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His parents won’t agree to our marriage

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I am 20 years old. I fell in love with a guy who I've known for the past 4 months and we have been meeting on a regular basis. In the first month we both told our parents and spoke to each other's parents and they were all happy with it at the start. But a week ago, his parents came to my house to see me... and the day after they said to him that they do not like me.

Now they are sending him on a one-way ticket to Pakistan and I'm not sure when he will return. I am in distress at the moment and been praying day and night 5 times and asking Allah for forgiveness and help. Is there any dua or wazifa for him to convince his parents, or for us to read?


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  1. They sent him to get married. Sister, your only option and best one would be to move on. There is too many hills to climb with this dude. And you will end up burning yourself out. Just move on. He's not the only man that exist on the planet. Next time do things the halal way and you would avoid heart break. You're 20. Use your energy and time on focusing on yourself. Make yourself a better person. Don't waste it on a nonsense list relationship. Make yourself independent.

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