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Talak out of anger

Red button with divorce written on top.

Assalam o alikum
This happened a few days ago me and my wife had a fight... I was angry and left that place... Then she called me and we had a verbal fight on phone call... We both raise our voices and I utter these words ( I am divorcing talaq ) I just said it three times and then I cut the call... This was not planned and I don't have any intention... I was just thinking that she is not happy with me... We were fighting from a week so I said you want to quit then you give me divorce... I was having no intention of giving divorce... But then I was out of control after fight and I gave her divorce on call three times and after some time I realized I can't live without her it was a mistake... I was not knowing any thing that what will happen next... It was just a mistake... I was so angry I could not control myself... So now it is considered as talaq or not? Can you tell me please?

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  1. Speak to an imam, I think sometimes they say that if it's done out of anger then it doesn't count as a divorce but I'm not sure. In the future maybe you shouldn't be so immature and learn to control your emotions better so that you don't just utter the words divorce without thinking it through.

  2. Brother, i had heard once, talaq calling three times is not mean it, the way is thalq actual heppen in three menstruation period, if you really call talak. after one menstruation if you want to live with her it is allowed even after 2 menstruation you can live with her. after third it will be actually mean it. Islam has ways to correct ourself it is only religion on earth which gives real and perfect way of life, for more understanding pls contact any mufti, not imaam.

  3. You need to check with some Islamic scholar as it is very complicated situation .

  4. As far as I'm aware and Allah knows best, calling 3 talaqs in one go only counts as 1 and not 3. You should be careful and control what you say in anger brother.

  5. Brother,

    I Just talked to a mufti scholar . . . As you have said talaq in anger 3times it is considerd a " talaq" . Brother it hurts me before telling you this. You gave a talaq and it is considered in islam.
    May Allah forgive us all. Even i was unaware of this.
    you must contact an islamic scholar before considering this.

  6. It is talaaq islamically even out of anger. This is count one. You will need new nikkah papers In future walk away from the situation and talk calmly to each other. Your both are bad as each other you both should be ashamed and take your marriage seriously in eyes of Allah and fear Allah.

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