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Why did my suitor ask for these details?


Asalaamoalaykum brother and sisters

Some advice please I recently spoke with a gentleman who I am considering for marriage. We had a telephone coversation and he asked for my mother's name. He said its because he wants to do "shmael" . I do not know what that is. He said you can tell things about a person's character if you do a certain dua/ process using mothers name.

Can you advise if there is any true Islamic basis for this and what it entails. I would be very grateful as I do not want to consider a guy for marriage if he is involved in bidat or innovation.

Thanks very much


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  1. *I'm not saying this is the exact situation*, but when some practice witchcraft, they ask for your name and your mothers name. It sounds pretty suspicious to say that if you know someone's name and their mom's name you can know about their personality. When magicians ask for your name and your mother's name, they have jinn that work for them.

    Please read about the signs of a magician and see if this can apply to him. This sounds very suspicious... Please be careful. If I were you, I'd stay away from him... Just to be on the safe side.

    May Allah protect us both

    • I totally agree! This sounds like witchcraft. Be careful sister for this is a serious issue.

      May Allah protect us all from witchcraft and bad people.


  2. Assalaamalykum warahnatullah wabarakatuh
    Firstly, you should have a wali ( guardian) to find you a man of your choice or find about the man that u want to marry,

    Coming to shmael, personally i have bever heard if that in my life, i think it has things to fo with magic, Allah knows the best, i could be wrong.
    Magician asks for your name and you mother name,
    Jins dont recognze human beings as legitimate,
    They recognize human being as illegetimet.

    So thats the reason they recogniza you by moms name, not bu dads name.
    Allah knows the best whether this is the case with you or not. I dont know.

  3. ASalam Aleykum Sis,

    I advise you to stay away from this man. May Allah protect you and us all from wrong-doers. Don't even answer his call. You just text him as you don't wanna continue with him. I have heard a lot of stories in my hometown that people do so much bad stuff (literally Sihr) through Phone, Although I dont wanna believe in such things, ne'uzubillah ... Please take care sister, before you talk with him recite the last 3 surahs of the holy Quran (Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, and Surah Al-nas)

    May Allah be with you

    ma'a Salamah

  4. Salaam Sister,

    I agree with the comments posted above. This guy seems suspicious, it's better to avoid him.

    Magicians / people who do sihr ask for a persons name and their mothers name. We cannot confirm whether he is a magician or if he is passing on your information to some other magician who will do magic and find out about you. Either way it is better to stay away from this man.

    If you confront him with why he is doing this he might excuse himself by saying that he didn't do it and someone misguided him. It still good to not marry him because you don't want to spend your life with a man who has inclination towards these kinds of suspicious practices.

    Recite duas daily morning and evening to protect yourself and perform Istikhara before making any decision regarding your marriage.

    May Allah grant you a pious spouse.

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