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Severe insomnia – thinking of suicide

Sleeping in bed, under the moon


I have been having severe insomnia for the past 7/8 years, on the night it started I was awake for 3 days on a row and the next couple of years I manage to sleep about 2 hours every night.

I dropped out of my education and I stayed at home for the next couple of years with no degree or a job.  Because of the lack of money I started to search for a job but here is the weird thing, when I get invited for an interview the day before the appointment I get severe anxiety and I get literally zero hours of sleep for the whole night, this happens to me every time, I never used to be like this, I don't know where this is coming from and it's ruining my life

This is the worst part - the lack of sleep has completely ruined me, physically I look like a mess, I am still young but my face has aged a bit which worries me too, I went from people always complementing my baby face saying how adorable I looked to looking like a mess, there is no glow anymore

I suffer from weird dreams as well, In my dreams I am always being chased by a pack of hungry angry lions wanting to eat me, I have those dreams many times before they are always coming back and the other dream that is always coming back is being chased by a killer with a knife or a weapon who wants to murder me - in that dream I am always running to get away. One final dream which is always coming back is being on a high hill or climbing somewhere very high and being scared of failing.

I look at my life and see how it is ruined and think what is the point it will only get worse you might as well kill yourself now and I spend time fantasising how to kill myself , I know it is the shaytain whispering but I am sick of  looking like a mess and not sleeping.


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  1. Insomniac,

    If you have not seen a doctor to date, I strongly recommend you make an appointment with a Neurologist. You may very well find the answers you seek as to why you can't sleep in addition to the dreams you are having. Please don't consider ending your life...ever. There is a solution to your insomnia, you just have to find the answer. Good luck to you.


  2. Dear insomniac ,

    Do you sleep alone ? I will suggest you to stay with group of people and sleep in a room where other members are sleeping like sharing apartments etc etc . Have a group of people around you most of the time and keep interacting with them . Go for heavy exercise and have a good food in the night ....

    Keep praying .May Allah solve your issues .Ameen .

  3. Aslamoalakum

    Some thing is making you panic from inside .

    First of all do Sadqa to get rid of those dreams indicating you have lots of enemies
    See the doctor to get some anti anxiety medicine like xanax etc etc
    Do recite 10 times in morning and 10 times in after noon last Aya of Surra Toba..........from Hasbeyallah ho ....till end you will see the difference in days

    Try to stay in group all the time
    If your parents are alive just try to make them happy the way they want
    (do massage feet or your mom )

    Life is one time gift of Allah. Only Allah has right to take it back


  4. Assalaamualaikam

    I recall you commented on another post about having difficulties, and received some advice then, which I hope was helpful, inshaAllah.

    If the situation hasn't improved, I'd advise going to your doctor as they can check in case there is a physical or psychological reason for your insomnia.

    Don't end your life - insomnia is more widespread than you might think, and treatments are available. Remember to trust in Allah that His plan for you will be best, even if it doesn't seem that way now - hold on to your faith and ask Him for strength and recovery.

    Midnightmoon editor

  5. OP: on the night it started I was awake for 3 days on a row and the next couple of years I manage to sleep about 2 hours every night.

    What happened on that day? How was your sleep before your first night problem?
    What was your life like 3-12 mo before your problem started?
    How was your childhood?
    What is going thru your mind most of the time? What kind of fears?
    Dream of climbing high shows you have a desire to achieve higher things.
    Your imagination is causing you all this trouble.
    When you go for interview, you can tell them I am anxious/nervous.
    Do you watch TV?
    If you search Internet, you may find stories of people who have overcome Insomnia or who have found a way to deal with it.

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