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He has gone back to his previous relationship


I'm a 23 years old girl who fell for this man in a matter of 6 months.

when I met this man he just got out of a 8 years relationship. It ended due to his girlfriend family not agreeing. That's when they mutually decided to depart.

After 3 months he met me, we became good friends, and after 4 months we both realised we liked each other. In the next  month we became really close and I physically allowed him go get close to me.

After that he said he was scared of committing and that he wants to get his sister married off. Then after another month his ex family comes in contact. Begging him and his family to accept their daughter as she's gone into depression and lost a lot of weight.

Now within that 9 months his family said to him that his ex found someone else and that she's moved into abroad. Now they say how they lied.

Anyways after meeting her once Now he has chosen her, although he said I helped him to move on. He can't forget that 8 years he had with her. And that I should move on.

You see within these 6 months I fell for him and started to see a future with him. Now he's gone I feel so lonely and depressed. For work purposes I've had to move out. Now I feel more lonely than ever. I feel so lost.

At this point, what do I do? Do I wait for him? If he wasn't suppose to be in my life then why was I dragged into this? I'm crying so much, I can't eat, I can't talk. I can't do anything. I've given up on everything.

Please give me advice.


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  1. Sorry.

    But don't wait for him and if he comes back, know that he's playing with you. From your explanation, it sounds like you were just a rebound. How could he get over his ex of 8 years and choose a girl that he only knew for a few months. Not even a year.

    You'll get over it. I hope by the time you get this that he has not contacted you or you him.

    This is why Islam set boundaries on our relationships.

  2. Definately a BIG " NO "

    Part ways. Simply for one Obvious reason that is - What would have been the future guarentee? If he could leave you so easily just because he was back to his ex ?

    Thank ALLAH (SWT) that he saved you before anything more worse could have happen. Alhomdulliah Rab bil Alameen !

    Sorry to say. But this so called man is so selfish by nature that ALLAH forbid he might again leave his ex down the line. Not a Trustworthy man.

    Just move on Sister. May ALLAH bless you with immense happiness and joys of the world. Ameen. Sum Ameen

    Wa Salam

  3. Wow.The muslims are so weak and are getting worse.....?I going to wrap this in a nutshell so read and ponder! There are 2 kinds of people on this earth Believers And Non believers. Those who disobey Allahs commandments and what our prophet Muhammad brought sharia. So be prepared for a tough depressing will never have peace of mind or satisfaction and ultimately this duniya will keep you busy....this is law of life for those who against the current?.The one who controls this universe and is a aware of all secrets to your little heart beat.Finally this persons life comes to an end.Now the first stage of stages takes place in the grave that which he heard about in the world he /she sees the unseen reality that Prophet Muhammad talked about.You see purpose of life is to be a good human being soft kind gentle giving and not have ill feelings towards anyone or creation in general yes not even cut a tree without a good intention.Allah wants to pray 5 times to purify yourself clean your mind and free it. Also to give your wealth to the poor and so your wealth will be purified. basically to be an example were ever you go home anywhere that people notice your good qaulities .The lifestyle of prophet Muhammad is the ultimate role model for the humanbeing and this what all learned people try to master.Dont be fooled by these terrorists and ongoing attacks on muslims.Muslims dont hurt or kill anyone because we are all gods family.Even prophet muhammad never hurt anyone when you study his life....My sister if you want to live a successful life then study your Islam and master it.You will face challenges but dot forsake your religion.Remember theres a shaitan with everyone and he also has a job to do.This fact!And if you feel lonely get nikkah and do it the right way..and marry someone is a sunni scholor and has at the same time a degree or something similiar this is important.Man of strong faith dont play games and will love and respect your honor.I know this my wife is a scholor and i came from a world of rich and materialism until....oneday Allah opened my eyes...

  4. Sorry to hear your story my thoughts

    1) His still attached to her, they have been together much longer- am sorry to hurt you but you where his rebound, he did rush into a new relationship to try and get over her but this never works.
    2) This is a sign this man is not trustworthy, be grateful his out of your life, I suggest you start moving on.

    you need to cut all contacts with this man, and wait for a proper honourable man

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