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Forgiveness for zina

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

Repent before the Day when Allah will Question you

The day where I am standing today is like I am the worst person on the planet. I have done many many times zina with girls... and I am regretting this very badly. I am praying 5 times a day and badly asking forgiveness for Allah... but how? How He (Allah) will forgive me I hurt him a lot... I am scared that God will give me punishment in this world badly... Before he punished me how I asked him for forgiveness ....  sometimes I take Quran .. and with Quran in my hand I promised him not to do that sin again but I break all those promises.... what should I do? plz plz plz tell me.


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  1. Bro Allah swt is very merciful and if you keep making the same mistakes it's because your letting them happen the devil is always by our side to make us do bad we are all gunegaar humans ask for allahs forgiveness and do dua that he makes you stop doing bad I will do dua inshallah all becomes well for you don't stress Allah swt is very merciful he forgives every time

  2. Your breaking oaths on the quran, you need to ask a imam how you should repent for this mistake, the magnitude of breaking a oath on the quran is huge and not something that should be taken lightly as to "just ask forgiveness and it will be all ok"

  3. Assalamualaikom brother

    Let me emphasis that no matter what, never stop repenting and seeking forgiveness, and always be as sincere as you can, Allah (SW) can see your heart, and know your pain.

    I can feel your pain and your anger with yourself for letting you down every time you try to repent. Keep fighting your nafs its not an easy task but you will win eventually inshaaallah, if you are sincere and do it the right way.

    The fact that you came here seeking advice as an indication of your sincerity brother, may Allah help you and protect you. However, there seems to be some problems with the way you are fighting your desires, and rendering your efforts ineffective.

    I would recommend you take additional steps to make your task more easier, and to increase your chances of winning over your nafs and its desires. :
    1 - You must know that the sexual drive is a natural thing and the best way to avoid doing it the Haram way, is to be protected from temptations and do it the Halal way ... in other words, complete you 1/2 deen and get married brother..
    this way you fulfill your natural desires, with no shame or regrets, & you also get reward for that, as sex in marriage carries lots of reward as narrated in the Hadith..... also you help a Muslim sister fulfill her 1/2 deen and her natural desires the Halal way too .. one stone, 2 birds.

    Remember, you are young and you are sexually active, so without having a Halal outlet , you are a weak victim for your desires and for Shaytaan.. once you have a Halal outlet and a loving wife you win more than half of the battle ... Some scholars say that getting married becomes Wajib ( necessary / obligatory) if a single person, cannot hold himself and will high probably commit zina..

    Shyataan is smart, he will tell you many lie to prevent you from getting married, and to keep you in this viscous cycle destroying your IMAN, and your SELF-RESPECT, and eventually destroying YOU and the girls you commit zina with.. He will tell you the following lies :
    - You are not ready yet, you do not have the MONEY for that ... BIG lie indeed ... read about the COUNTLESS stories of good Muslim brothers and sister who had no much money , but still got married and lived for years happily in a Halal relationship before the had a house, sharing the meals, and fasting together when the do not have much.. Some are scholars and community leaders today, but that is how they started

    - Wait until you find your soulmate .. .. life is not perfect , and so you are, and the woman you will marry... so look for a religious sister who is ACCEPTABLE to you and who can accept you... acceptability is the key point her.. very realistic objective .. waiting forever for the perfect match is a trick that Shytaan uses to waste your time, and when you realize that, the damage would have already happened

    2- Make a lot of duaa and prayers , as a person who is seeking marriage for the sake of keeping himself from falling into Zina, you are ONE of the THREE categories of people that Allah (SW) has made it a right upon Himself to help them.

    these are some thought i wrote is a rush. Wish you all the luck
    May Allah protect you and guide you

    • I wouldn't advice this brother to get married unless he is sure he can keep away from Zina and has sincere repentance and sobriety. He would be destroying his wife and kids if he is unable to stop after marriage. I should know, because my husband was such a man and I walked innocently in to his life. He couldn't keep away from his old habits and it took me 13 years to find out. I am totally broken and so is my little girl.

  4. Brother, if you are in US, you can take treatment from Certified Sex Addiction Counselors. You can also check out the site "Purify your Gaze" , a de addiction site run by muslims. My islamic counselor strongly recommended it for sexual addictions.

    Since your conscience is pricking you, it means your still have Imaan. Every time you are tempted, say "I fear Allah". I am so tired of seeing the men of this Ummah commit Zina. May Allah guide you.

  5. What if you are a girl, you get married to avoid zina but your husband leave you, went to other place for work then marries another girl in that place? what are you going to do as a wife?

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