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I love a guy but he doesn’t love me

why dont you love me

A.O.A I love a boy but he never notices me. I can't live without him, I don't know what to do and this september he is getting married. I don't know what to do. He lives in other country and I live in other. I don't know what to do. I never pray to Allah to make him love me, I just want Allah to stop him from marrying that girl. Please tell me what to do. Is there any wazifa to make him fall in love with me or to make him stop marrying that girl? And he doesn't love that girl his parents are forcing him into this marriage.


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  1. How do you know him if he lives in another country? Did you fell in love on the Internet

    Another case of a poor boy being forced to marry a girl he doesn't like...........

  2. Lol. Sister. Why do you think he is a child just being forced to marry another girl? He is grown man, he has a choice and he can say no. If he wanted to marry you,he would.

    There is no wazifa and no amount of dua you can do that will ever change what is happening. Nothing at all.

    My dear it sounds like you need to get a grip on reality. A person you have a crush on will never marry you, just let it go. Trust that AllH has a plan, and this fellow is not the one. There are other men in the world besides this man.

    Just consider him unavailable and move on. How do you know him anyway, if he doesn't even notice you? You live in different countries, you certainly can live without him my dear!

    Trust Allah and don't let shaitan play with your emotions.

  3. Sister, there is no wazifa to "make Allah stop him from marrying that girl". Why do you want to break up another couple? He does not love you, does not notice you, cannot even see you because he lives in another country. Rest assured, you CAN live without him, and you will. Ten years from now you won't even remember his name. have asked, "I don't know what to do". Why not try to find someone else, a man who is actually available and who may be interested in marrying you?

  4. Dear sister,

    Did you actually tell him your feelings or just wish he knows?? This sounds like you are a very shy person. Quick fix to this is call him and ask him to consider you first.

    Its also very late to wish someone into loving you, while he is planning his wedding. Marriage cannot be fully forced, and this means the boy might actually want to marry that girl. As you said in your posting title:" he doesn't love me ". What makes you think that? Maybe it is true, and saddly the boy has moved on from you.

    Prepare yourself for heartbreak, sister. There is no wazifa to break up that couple and bring him crwling back to you. So call him first, and tell him how you feel outright, and inshAllah if he is meant to be yours he will be.


  5. If you really love him, respect his feelings and let him live happily.

  6. Please love someone who can marry you. Let that guy marry and please stop thinking to spoil his life. Wazifa is not for getting negative outcomes.

  7. Dear Sister

    The only person that needs your love more than anything is your own self after Allah and His Last Prophet(Peace be upon him). So forget that guy and focus on yourself. Allah will ask first how did you take care of your own soul and body rather than that boy.

  8. Sister allah will not accept all duas and wazifas, please listen to your soul, you are disturbed. Come out of dreams and face reality, some one is made fore you allah will send him to marry you, if you believe in allah selection please have patience, young guys are hurry finding partners who dont have faith in allah that he will send the right partner to them, 90% love marriage fails because of this.

    Wait for the right time and allah will give you good husband, good children, and happy life, insha Allah.

  9. Salam dear sister,
    My advise is to tell that boy about your feelings sincerely. Now or never!
    I hope u understand
    Best Regards

  10. With respect sister the personal affairs of this man are not your business, if his parents are forcing him to marry someone against his wishes, then he needs to deal with that issue himself, its not up to you to save him.

    it seems you are torturing yourself over a man who is not interested in you, perhaps doesn't even know you exist and lives in another country!

    for your own sake sister leave this alone no good will come from it, it seems the 'love' you speak of is derived from fantasy and fantasy does not dictate reality,

    find comfort and patience in the prayer and dua, one day inshallah Allah will give you a good husband if you strive to be the best you can be,

    All the best

  11. Salam ,
    Is there any wazifa that will make s guy start loving the girl deeply with the intentions of marrying her?
    Please help

  12. But dua can make anything come true, isn't that true ?

  13. I really love a boy. He was really in love with me until he went abroad. He doesnt reply to my messages anymore. Ignores me. Is there any wazifa that can attract him towards me again? I really want to marry him.
    Thank you.

  14. I love someone but he doesn't take it serious and he is engaged what to doh

  15. I loves a girl but she doesn't love me and I try my best my she said she dont want so can can i do?

  16. Brother Wael,
    Why is my comment being deleted? Your site has been very slow lately.

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