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Paying zakaat on jewellery after divorce


I got married a year ago and then got divorced in eight months of it. Last ramzaan I was still married and my husband paid for my zakaat. However now that I am divorced and have my personal jewellery back I am not sure how to pay the zakaat for it.
I assume my father was paying zakaat for this jewellery before my marriage but I believe he gives a lump sum amount of zakaat every year without carefully calculating it (he has gotten my three sisters married before me and hasnt changed his zakaat amount even after giving them jewellery) so perhaps my zakaat is already paid for but I believe now that it is mine the responsibility of this zakaat is with me.
I dont wear any of it. its all locked up. I dont want to ask my father about it because he will not allow me to pay and I dont want to disturb his way of giving zakaat.
So I want to pay for it but I dont have that much amount of money. I know the amount was quite high when my ex husband had calculated it and I dont have that kind of cash. I dont have a job at the moment and though I am looking for one i dont think ill be paid enough to cover the zakaat. Please advice me on what is the right way.
I just wanted to add that I do pay zakaat for the money in my bank but that is nominal.


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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I think that maybe part of your confusion is that you may not realize there are two kinds of zakat. One is based on our wealth, which is defined as an amount of money and jewelry etc that remains over the course of the year. I also think that we have to have no outstanding debts to factor into that type of zakat, because if we do, then the wealth is kind of cancelled out. Truthfully, I don't know much about zakat, so you would have to consult with someone who really understood the details about this kind of it.

    The second kind of zakat is a fixed amount everyone must pay every year at eid ul fitr no matter how poor they are. I don't know who decides the fixed amount, but maybe your father would know. It sounds like he is already aware of how these two types of zakat work, so maybe you should ask him for clarity. You don't have to explain it's for yourself or your jewelry, just tell him you don't understand these things and wanted to have a better idea of how it works. If you still don't feel comfortable going to him directly, you should be able to consult the local mosque and ask them- I'm sure they would be more than happy to help.

    -Amy Editor

    • Thank you so much sr. Amy.
      I do know about the second kind of zakaat... fitra if i am not wrong which i think my family pays in the form of wheat on eid every year.that i know is seperate.
      I mentioned ramzaan because thats when my ex would calculate his zakaat and keep it aside to give it accordingly in the year to come... i think it can be calculated anytime of the year. He just chose to do it during ramzaan... but you are right i should talk to someone about it properly and see what i can do... ill try asking my father... at the most he will tell me that mine and my sisters zakaat were already accounted for and then what i can do is just pay a share of it i can truly afford.... and if that doesnt work out then i will talk to sime imam and see what i can do

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