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What is my right of money after divorce from my husband the thief!

Stealing our letters, theft, stolen

Found out was divorce 4 months later after it was filed one year a go by my ex-husband. Many times his story changes why he divorced me.

After he taken 24 thousand USD from me. I requested him to pay me back what he taken since Quaran stated husband is to care of his wife which he never did during our marriage and refused to work. Now, he is working I asked for the money which is due to me. He laughed at me said NO which he made me broke by taken all this money and about to be in the streets since I lost my job due to lay offs.

Also, he never gave me divorce papers and he is refusing to give it to me. He told me to go get it in Egypt when I am now in USA.

My ex -husband made so many promises to me during marriage which he never kept and he said I owed him money for living with him when WE WERE Married. He should take care of me which never did during my stay with my husband during our marriage in Egypt. I was working there and had salary I was paying for the food for us and his mother and the bills since my husband was not working and refused to.


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  1. salam sis
    really feel sorry for u
    i think the only thing u can do is file a case againt him for only law can help u

  2. salam sister

    Sorry to hear that you are going through so much difficulty.
    The only thing i can advise you is that since you are in the USA, you should hire a really good lawyer and fight for your rights. The lawyer can sought out this for you providing you give him all the correct information regarding your marriage and divorce. This is a legal issue and there is not a lot anyone except a qaulified lawyer can do.
    In the mean time sister, i think you should make yourself stronger, pray to Allah to help you and guide you out of this difficulty. Take assistance from family and friends.
    I pray it all works out for you.

  3. Dear sister,

    I am sorry to hear what has happened. I can hear the despair in your words.

    It seems that this is a bit of a legal mess and you need a lawyer and trusted family member to help you. Do you have an older brother, or your father, who can help you through this?

    You say that you live in the US, but the divorce was issued in Egypt. Is that correct? I am guessing that if you both lived as husband and wife in the U.S., then you will need to prove that you are divorced. Until then, you can claim spousal support from your husband. You have a right to financial support. Please, speak to a lawyer or ifyou cannot afford one, there probably are legal clinics in your community that will give you free legal advice and point you in the right direction. It is so important that you do this, sister. Also, many muslim lawyers will offer their services free of charge. Do you know anyone in your local muslim community who can point you in the right direction?

    I find it odd that your husband has told you that he has divorced you, but he won't show you documents to prove that that is the case. Is it possible he is playing games with you?

    Do you have documents to shows that he took $24,000 USD from you? If so, please discuss this matter with a religious and/or legal professional in Egypt. If this occurred in the US, then you should also consult with a US lawyer, although I am sorry to say that western laws will likely view this money as matrimonial finances that should be shared.

    Please do not hesitate to write back with more information, if you feel that it would be helpful in understanding your situation better.

    Maryam editor

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