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Assalam o aliakum

I am a unmarried girl with 27 age. My famly is trying to find me a suitable rishta for 3 years now, but no suitable match is found yet.

Last nite i have a dream that i have become married to a man in my sisters inlaws, who has 2 wives already. He is a pious and good man. I saw that my father and other family members are very happy about it. And i am very welcomed by this man's first wives..

I have not seen myself become a bride, or any celebrations or function of marriage. Its just i become married and was in his house as his wife. Secondly, i have not seen this man coming near me, in dream his first wive ask me to come sit near him, and i walked to come near him and sit there, but he was gone from there, in dream i dnt bothered it..

Please tell me whats the interpretation of this dream, on a website i have read a interpretation that death is near me.. please reply me urgently


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  1. You want to get married even if the man has other wives. You desire the man you saw in your dream. Nothing to do with death. Keep trying. Stop looking for a perfect match.

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