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Can’t sleep due to black magic spell.

Sleeping in bed, under the moon

AOA , Dear brothers & sisters,

I have been suffering from insomnia and anxiety for the past year. When I try to sleep, my whole body starts itching. I don’t know what to do. Every night, I suffer, every night a new battle. I got a lot of dark circles around my eyes because I can’t sleep.

I take sleeping pills and I go to the doctor every 2 weeks but the medicines never work! My relatives told me not to take any medicine since it makes you used to it, so I have stopped medications since then but still nothing helps.

Alhamdulillah I pray a lot and try finding duas for this but nothing helps. I get sleepy while 3 AM or 4 AM and than wake up at 6:30 something or 7 am. It's really getting hard the middle of night my whole body starts itching. I don’t have any idea what to do with this.

Also, my mom has done Istikhara many times with so many people. Each and every one of them says that black magic was done on me but whatever they do, they cannot break that black magic spell. Please, please help me if anyone suffers the same or has advice. Thank you.


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  1. Ws

    Here's a dua that will help you ascertain whether its black magic and cure you if it is inshallah:


    Google the dua to hear how its recited in arabic. The dua means, "Oh Allah I place you in front of them and I seek refuge in you from their evil"

    You need to memorise the dua - the arabic version, and recite it at least 1000 times a day - more if possible. Whilst reciting the dua imagine the itching going away. If it is black magic you will notice a difference within 3 days of recitation. You need to recite for at least 31 days for the cure to be permanent. You can recite the dua any way you like i.e in one go or over several times a day. You do not need wudu but you do have to be clean.

    You will find it extremely difficult to recite the dua as the black magic jinns will do their best to dissuade you.

  2. salam i dont believe there is any basis in the sunnah about reciting that dua 1000 x or for 31 days.

    Cure only comes from Allah so i dont think 31 days have anything to do with it.

    Anyways, i would HIGHLY recommend reciting surah baqarah because i had the same problem and whenever i read surah baqarah it would help me alhamdulillah and surah baqarah is something that the Prophet SAW recommended for us to never leave. Also try doing self ruqya on yourself if you can inshaAllah. The three quls, ayatul kursi and duas from the sunnah for cure.

    Also, try getting up for tahajjud when you cant sleep.

    May Allah make this easy for you and grant everyone tested with magic cure.

    • Najd

      You should tell us what your qualification is to decide what is in the sunnah or not before deciding something is not in the sunnah.

      You're obviously totally clueless and in those circumstances only a fool gives advice. The dua is in the sunnah, it is recommended by the prophet, but of course you would not know that.

      The quran is not a book to fight black magic with and whilst reciting some suras or ayas might give temporary relief as the jinns would flee, it is only temporary and the jinns come back a few days after you stop reciting. In the dua you are asking Allah to intervene and to protect you. If the dua is recited otten enough the jinns are either locked up or burned depending on what they deserve.

      Please don't give advice on a subject you don't know anything about.

      • Salam Hussain,

        The problem is the 1000 times for 31 days. That says that although Allah hears your dua, Allah will not accept it until you say it 31000 times. It implies that if you say it 31000 times, even though Allah did not wish to grant it to you, you somehow have a power over Allah that will require Allah to fulfill your dua.

        If you just say to make dua, that's fine. If you say make dua and hope Allah fulfills it, then that's fine too. If you say you have a cure but it requires that you repeat this dua X times over the X number of days it implies you have power over Allah.

  3. There is no way you could know if you have had black magic done on you. Just do your salah and recite duas and look into your lifestyle what you do etc

  4. Asalamualaykum Brother Mahdi,

    Sorry you have not been getting sleep. You are right to be worried, as sleep is so important to our functioning. I would recommend, firstly, that you say the following dua:

    "Oh Allah my lord, Remove the illness, cure the disease. You are the one who cures. There is no cure except your cure. Grant me a cure that leaves no illness."

    Inshallah you will be directed to the proper resources to help you.

    Also, have you checked for bed bugs or other insects? These can multiply rapidly once there is an infestation. I've known of people who have even had to move to a different home because of them.



  5. Salam,

    You might just have an allergy to the bed. It could be the material that it's made of, it could be something around the bed, it could be the soap used to wash it. I recommend treating this as a allergy first before thinking that it's black magic.

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