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Can I breastfeed my 14 year old son?

halal or haram?

assalam walekum, i am aged 33, i have only 1 son aged 14, he begged for breastfeed mine..i beat him, scold him, i denied, he daily begged says mamma just once. should i breastfeed him? wht to do, i m soo tensed helpless..please

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  1. Why is your son asking you at his age to be breast Fed? I mean does he have some sort of medical condition?
    This doesn't sound halaal or normal and decent in any way shape or form. In fact I feel really ashamed reading this unless of course he has some psychological delay then...

  2. A 14 years old son is asking for you to suck your boobs not breastfeed. I think it’s very clear what I said. It’s lust. Save your son and yourself to commit any kind of gunah in the future.
    Kind regards

  3. salamaleikum,

    your son is an adult according to Islam a 'baligh', and his nutritional needs are not going to be satisfied. sorry to say but these are his sexual needs and this act would make it more like an incestuous relationship. it is haram by all means.

    • Salaam
      a 14 years old is he disabled I mean has he got any kind of learning or disabilities even he has you should not do this it is Haram if he is normal then it’s lust it’s Haram and stay away from him tell your husband to explain him if not do online or take him to mosque to learn about deen these are sexual desires

  4. A 14 year old who wants to breastfeed from his mother is seriously sick in the head. You need to refer him to a psychiatrist, how can you even think about accommodating this request?

  5. This sounds more like the manifestation of a mental condition, whether psychological or psychiatric. It sounds like classic Oedipus Complex, which is defined as follows:

    Oedipus complex

    "the unresolved desire of a child for sexual gratification through the parent of the opposite sex, especially the desire of a son for his mother. This involves, first,identification with and, later,
     hatred for the parent of thesame sex, who is considered by the child as a rival."

    At his age, his requests clearly are linked to his prurient interest, but I'd say he needs to be seen by a mental health professional to first determine why and then prescribe treatment. If he goes untreated, he might end doing things that might cause him to be arrested. Get him professional help now.

    The question posed is also disturbing because it should be naturally and automatically known that you CANNOT allow your son to have sexual contact with your body. It can only be considered sexual contact because a child his age does not need breast milk. Also, unless you're pregnant, or were recently pregnant, how would you breastfeed? Thus, any "breastfeeding" would be really a sexual act, which for sure is immoral to the highest order.

    • This is the only scenario where I will agree with this Freudian concept.

      • Ruby: This is the only scenario where I will agree with this Freudian concept.

        Oedipus Complex happens during The Phallic Stage (3 to 6 years). Freud suggested that during the phallic stage, the primary focus of the libido is on the genitals. At this age, children also begin to discover the differences between males and females.​

        Freud also believed that boys begin to view their fathers as a rival for the mother’s affections. The Oedipus complex describes these feelings of wanting to possess the mother and the desire to replace the father. However, the child also fears that he will be punished by the father for these feelings, a fear Freud termed castration anxiety.

        This 14 year old boy is in puberty. where an individual develops a strong sexual interest in the opposite sex.
        Calling nipple sucking as breastfeeding is just to make the act of sucking nipples an innocent game leading to sexual pleasure. Boy wants to do it just once. No it has nothing to do with milk or nutrition.

  6. Salaam aleikom, my sister
    Haram is that you beat him and you are obliged to ask forgiviness. Teenagers are sometimes weird and it's normal to be curious. It's confusing that big child requests something like that, but he's still immature, curious child who may have heard silly things from friends, so it's not terrible that he asks that and probably he forgets whole thing soon, and then don't remind him that ever asked this, and you have sinned when you beat him. Someone here answered something about lust, but I strongly believe that it's not about lust but being curious and immature, confused pre-teen and that he asks you this much more immature and childish way and actually he's not totally understanding what he's actually asking.

    You must just say that you made wrong when you beat him, but it's not okay to you to breastfeed him, because breastfeeding is for babies and your breasts are something private to you. That's all, nothing more.
    But if he still insist and keep asking this - which I don't believe he will - like, six months, go to see some counselor or psycholog or psychiatric for him.

    • Salam,

      I disagree. Speaking as a male, it is not curiosity and immaturity at the age of 14 that makes him ask this question. Clearly he is a teen now and hitting puberty and at the stage where hormones rage. This teens sexual desire is high which causes him to lose respect for his mother and ask for a despicable thing. I'm sure he is surrounded by school mates that talk about sex(I have experienced these conversations when I was a teen). No disrespect sister but Instead of advising her to ask for forgiveness that she hit her son which I doubt was very physical as he is insisting to be breastfed once, you should ask why does this teenager have the nerve to imagine and asking this question to his own flesh and blood. I have a strong feeling he is watching porn.

      And one word of advice for the mother who posted this. I don't understand why would you ask a question about doubting to feed him or not after he pleaded with you several times??? Islam isn't just about taking the left or right route. It is also about using common sense.

  7. Islam says that you should breastfeed your child for 2 years not more than 2yrs.

    Its not Permissible.

    And rest of it ...

  8. Are you crazy..this teen has a jinn ot you are playing games..breastfeeding is only upto the age 2. This kid is perverted and needs help as well as you for asking a question like this.

  9. This story can’t be real. It’s crazy.

  10. There has to be more to this story. It is not just a 14 yr old boy tells his 34 yr mother one day he wants to breastfeed. Is the mother single and lonely subconsciously seeking attention of her son? I have a feeling mother is single and living alone with her son. A 14 year old boy can be like a grown man sexually. Is mother giving some kind of signals that made her son take this step.
    Not healthy for them to live together, boy may attack his mother.

  11. Sister, if your child is autistic or has some other medically diagnosed condition, then it can make sense that he asks for this. I am working with a child with autism who is 6. His mother recently had a baby and is breastfeeding. The older child asks to be breastfed too and the mom revealed to us that she does breastfeed him which explains why he keeps putting his face on the breasts of the female staff. He, however, is developementally at the age of 2-3yrs. A child can be 14 but developmentally he is 2-3yrs old. Even then I would not do it. I would explain to him that the breast has milk only for little babies and he is a big boy. He can eats lots of other foods. Do you think your child is developmentally behind? What does he give you as the reason for wanting this? As everyone else has said, a child must be weaned at age 2, Islamically speaking.

  12. Sister, you may want to consider having a few conversations with a mental health professional for yourself. But first, tell your son no, that it is inappropriate for him to be nursed by anyone, especially you. And that you are not going to have the discussion again. The help I think that you need is to learn how to be in control of your household. Something is seriously missing in your household or in your personality. If you have to ask someone about nursing a 14 year old, you need to work on yourself for a while. There are some things children do not ask from their parents, and a 14 year old asking his mother to nurse him is one of them. There is a lack of respect and regard for your son to even bring up the subject. Also take into some consideration unless he has some kind of developmental disorder, your son is some kind of creepy perv in training for him to be asking you such questions.

  13. Is this actually a post written by a Muslim ?? I really do not think it is moral nor is it acceptable to be breast feeding a 14 year old child.

  14. Hmmm.
    I sense something fishy with this post.
    "Video please, or it didn't happen..."

  15. Your son sounds to be Insane. But are you too ? I predict you are more obnoxious than your son.

    He is asking you to breastfeed him.. well he is 14 yrs old , you are 33 .. does your Mammary Glands still give out milk to be sucked ? Or are you not feeding proper nutrition to your son that he is asking for your milk ?

    If he is so much interested in sucking nipples get him a buffalo and ask him to suck its nipples till he is contented.. he will get to suck , as well he will get milk and to add to that he will get proper calcium too and make his bones stronger :))

    Good Luck

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