretty she looked. Seek ruge in Allah from the fitna of those girls, ask Allah to distance them from you or to change them to be kind. Let these Arab girl know that Allah does not favor anyone because of tgeir race, and Our beloved Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam ) gave khutbah that a white Arab is not better than a black person, or any other race. Allah loves those who are pious. Allah bless you to be in the best of companies the company of our beloved Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam), Allah test him as well with head lice and he is the best of mankind. May Allah bless you with better friends who love Allah and will be a blessing and comfort to you and you to them. In shaa Allah I will be a big sister to you and keep you in my du'as. May Allah reward you for your patience. Always talk to your parents and family, Allah bless them to be there for you so please don't close them out , shaytan tries to isolate us so he can whisper, and make us feel helpless or hopeless. But Allah is greater than shaytan, His the Greatest, say du'as, read Qur'an and make extra rakat when feeling helpless , dhikr and Allah will bring you comfort.

  3. When bad girls bully you recite this dua: Allahumma innee maghloobun fantasir.
    Inshallah you will overcome them.

  4. Just ignore the bullies. Id say talk to a teacher but in my experience (mid 90s) they dont or cant do much. Kids will use anything to make fun of others. Literally anythibg, even things that seem normal. Dont give them the reaction they seeking, or find a way to throw the jokes back on them in positive way.

    And wash you hair.

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