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Disturbed by discharge


I am baligh muslim girl.. it is natural when you grow up ..some feelings arise for a person.. It is very disturbing to share with anyone but I really need help...

Whenever I pass through such feelings I face a vaginal discharge... and sometimes if I'm not having such feelings, I can see that discharge too.

My question is that is it farz to do ghusal for namaz after this discharge or wuzu is enough? Please guide me...


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  1. No sweetheart you don't have to go for gussal That substance is white sticky glue type discharge Girls normaly get them before hiting period i had them too. Its pretty normal The gussal is only farz when something Dirty comes Napak . But the white discharge isnot at all Napak So no need for gussal Only if you get Periods which is dirty Napak Only dan Gussal is farz To offer namaz After they finish but not for the White discharge .

  2. Dear you should not afraid of these feelings. these are very natural and best feelings of a young boy or girls life.when ever u feel that a white liquid is dIscharged from your private part just go to bath room and wash your private part and do wadhu. AND ENJOY YOU LIFE

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