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In love with an online girl

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Assalam alaykum I've been searching online on Facebook just regular Web browsing and I seen the most beautiful girl in the world, she is not a fake account she normally updates her photos and posts up her comments, after seeing her I look up her everyday.

I honestly can not see myself with any other girl in the world other then her.

It would be unfair for any other girl if I was to marry because she would only be on my mind.

Before I seen her I use to make haram income and do haram stuff, but I quit everything so my duas can be accepted. This girl getting me crazy.

I make dua day and night to be with her and marry her inshallah, and by the ways she's a practicing Muslim girl.

And I just love everything about her I know I seem a little crazy but she really is beautiful at very very high extent. But the only problem is she's on the other side of the world, and it bothers me day and night to not be with her.

I pray tahajud and fast sometimes also so my duas can be accepted is there anything else I can do, I do give zakkah also, so I'm just wondering how can I make my dua 100% accepted?


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  1. She is practising but uses Facebook , to put up pics which non mehram's like you look at... yea shes really practising isn't she?

    And you just suddenly turned all Islamic for your own selfish interest not because you realized what you were doing is wrong and for the love of Allah. Your whole post emphasizes you praising her for her looks, so even if you marry her what will stop you from going after another women you like on Facebook and then trying to marry her? Quit this facebook and beautiful girl nonsense go to a mosque , start reading a lot more quaran (if don't already) and work on improving your deen by following the sunnahs of the prophet and ask Allah to grant you her if she is right for your future otherwise to remove her from your mind.

  2. Allah na keray aisa ho but lets assume okie if she accidentally lose her beauty in an accident lets say she lost her teeth, or get scars on her face would you still accept her?

  3. 100% you must be crazy? Do you know any hafiz scholor mufti that looks at girls online ?Your foundation is weak its corrupted.The elders say that 90% of our gazes should be looking down.If you want to build your Iman start practising and reading your salah at mosque and ask the learned questions ....these sites are good for certain questions but should be shaitan will always devour a lonely sheep? understand.Keep away from all these evils first eg. what your eyes see what your ears hear what your mouth says what you hands do etc.....all effect your heart..If the heart is black it will not reflect?Read uran daily and hadith and go to musjid and eat only halal food from known souces then make dua for pius wife.....Other then this what are you really living for.Whats your purpose.....

  4. Did you ever talk to her? How is she pious/practicing if she posts pictures of herself on Facebook? ?does she pray her salah on time??does she talks to non maharam(to you)??does she wear a hijab?? You sound like you are obsessed with her looks and you are worshipping her when you should only worship only started to pray and changed everything for her sake. You don't sound sincere at all. You should only practice islam if you believe it's the truth not because you want Allah to give you the girl you are obsessed with. The girl shouldn't matter at all. Does she even know you exist??? Do you know her character? What if she doesn't want to be with you?are you going to stop practicing and blame Allah for it?? You should start practicing for the right reason.

  5. Sub han Allah, this online world has become a huge trial and fitna. By the way your describing the situation, it seems as if it's impossible for you to meet her, since she's at the other end of the world, right?

    Also, what your falling into is just looks, do you know her character, personality, etc? What basis are you judging her religiousness on?

    This reminds me of the Hadith about how that the biggest fitna on this earth is women. I suggest the root problem of this was that you didn't lower your gaze. If you did, you wouldn't have this problems the first place. May Allah (swt) help grant you ease, Ameen.

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