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I dreamed of getting married!

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Salam, I'm a Muslimah who wear the full hijab, {all the to my knees} and recently dreamed of getting married.

Crazy thing is that, I dreamed of getting married to a kid who finished the Quran last year, {simple means I got a crush on him}, in our masjid. The kid is so humble and at the age of 17, he can lower his gaze {not like I don't}.

So I dreamed of getting married to him in the masjid, however it was not a marriage through what I saw. I remember seeing my sister tell me, "when do you want to have the real wedding." I knew I was engaged to him so the little celebration was an engagement part in the masjid.

I've heard lots of dreams meaning different things so plz, what does this dream mean.


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  1. it means nothing , its a dream

  2. OP: simple means I got a crush on him.

    You got a crush on him and you are thinking about him all the time

    Dream may reflect your desire to get close to him. Lowering gaze can also means shyness in some people.

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