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Assalamu Alaikum,

okay please i need help n advise.

I am Muslim and marry a christian girl on next month .

Tell me the all procedure and it is register with Gov of Pakistan,

How we can marry and how we register .

please answer ASAP


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  1. Bad move.You will be committing adultry...Most people iterpret the quran without the learned man giving the proper interpretation....the people of the book are the believers that lived with there prophet essa.They believed in Allah and essa as there prophet.But the generations to come made jesus a son a god .They made partners onto Allah.So it is not referring to the christians of this time....Shaitan is playing with you and put lust first above everything.Save your iman

    • You are wrong here, raul ali. When the Quran was revealed the Christians were already worshiping 'Isa (as) as the son of God (astaghfirullah); and they believed in the Trinity. Nevertheless, the Quran addressed them as People of the Book.They are given this status because they follow a previous Prophet and book, even if their belief has become corrupted over time.

      It is allowable for a man to marry a Christian woman. All the Muslim scholars agree on this.

      Also, you make an unfair assumption when you accuse the man of following his lust. You don't know anything about him or his motivations.

      Wael Editor

  2. Shoaib, I don't know anything about the procedure for registering marriages in Pakistan.

    Even though it is allowed for you to marry a Christian woman, I think you should reconsider. It inevitably creates problems, especially when the children are born and the parents begin to struggle over what religious tradition the children will follow.

    Also consider that the mother generally spends more time with the children than the father. What will she teach them? Even if she does not teach them Christianity, she will not be teaching them Islamic ether.

    Wael Editor

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    It's probably best for you to consult someone with experience in Pakistan's marriage laws, like a lawyer or an imam. InshaAllah they can give you accurate advice. Unfortunately, we are not legal experts and many of us do not have experience of Pakistan's legal system.

    Midnightmoon editor

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