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My faith in God is being challenged


i believe that god exists

i believe that mohammad (pbuh) is his prophet

i believe in everything i am muslim and i do fear god but my problem is that i have questions that make me doubt everything

first of all i believe that everything comes from something thats logical then astaghfurullah but how doesnt this work when it comes to god?

second of all i dont understand the whole purpose of god creating Adam alayhi l salam? i dont understand the purpose of this life why does god care if we worship him or not? i really cant believe im saying this but i need to let it out and i neeed help

im really annoyed that thats all i ever think of. i cant even focus while praying or reading quraan. i love my religion and i do fear god and these questions make me feel like im not a mo'mina. i really need someone to just help me get back to how i was


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  1. I want to say that I am not a scholar, but this is my answer for your questions.

    Your first one, I have no idea. I really think this is something that someone else may be able to answer. I dont think everything has to come from something- God is just God. If you are looking for some logical answer, sceintific like a Big Bang theory- i dont think i can help you with that. All i can say is look how wonderful the world is, how intelliglntly designed everything is- and tell me that you cant see a supreme being created this planet.

    Go to a park, or a place with beautiful scenery in your area, sit alone, and just be in nature. I want you to imagine that something other than Allah created this. Read Allah's descriptions and see how it applies in your life. Just sit and reflect. Read the verses of the quraan that ask you reflect on his creation. Night and day. The sky and the earth, how created man, etc etc. Just reflect my brother and you need to come to your own conclusion.

    As for you second answer. Allah does not need you to worship him. NOT AT ALL. You need Allah. the truth is, you can do whatever you want in this life, but there is a fundemental truth that we all will die. We just disapear from this planet, our breath is gone, and we just go. We are so fragile brother, have you had anybody in the family that is sick? or dying? its soo easy. Just a accident, and we are gone. or better yet, when you have a cold and cant breath through your nose- you think my GOD- my nose is a miracle that is works all the time. Mashallah. we are fragile and we need Allah.

    Also, please read the quraan in your own language, with translation and relfect on the english. Maybe skip the Arabic if its not your native language. In your prayer, do you know what you are saying? Learn the meaning and understand what you are saying while worshiping your creator, it makes a huge difference. when you stand up in Prayer and understand what you are saying, its life changing. You could be reciting in chinese for all that matters if you had no idea what you were saying, and your prayer would be totally meanigless and just a chore. Know in your heart the meaning.

    I will tell you why i worship Allah. I used to be like you and struggle with prayers. But when i thought about my life and how lucky i am and how privaliged I am, i think prayer for me, is like saying "Thank you" ya Allah, Thank you for this life and the things i Have and asking Allah for things that i need at the moment. Thats what worship is for me. You have 24 hours a day, and we whine about praying 5 times a day for 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes, to remind our selves that he is there, and we are accoutable for all our deeds, and just to say Thank you.

    Once you acknowledge that there is a creator, a supreme creator who came from nothing and is just there- then i think you can pray in peace. Because you cant pray or worship when you cant feel his presence in your life. Ask Allah for guidance and just reflect my brother.

    Another thing to reflect on is death my bother, and that for me links to my purpose in life. we all die, but where do we do? our souls i hope are somewhere safe? I worship Allah because i want my creator to be happy with my soul and I want a peaceful end. I can do whatever i want, and follow my desires- but that wont make Allah very happy with me. I want to go to a happy eternal place.

    I hope i have made some sense. And dont be afraid of asking questions, because thats part of becoming a better Muslim. Because you cant accept things because you were born as a Muslim, but you have to know in your own heart why you worship Allah.

    All the best on your journey my brother and May Allah guide you and all of us always to the straight path no matter how far we stray.

  2. op:first of all i believe that everything comes from something thats logical then astaghfurullah but how doesnt this work when it comes to god?

    -God is metaphysically beyond this so called idea of logic , this idea only applies here in the world that everything must come from something it doesn't apply to God.

    -If people had the answer to all these questions then wouldn't everyone be a muslim? its more about having strong faith in the unseen , that is one of the biggest tests ever.

    -These thought are most likely from Satan, so he can deviate you from the right path.

    -If you research about it there is scientific evidence that god does exist (it has to do with light particles in space) (I do highly recommend you do not research about this alone but sit with someone who has a lot of knowledge about Islam and research it with them)

    -There's a lot more I can say as I have taken various courses on this matter in university, but then you will be very confused. If your really interested in learning about this topic I suggest you avoid researching on the internet and wait until you are in university and take courses on religion and space there.

