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Can I marry my step nephew?

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Assalam u alaikum
Can I marry my step nephew (my step sister's son)??
Is it prohibited in islam?
Plzz answer me asap!

Ashi Iqbal

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  1. No, absolutely no, how can be possible your mother or your father would be the grand mother or father of your husband.

    • Salam sister, please refrain from giving advice if you don’t care to read the details. She says step son (which means that they don’t share blood relation!

  2. Dear Ashi, if you and your step sister do not share a parent then he is not your blood nephew and you are permitted to marry him.

    If you and this boy's mother share one parent you are considered to be half sisters and you may not marry her son who is your blood nephew.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum.

    Step siblings are siblings that do not have the same biological parents, as compared to half siblings whom do. Therefore, step siblings are non-mahram. If therefore you would like to marry your step siblings son, Islamically, there is no prohibition. However, cultural customs may find this difficult to digest. Tread with caution on the matter and think carefully whether it is truly beneficial for your worldly life and Hereafter.

    Please visit the link to a similar answer from a reliable scholar:

    And Allah knows best.

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