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Am I a haram child?

Muslim Child to foster as per the Sharee'ah

Asalamu alaikum! Recently, I've found out that my parents were not married when I was born. As of writing this, I am 13 years old and have recently started learning and practicing Islam. Around two to three years after my birth, my parents married. Am I a haram child? I've been reading hadeeth on this matter but I'd like to find more information on this.

Jazukullahu khairun!

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  1. No you are not a haraam child is born with sin. What your parents did is their action, not yours, and as they got married eventually they In sha Allah repented and Allah forgave them. Please don't worry about this and get down. As you mentioned you've recenty started becoming more interested in islam and obviously shaitan will not like this, so maybe this is a way of him to attack your imaan and make you feel weak and depressed, to rid your interest in islam.
    masha'Allah what a thoughtful and intelligent girl you must be to be interested in islam at your age.

  2. No ... NO. You are a creation of Allah. How can you possibly be haram? Your parents action at that time was haram ... but you are NOT haram. Even your parents if repented have been forgiven by Allah inshaAllah.

    You are a beautiful, pure, and amazing creation of Allah Almighty. He loves you and wants you to have a good, happy, healthy, pious life.

    Sin of your parents is NOT your sin. Relax and thank Allah for the amazing gift of life for you.

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