  3. Assalam wa alikum
    First of all brother, you did the right thing posting your question here, it is important that all Muslims seek knowledge about Islam and don’t follow it blindly as it is your heart that will save you so your heart would tell you what your believes are. When you are seeking knowledge I advise you to find authentic knowledge about your questions from Islamic books or those who have the knowledge such as Sheikh (Islamic clerics) or Imams as they would have studied Islam however make sure anyone you get knowledge from tells you where in the authentic hadiths or Quran they get their answers from so you can check them up yourself.

    Brother please look up the 99 names mentioned in the Quran for example Allah is Al-Khaaliqu (creator) as he created everything, we cannot say we are the creator as we make things out of those things that are created by Allah such as chairs and tables out of trees.
    Allah is the Al-A’alimul Ghaibi (the Knower of the Unseen) because we have not been created to see everything therefore if you believe we have a soul for example and that if it leaves our loved once body and we are there, we won’t be able to see our loved once soul leave as Allah did not create us to see souls. Anyone who have seen ghost have actually seen jins who pretend to be loved once to lead us astray. They can take our forms.

    Allah is Al-'Aleem (The All Knowing) he knows what we can or cannot see and know about what we do not know about unless he tells us which he has through the Quran "We sent forth among every nation a messenger, saying: "Worship Allah alone and avoid idols and tyrants satan and his followers." Then some of them Allah guided and some were justly disposed of to misguidance." {Quran 16:36}. Allah sent prophets to guide us. Their missions were the same. However, whereas the earlier prophets were sent to their own people and for a set period, Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to humanity and jinn, and for all time source from the website:

    Allah is Al-Ghaneeyul-Mughniyyu (the Self-Sufficient and the Needless) and Al-Awwal (The First) and Al-Akhir (The Last) and Al-Badi (The Incomparable). Therefore there is no one like him in creation and the creation is not part of him as he has no beginning or end and does not need anyone, therefore Allah does not need us to pray to him. It is us who needs Allah, we need to do salah (pray) to him as we are weak beings that need our creator Allah to provide for us and preserve us. Allah is Ar-Razzaq (the The Provider) and the Al-Barro (the Source of all Goodness) and Al-Hafiz (the preserver). We are human and we sin knowingly and unknowingly and sin destroys our soul and ruin our life. salah (pray) is a mercy as we can speak to Allah directly and have our sins forgiven from one salah to the next. salah helps us remember we are the creation not the creator, we are the servant and slave not our lord, we are the one in need and the one that life as been given to and the one who is being tested so use your salah (prayer) for guidance, forgiveness, seek refuge and help from Allah.

    Hope I helped

    99 names I got from

  4. I agree with Br.Babli. It is a wise move to search for the truth when question like yours came up. Though what im going to say may not be long and thoughful, it has been useful for me in my journey to uncover the answer that lies in this world.

    The one thing that came up in my mind when i use logic ( is this word valid? ) is the concept of injustice. You see, when i ponder upon the good and the bad that lies in this world, i can clearly see that this world is unfair and hopeless. Well obviously, i began to think the questions that popped out in our mind like yours. However, seeing that us Humans are very adaptable and always strive to find the solution ( Praise God for His Blessings ), it is always easy to justify that these crimes wether good or bad can be handled in court or by mutual discussion between people if we are to see these issue via logic. But, these alone are enough to calm my mind simply because too many times the evil always overcome the good. There are many people ( muslim and non muslim ) out there who suffer so much that the chance for a proper judgement and retribution are simply non existent ( eg. The Rohingyans ). Unfortunately, many of us sometimes turn a blind eye to this simple but in reality complex issue. I have done a lot of research and thinking about this, simply said i cant find any answer to this question. Thats where i began to delve into the Quran and see what the Quran has to say. By taking into account the Quran statement that life is a test and its many reminders that this world is limited, ive opened my mind and began thinking outside the constraint of this world. Thats where the answer lies.

    Hence this is where logic comes into play, by filling in the gaps i realized the bad and good that existed in this world has its purposes. The Quran serves as purpose to guide and unite the various kind of logics that existed throughout time. In our modern era, the most prevalent kind of logic is the Aristotelian logic ( Forgive me if i am wrong ). Brother, i humbly suggest you study the many kinds of logic or way of thinking of the various people around the world so that it may give you a further understanding of what logic truly is. This further shows we are not in control of this world nor time. Variations and differences exist here and there that it simply mind boggling to try to unify them all and obatined what we perceived as the right way. However, God with His Infinite Mercy gave us a clear path for us to follow. And you know what it is. Use it and strive to find the answer until the Day began.

    Remember, your are not the only one who have asked this question. Even the angels ask this question. Even they do not understand. Which is reasonable enough if we consider the infinite web of knowledge which connected with each other with seemingly no end to it.

    Praise be to God, The Most Perfect, The Originator.

    Hope this helps

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