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Older kids bullying me because of my looks

Against bullyingAssalamu Alaikum

My name is Hamsa and I am in Middle school.

I am getting bullied by people by people bigger than me and I can’t do anything about it. Most of the bulling is about my crooked teeth or my big forehead.

I pray to Allah that He will give me shi’fah because I have not done anything to them.

Please help me brothers and sisters. I’m now always not in a good mood because of that.

- Brother Hamsa

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  1. Wa alaykum salam

    Why not ask your parents to take you to the dentist to straighten your teeth out? You're in middle school and this is the right time for braces so get them straightened out.

    As to your large forehead, you could grow your hair a bit longer to cover as much of it as possible. The other thing you could do is to befriend some local older kids and hopefully they will protect you at school from the bullying.

    You could also tell your teachers you are being bullied, they have a duty to put an end to it immediately.

    Unfortunately these evil s**ts will always exist. Learn something like karate or jijutsu which will teach you how to fight if you should need to and grow your confirndence a lot.

    You can also memorise and recite this dua lots of times before you go to school:

    • Aww I feel so sorry 4 u

      I can appreciate the other advice given 2 u here, but I’d like to offer a different option.

      U shouldn’t need to change yourself because of what other ppl think.
      If u t happy with ur forehead then don’t let others make u feel otherwise

      Allah has made u and that’s what makes u beautiful.
      How can Allah's creation be imperfect, my darling?

      YeS I agree learn some martial arts or self-defence. And do not think it’s ok for others to pick on you or push u around. They can’t n they shouldn’t be doing any of that!

      U no we all find high school/ middle school difficult. But wn u come out of it n move on, You will probs look back n realise he silly these ppl were.

      Ur sis in Islam

  2. I am so sorry you are going through this. Bullying is never alright no matter why. It can lead to damaged self esteem, fear to even sucide in many cases. May Allah swt protect you from it all. Ameen
    The first thing you should do is tell your parents so they can inform your teachers. They should definitely know.
    Pray to Allah to help you to overcome this difficulty and place mercy and guidance in the bullies hearts .
    Google dauas of protection online and memorise them and read them every day.
    May Allah help you and take care of you. My duas are with you.

  3. Walaikum Salaam
    Allah protect you, guide you and bless you with much strength. Read Surah 25 ayat 63 and recite this du'a for protection
    Surah 25 Ayat63
    وعباد ألرحمن الذين يمشون علی ألارض هونا وإذا خاطبهم الجهلون قالوا سلما

    And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them harshly, they say words of peace.

    O 'Allah, protect me against them however You wish. Ameen!

    My oldest nephew has been going the samething and we are helping to get through it as a muslim. Talk to your parents and teacher and know we got your back.
    You are in are prayers and du'as may Allah give you victory and success. Ameen!

  4. Asalamualaykum Hamza,

    I agree with brother Hussain that you should take some practical steps to improve your situation. Remember that every problem has a solution, just as every lock has a key! We need to be firm in faith and keep going to try and find it!! And you have done some of that work by posting here.

    Ask your parents if they will take you to an orthodontist for your teeth. You are indeed at the age where this problem can be very easily fixed. Do not hesitate...just ask them!

    As far as your large forehead, you can get a different haircut that will flatter your face. Don't go too long because that will draw attention to the length of your face. Whatever length you decide on, you can add bangs which will cover your forehead. Get on the internet and Google images of "boy's haircut with bangs," find what you like, and show the photo to the barber next time your parents take you! Problem solved.

    As people above have suggested, you should also tell a trusted teacher. He or she will know what to do to handle this situation when you are at school.

    Remember to focus on solutions. As someone once told me, "There are no problems...only situations."

    Take care now,


  5. Also, Hamsa, consider taking some self-defense classes, in other words martial arts, like Karate or Hapkido. It will give you confidence and the ability to defend yourself against the bullies.

    Stay in touch and let us know how things go.

    Wael Editor

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