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Help me please – I love him

Love in Islam


Well please listen to me carefully it's really very important 🙁

Well I just wanna say that ... umm.. I came across with a guy I never knew on Facebook .. he's from different state I don't know how or when we become friends .. Ramzan's were going on.. and I used to talk with him after fajr ..

One day he proposes me. But I deny I never thought of him like that .. but I love talking to him ... and then something bad happened with me or that day I realise I love him too. I committed with him. I start loving him truly with all my heart .. but he wasn't true to me ... I was completely broken .. but then he again propose me and that time I try to control my feelings and ask him not to joke again with my life. But recently I come to know that was truth .. I love him too ... well I have feelings like if Allah would ever ask me to whom I wanna do the third sajda he would be my only choice.

He loves me but he says that he's getting engaged but I don't why my heart always stop me to believe in this .. I want him in my life I wanna spend my life with him and only him I know if I don't get married with him I won't be going to get marry..

I don't wanna be anybody else wife in jannat but his and only his..

Please suggest me dua through which I can have him in my life. He's afraid of speaking to his parents.. please I need him I want him I know he is Muslim, please suggest me some dua please..


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  1. Dua's don't work like a love spell ma'am.

    You should be skeptical of his true colors considering that he is afraid to speak to his parents, or maybe that's just a excuse he is using.

    People on social media like Facebook and instagram usually tend to be fake. You can never know of their true character.

  2. assalamualikum sister.. if he is sincere with you then he would have inform his parents about you....u dont knw him infact on fb u cant judge any1 so please forget him and trust allah....and ask him to talk to his parents if he is sincerely in love.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Feelings are not enough to accurately guage reality. While feelings are important, and I would certainly argue against entering a marriage if they were not present at all, it's important to realize that just because you feel strongly for someone doesn't mean they are meant for you.

    You are saying extreme things like you will never marry if you can't have him, you love only him, you need him. Sister, I'm almost 40 years old, and I have felt that way about a number of men in my life so far. It's easy to believe that the one you first fall in love with is the only one you can be with. But sometimes that doesn't work out. As unimaginable as it seems, it is not only possible, it's actually likely that you will fall in love again.

    This young man has done a few of things that should make you want to move on from him. For one, he's made a commitment to someone else for marriage. For two, he hasn't honored the so-called commitment he previously made with you for marriage. Finally, he didn't seem to have a problem engaging you in a haram premarital relationship while leading you on;- so muslim or not, he certainly doesn't have a reliable character on that aspect.

    Instead of focusing on the feelings you've had for this guy, focus on the truth: Allah has something better for you. There are so, so, so many good young men out there. Allah is more than capable of bringing you someone who can not only sweep you off your feet in a way you didn't even know existed, but who will be of good character and do right by you. Trust me, when you are patient for Allah and He gives you something better, you will ask yourself why you even got so upset about this boy at all. It will seem so trivial.

    So try to keep your eyes on the bigger picture, and be patient. Flow with the movement of life going on, because it will always be going and going and going until we leave this life altogether. There is always a bigger perspective to ground us, but you have to let go of focusing on things like what happened with this boy to see it clearly in shaa Allah. May Allah help you in all of this, amin.

    -Amy Editor

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