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I'm 15 year old male and I'm suffering from hair loss.On September I started dieting and lost 10 kgs in 2 months. Everything was fine when in December I started having hairfall like 100+ each day and it is still there and I'm very much stressed. My hairline has moved back and I don't know what to do. Its really difficult to hide and I'm too young to suffer this. Please help me and tell me duas and remedies to solve the problem. I have strong faith on Allah that he will solve my problem In shaa Allah. I just need some help.


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  1. Brother i can feel your pain because i am also suffer from this condition since i was 10 year old and now i am 19+.. I have bald patches in my head.. My Diseases name is alopecia areata ... And alopecia occure in small age .. My parent have made my Diseases worst because they delay my treatment when i was i start treatment at 15 year old and i am still sufferening from this because of that delay ... And brother don't worry contact a good dermatologist ur Diseases has Cure ... Good news for you ... But because of that delay i am still suffer from that sometime people make fun of me but Allah made me strong enough to face people i have many friends now.. i can feel your pain brother ..... InshaAllah you will be ok .... Now take a appointment and go for a doctor ... Remeber me in your prayer coz i am also suffering from that and Still feel alone.. 🙂

  2. praying 5 tomes a day? reading quran daily?what stresss?your not married?oh by the way read manzil fo a few days if you have blk magic done on you

  3. Dear brother in question,

    Some men do hair transplant and as far as I know this is allowed in Islam:

    Check out that hair transplant is good for your condition. And if it is, then make some savings (or request money from your respected parents/family) and go ahead with the treatment, in Shaa Allah. But make sure you go with a very good hair clinic. Yes it will cost you more in a very good clinic but this is to do with your health, so it is important to go somewhere good and safe.

    In UK it costs approx between 3000£ to 7000£.

    May Allah swt make it easy for you, ameen.

    - Me

  4. Go to the docs and continue making dua.. Contunue keeping ur faith in Allah as he always listens Alhamdulilah . Allah will do what's best for u but keep making dua

  5. Walaikum asalam brother!
    Your dramatic hair fall is probably a result of your dramatic weight loss. I suggest you consult a dermatologist to rule out conditions like fungal infections, alopecia areata and take medication/ supplements as per advice. Plus cut down on junk food, unnecessary snacking. Include eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish etc in appropriate proportion in your diet and watch your weight. You can put it back as quickly as you lost it with the added anxiety of hair loss in your set of problems! One more thing late nighters, excessive/lack of sleep, excessive TV/ laptop are all contributors to bad health.

  6. Salaam Brother,

    Solution A:
    I think your diet is a problem. Maybe while you were restricting your food intake to reduce your weight you missed out on essential nutrients necessary for good hair.

    I suggest check your diet plan and add the foods which have the proteins and minerals required for good hair growth. If you search the internet you will find lots of sites telling you about the fruits and vegetables and herbs to take for good hair growth. Make a list of them and add as much as you can to your diet.

    Solution B:
    Goto a doctor and diagnose the disease if there is any. Find out from a good doctor whether you are suffering from a particular disease which causes hairfall or you are not suffering from any disease and your hairfall is a result of poor diet.

    Solution C:
    The most important of all and the reason you came to this site for help. Make lots of dua to Allah to give you good health including good hair. Pray five times daily in the Masjid and do lots of zikr.

    If you are having stress form any problem whether it be hair problem or any problem, do zikr and Inshallah you will find peace. As Allah says in the Quran,

    "Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured."
    Surah 13 Verse 28

    Learn about how to treat evil eye / black magic. Your hairfall MAYBE a case of evil eye. Nonetheless learn about ruqya and try to perform ruqya on yourself as much as possible. Whether you have the effect of evil eye or not, Ruqya can be used to cure any problem.

    May Allah grant you good health.

  7. Add coconut oil in ur diet. And fix time for meal and sleep.

  8. Assalamualaikum brother,

    I had gone through the same problem at your age. I had used hair straighter which caused massive hairfall. But I recovered.
    But in your case it's protein deficiency . Another reason might be dandruff , please check if you have dandruff or not.
    Brother Allopathy is not going to work for this. There is treatment in only homeopathy. Plus you need good nutrition for your hair. Can you shave your hair ? Is it possible? Coz this will prevent further hair loss and make your hair regain health. Take good protein.
    Buy Sunny Baksons Arnica hair oil and shampoo. Visit a homeopathic physician this will definitely get you out of this trouble.
    Never worry and pull off your hair testing them. Shave your head at least for a month once every week.
    Remove dandruff if you have . This oil is very effective in dandruff and hair loss but you need to shave off your hair first. They will be back soon. New hair growth will be there.
    Consult a homeopathic doctor.

  9. assalamualaikum My dear brother. I have read your having some type of hair lost and I think I have the solution inshallah. Okay I want you to get a (small or big) empty spray bottle and clean it out, and get some clean water and I want you to read the three quls three times in to the water. after you read all three surah Al-Ikhlāṣ, Al-Falaq, Al-Nās, onetime spit in to clean water three times with no saliva and repeat the samething until you read all three surah three times. After that pour the Quran water it in the clean spray bottle and spray it on your head every morning right after you wake up and every night before you go to bed, and drink someone of the Quran water once a day, I will say continue this until you it getting better with your hair. Make sure you do not put anything haram in your mouth like alcohol or pork and these ingredients are most the time in drinks candy chips so make sure you read them first. Don't listen to music or look anything haram and make sure to not curse if you want the following these steps and inshallah you will be healed inshallah. Make a lot of dua and read Quran as mush as you can inshallah. I will make dua for you inshallah.

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