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Can I make dua for larger breasts?

My body was created to pray; Yasmin Mogahed

"My body was created to pray." - Yasmin Mogahed

Assalamu Alaikum.

I was just wondering if it is haram or disliked if I pray to Allah if I can have larger breasts?

Please do not laugh at me it is just something that I would like and make me feel happy.

Jazakallah khair

- Sm1999

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  1. You have to be careful about how BIG you ask for. Breasts are meant to provide milk to babies.
    Many women have big breast growth when they have a baby.

    If you are still single, keep that in mind.

  2. Lol they will grow when you get pregnant. In the mean time you should eat lots of grapes and dates I've read something about those foods promoting breast growth and be happy and embrace your natural self.

  3. Assalaamualaikam

    I'd like to ask you to think about one question - Why would having larger breasts make you feel happier? The size of our breasts has no bearing on who we truly are, it doesn't affect our character or our ability to fulfil our Islamic obligations... You may receive some posts from people saying "oh, but big breasts are absolutely essential for a woman to be attractive" - that's absolute rubbish. Different people have different concepts of attractiveness, and a man who would not value and love you for who you are isn't worth your time. Don't allow peer pressure or the media to distract you away from your own self-worth and integrity.

    Why not read the section on this website about Dua in Islam, as there are some duas there to ask Allah to grant you health and wellbeing?

    To help boost your confidence, make sure that you surround yourself with positive influences, that will encourage you to concentrate on the important things in life. So, study Islam, make friends with practising sisters of good character, get involved in charity or community projects. Avoid associating with people who are obsessed with material wealth and appearance, and try to avoid spending time looking at popular media such as magazines or music videos - these tend to portray women as sexual objects.

    Midnightmoon editor

    P.S. - Please could brothers refrain from posting comments about their personal preferences on breasts. This is your own private opinion, and not something to be publicised on an open forum. Such comments could be upsetting for sisters to read, and could contribute to the misrepresentation of women as objects whose only value is physical attractiveness.

  4. Pray for WHATEVER you want.
    HE wont think its silly.
    HE cares about you and loves you...the rest is just noise.

    I hope its for yourself though, and not because you think its something a man might like or want you to have.

    Be happy:)

    Take care of yourself

  5. Pray to Allah to get a good husband who will accept you as you are and find happiness in you and vice versa .
    But don't go for any surgery as it will have its own side effect .But there is no HARM trying for some excises for it ..

  6. my sister be happy with what allah has given you. it is your personal beauty.

    do not alter what Allah made i his image.

  7. My dear sister, it's not a laughing matter and it's not silly.

    You can ask for bigger breasts, but ask yourself why would you want them?

    To attract someone you like? Did someone make a rude comment? To feel more beautiful? If that ask yourself what is beauty?

    In our deen we are told to focus on our soul and purify that, because our bodies will eventually get old.

    And as someone said previously, when you have children they will grow anyway because their ultimate purpose is to give milk to a child. Forget about the other purpose which is promoted in the media that sexualizes women breasts. It's rubbish.

    Love your body the way it is, because let me tell you the truth that no one has mentioned yet.....

    when you have kids they grow and then get stretch marks ..infact your belly does too, and they might actually shrink again after several kids., and then they sag in old age etc etc..sorry if this is graphic but I am trying to make a point. the point is sister...your body is constantly changing, love it now and be glad you have a healthy body. Alhamdulilah, we are so blessed that we forget how lucky we are.

    I am glad you asked this question, because many young women feel pressure to fit into a standard of beauty that is not realistic or ideal. Big breast hurt your back, make it very painful to excersize, super hard to cover up in clothes..especially as a hijaby, and bras that are too large a size are expensive and difficult to find.

  8. I won't say much just want to share something, one if my cousins she is now mid 40s she used to have small breast she used to get mocked at uni, friends ect ect. She was 23 that time. She used to wish to have large breast but my uncle aunts didn't allow for any surgery or what's so ever then she got married at 25 after 6months later she was diagnosed she got a breast cancer unfortunately she needs to take her right breast off now she is 40 got two kids a good husband. Now she says that now I realized that I used to have beautiful breast I didn't notice that time maybe Allah put her on test that shukur on everything what Allah has giving you Allah won't give something which is not good for you!!

    • Small breasts have nothing to do with cancer. You just telling every one accept their blessings, they may have cancer like your cousin.

      Do any relatives of your cousin had the same cancer? I am curious to see if this early age cancer was due to some inherited factor?

      • Any wrong if Someone tell to accept their blessing? She didn't said that because of her breast all She wanted to say even whatever she had she lost it that all. What ever we lose it's part of life. And No one should be interest to share their relatives medical history in public. I follow this site blindly but hardly comment but whenever I see your advice I find You sounds bossy this not an appropriate manner to ask question whenever you like.

        • Imran: I follow this site blindly but hardly comment but whenever I see your advice I find You sounds bossy this not an appropriate manner to ask question whenever you like.

          It is nice to see you commented. I don't know why you connect my asking questions to being bossy. I believe all people are equal.

          In this particular comment of mine I wanted to know if other close relatives had cancers because breast cancer in young woman is some time due to some mutated genes or inherited genes.

          • Well from my understanding she didn't ask for advice weather her cancer was related to breast she just shared her story!!

        • like

        • @ imran... like..

      • Thank you for your advice but I didn't said because of her small breast she had cancer. Sometimes Allah put us on a test I am sure you believe also that's all I wanted to say. One of my friend used to get jealous of my shoes I used to be very fascination on buying shoes one day she saw some begger who don't have legs then she realized I worry about shoe but this man don't have legs so alhumdulillah what Allah gave me ,another example. And if you think it's not an Islamic manner to tell someone to accept their blessing then May Allah forgive me for saying wrong words. And about my family medical as brother said no one will be interested revel to public I also think like that.

