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Salam all.
One of my friend promised by touching Quran that she will never use facebook again..Now she wants to use Facebook again. What she has to do for using Facebook again?


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  1. Dear brother. First of all, pls understand that girls and boys are not allowed in islam to be friends with each other. Second, is there any interest for u in her facebook use? Intentions do count my dear brother. May b she left facebook to keep herself away from any sin.... i think u r totally wrong person to ask this question on her behalf... if she is really interested and have good intentions to use facebook in future, let her deal the promise matter on her own or by discussing her parents. JazakALLAHokhair...!

  2. Lol, I also made a similar promise to Allah swt that I'll never use facebpok again but I can't keep the promise . Then I regret then again I close it but then again I break the promise.
    Well, I would say that she should keep the promise that she has made to her Lord. But if she can't so she should pay kufara that is giving food to ten poor.

    I think facebook is dangerous one should keep away from it especially youth, I wast my lot of time on it .that's y I make such promises to Allah.
    One should always refrain from making promises to Allah or quran as it's stated that ibless personally join that person who makes the promise to Allah swt .

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