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Am I the biggest sinner to get this illness?

Dua Against Illness

Prophetic Dua Against Illness

I am ill since my mother passed away , My illness causing me to pelvic bleed for six months and had three blood transfusion this year. I am waiting for Hysterectomy. My family thinks that I got this illness because I must have commit some sins, They look down on me and do not want to know me. I got the job and I try my best to make it to work because of house mortgage n bills. My husband is jobless and he mostly support his mother while I look after my son too.

Yesterday I spoke to my sister over the phone and she told me that I got this illness due to some past sins I might have done. That is the reason no one look at me with sympathy, my mother had same illness and she had hysterectomy. I was so upset that I almost cried all day and couldn't eat or sleep and keep asking Allah to forgive all of my sins (small or big). I am a true believer and do try to read my Salaat as much as possible when not bleeding.

Is My illness cause by my sins?

Please reply and help me.


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  1. salaam

    sister this is a test from allah not punishment

  2. I'm a Doctor and a muslim...believing in the oneness of Allah. This has nothing to do with sins. Who is someone else to judge you? Only Allah is allowed to judge. I see 5 year old and 6 year old with diseases more serious than yours ...are they all sinners!? Islam is a religion with logic. Please think for yourself sister, before believing others.

  3. Salam

    sister dont let dem tear u down,not a thorn pricks aperson but only for sin emittance sis have sabar n Allah will make u pass through dis. Overlook what dis evil people say n focus on your health

  4. Only Allah can judge you sister please take care of yourself for the sake of your husband/ son

  5. Subhan'Allah sis don't believe what they said, they have no idea about it only Allah knows the reason and Allah subhana wata3ala tests those He loves.

    Sister remember Prophet Ayuob Alaihim Salaam was a pattern of humility and faith in Allah. He was very patient. He suffered from a number of calamities but did not utter a single word of complaint. One day his big farm was attacked by the thieves. They killed many of his servants and carried away forcibly all his cattle. The Prophet Ayub (peace be upon him) did not feel sorry at this loss and thanked Allah.

    After some time the roof of the house fell down and many members of his family were crushed. The Prophet Ayuob (peace be upon him) was much shocked but he held fast to his faith in Allah. He neither shed a tear nor heaved a sigh. He prostrated before the Almighty. He remarked that possessions and children were the gifts from Allah. If He had taken His things, it was useless to lament over their loss.

    After a few years Prophet Ayuob (peace be upon him) suffered from skin disease. His parts of body were covered with loathsome sores. He had many ugly looking ulcers on his face and hands. The sores were full of worms. It is narrated that he picked up those worms which fell from his abscess and praised Allah for creating them.

    so does this mean Prophet Ayoub was Sinner??
    no Allah loved him and that is he was tested and masha Allah he passed the test

    "And remember Our slave Ayyub (Job), when he invoked his Lord (saying): ‘Verily Shaitan (Satan) has touched me with distress (by ruining my health) and torment (by ruining my wealth)!’ (Allah said to him): "Strike the ground with your foot: This is (a spring of) water to wash in, and a cool and (refreshing) drink." And We gave him (back) his family, and along with them the like thereof, as a Mercy from Us, and a Reminder for those who understand (Sad 38:41-43)

    Through calamity the believer seeks reward, and there is no way to attain it but patience, and there is no way to be patient except with resolute faith and strong will.

    Remember the words of the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “How wonderful is the affair of the believer, for his affairs are all good, and this applies to no one but the believer. If something good happens to him, he is thankful for it and that is good for him. If something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience and that is good for him.” (Narrated by Muslim, 2999).

    So if calamity befalls a Muslim, he must say Inna Lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon (Verily to Allah we belong and unto Him is our return), and say the du’aa’s that have been narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

    How wonderful are those moments in which a person turns to his Lord and knows that He alone is the One Who grants relief from distress. How great is the relief when it comes after hardship. Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    156. Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: ‘Truly, to Allaah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.’

    157. They are those on whom are the Salawaat (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones”

    [al-Baqarah 2:155-157]

    Sister Allah loves those who are patient and those who turn to Him..... so don't let your family make you feel bad and abandoned, Turn back to him and seek His forgiveness .

  6. Dear Shamil,

    It might be caused by your sin, it might be just a test from Allah.
    Allah knows the best.

    What you can do beside seeking for fogiveness, is also sadaqah (you can try to do some search over the benefit from sadaqah), and make dua (because dua can refuse bad things), also make salat dhuha (best if you can also do salat taubah and tahajjud - those three prayers, you can do some search to find their benefit).

    I find an article that might be can make you happy 🙂
    Unfortunately, it's written in bahasa Indonesia. But, you can use google translate, it may help you.
    If you doesn't understand some thing, you can ask me. Insya Allah, I can help you to translate it.

    O.. I forget, there is also a story over Al- Ikhlas:
    Rasulullah S.A.W said:

    Whoever reads surah Al-Ikhlas when he sick untill he dies, his body would not rot decay, he will be saved from the narrowness of his grave and angels will take them across the bridge siratul mustaqim then headed to heaven with their wings. (HR Qurthuby).

  7. Salaams,

    Everyone faces illness at some point or another in life. Your condition sounds like endometriosis or uterine polyps, or something like that. It's not altogether heard of, and the reason people get these conditions has nothing to do with their level of sin or lifestyle choices. If hysterectomy is the only way to cure what you have, then go ahead and get the surgery done and move on with life. Don't worry so much about other people's ideas; a lot of people like to find blame in things that are irrelevant to what's actually going on.

    -Amy Editor

  8. asalamualaikum
    i dont know how to begin to express my self, am just so astonished that your family thinks that way.
    it is infact the opposite, you shud be thankful for so many reasons but ill give you two:
    1 like they all mentioned above, this is a test and as you become closer to Allah then the tests become harder and harder so inshaallah u are very close to Allah 🙂
    2 think of all the times you had to perform wudu, or ghusul and you know when you perform the wudu, ur sins get washed away with the last drop of water. so think about all the sins allah has washed from you inshaallah 🙂

    when i was young, i would always wish that i had some sickness that also involves pain so i can get rid of my sins 😛
    oh btw saying alhamduliallah will ease your hardship just keep repeating it and you will inshaallah become better if that is what is written for you (i hope that made sence!!!)

    "The best remembrance of Allah is to repeat La ilaha ilallah and the best prayer (du'a) is Alhamdulillah (all praise belongs to Allah).

  9. Sister..Allah He who gives illness in order to show his love n mercy..He who listens n wants us to talk to Him..sometimes illness is not only a test to d person who is sick..but to d people do they react to the suffering of their brother or Allah..He who cures..He who loves us more than our parents..may Allah cure u sis..aamiin.

    • All i can say is that your family are the sinners coz if they where believers they would have known qadar.Allahu ya-alam

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