        Hope you fasting May Allah make it easy for you.

  9. Underweight or thin girls tend to have small breasts. So try to achieve normal weight and that may make them bigger. Are you at the age where your body is still going, you have to wait to see.

  10. Assalam Waleikum,
    If you are not sure if something is good you can always add "if this is best" in your prayers.
    But maybe you should make dua that you become accepting of your body and see your true beauty because this is really a matter of the mind. The media propagates sexualized images of women's breasts and their bodies and in turn it controls our minds. If we are kept down and preoccupied with our appearances, basing our worth on a certain look that we may not have, than what are the chances we are going to even function very well. It is just difficult to get through the day.. It is difficult to concentrate on anything.. You, and all of us, need to let go of Hollywood's ideals for us.. It is a turmoil that never ends.
    I had very small breasts due to genes (I was not underweight) and was upset about this before I was even a teenager because I was brainwashed starting as a baby into thinking that my features were equated with unattractiveness. But logically speaking, if we exist we ARE attractive because we are comprised of genes that were passed down generations. We are descendants of people that had our features and were able to attract husbands/partners. This is NOT a fluke. We actually are all beautiful. If you are not already married than there is Inshallah a man out there for you to marry and he will Really like your body Inshallah, and actually prefer it. If you are married, sometimes men aren't vocal in their appreciation and might not know that someone has insecurities. I don't want to get to personal on you but when I married I found out that what I had made my husband very happy.. so I started to feel okay and than my breasts totally changed as I gave birth to my daughter.. and so this kind of battle of the mind will continue throughout your life.. As soon as I thought small is attractive I became bigger and self esteem dived a little and became self conscious again.
    As sisters were mentioning above, your breasts will continue to change into your old age.
    I think you need to say and believe two things. 1) is "whatever" because your cooler than superficiality, mean people and whatever. It doesn't mean you stop looking after yourself or achieving your goals in religion, or your family or career.. it just means that when it comes to some stuff you're just like 'whatever' ... Maybe if you could hear my tone of voice and see the expression on my face you would know what I mean... I tried.
    the second (2) is obvious. Say and believe 'ALHUMDULILAH' for everything.
    And Alhumdulilah the world has you sister. You are unique. (and do not alter what Allah has given you by any surgical means. Be the example, because there are other sister's that feel the way you feel)

  11. Assalamu'alaikum,
    Brothers and sister..
    Sister,the reason u asked for bigger breast
    might not be matching with what im thinking.
    But if it's to please ur husband then u can
    surely ask Allah to make u attractive so that
    u can satisfy ur hubby properly so that he is always
    interested in u.......
    By the way,the most effective way is to ask Allah
    for a pious husband and to putlove and mercy between
    both of u.bcz pious husband is gonna judge ur character
    first in sha Allah..
    one more thing,unfortunately in this site there are
    many subscribers who r always judgemental and
    always plz dnt bother urself.
    May Allah fulfil ur halal desires,Ameen.

    • Fahim Hasan: But if it's to please ur husband then u can
      surely ask Allah to make u attractive so that
      u can satisfy ur hubby properly so that he is always
      interested in u.......

      What if she wants it for herself? She says " it is just something that I would like and make me feel happy"
      You think she can still ask allah for bigger...........

  12. Asalamu calaykum sister try fenugreek

  13. I really don't understand why you people discourage a person so much. having any sort of lacking in the human body does make one feel inferior. Though we should be thankful to God yet that in no way means that we should not strive to be better. If ones wants to enhance any part of his body tell him the ways he /she can.. be supportive and helpful... if not stop being of no use. I'm sure almost all of you have things you wan to improve on and only you know how it feels with that issue.... God himself has asked man to pray in his sorrow... otherwise why is there need to pray at all in islam if we r to shut up and be contented. .you are not God ok but if you can be helpful then do so by giving tips that can help this person out of his/her misery.

  14. Im disgusted by alot of replies by some of these people, 'be happy about yourself' 'doesnt attract men' 'doesnt effect our ability to fulfil obligation' yes it doesnt effect the ability to fulfil obligation but that im sure the sister knows this, she wants bigger breasts purely cause she wants it, just like a woman wants to be slim, good heigh, beautiful etc all of these replies are in fact not a reasonable reply, ill explain why, first of all if big breast isnt what men look for why is it that in Jannah the hoor will be fully breasted and im sure theyll have a great figure, why? Because Allah azzawajal knows what men are naturally inclined to, for example in jannah im sure in Jannah the hoor will not be obese or very skinny and no shape, get my point? Furthermore, it has nothing to do with you not being satisfied otherwise what is the whole point of making duaa, for example if an individual was to be poor does it mean it would be wrong for that same individual to ask Allah to be wealthy? Because from your ideology it means that individual is not satisfied with being poor, thats nonsense, yes have sabr be grateful and on top of that make duaa for what you wish, most of the duas we make means we are all ungrateful but no, its just to fulfil our needs and desires so long as we pray it makes us better Muslims and makes us closer to Allah, likewise theres a certain way we wish to look and be, and no it doesnt mean we are unsatisfied it means we acknowledge the power and might of Allah and that only He the almighty is the answerer of the caller, make duaa over whatever you wish but at the same time be grateful, i hope it makes you better and gives you hope to make duaa over anything and have hope in general, may Allah grant us all Jannah and fulfil our duaas ameen

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