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Planning to convert but my boyfriend is so jealous

Jealousy, the green eyed monster


Hi... Im not a muslim yet but im planning to convert.. not just bcoz i have an Indian Muslim boyfriend but i want to be a part of Islam.. Its hard to explain but it is what i feel.

I want to seek for advice bout my Muslim bf.. i love him so much and also he is to me.. he always say to me YOU ARE MY ANGEL AND MY LIFE IF YOU LEAVE ME ITS THE END OF MY LIFE IM DEAD. Every time he say that im worried bout him its not a typical love he feel for me. One time we argue of little things he say i will cut my hand. i was shocked, but it happen not once but every time he was afraid that i will leave him..

i love him so much but im confuse of his attitude.. and he was super jealous too.. when i talk someone on the phone he think im talking to a guy and he said if he saw me talking to a guy he will kill me.. do you think that was a natural attitude of a man in love?

Hope you could give me advice.. and also we are planning our marriage.. but i need to convert first.

- Marga

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  1. Did you met him personally. How old He is.I am muslim and don't want this any Imof my girl friend will talk to other person without any reason. This is naturally and especially for all muslim men. May be he is fallen in your love. If he is above 25 he is matured he can do anything for you if he is less then 23 he is playing with you . Don't go on.My words your can observe him your self

  2. Thats what they called obsession.. Claiming or owning somebody.. Trust and respect is important .. Without these 2 things there will be no relationship. So be very careful ...May Allah guide you.

  3. sister welcome
    Once you accept islam you have to follow by heart
    and if he is really serious about you and wants to marry you
    you can marry him
    deceiver never ask for marriage
    he is serious about you.
    he is not jealous actually he is possessive.
    hope so got the point
    May Allah bless you with Islam
    Stay blessed

  4. Have you met his parents yet? A Muslim man is not supposed to have a girl friend.

  5. I am sorry to say. But sis this isnt love as per ME. This is some Physchological Problem which that guy has. Reasons

    - No guy would harm himself just to prove his Love. If he is saying or doing so he is nothing but manipulating you and your feelings. If he has any problems with you speaking to any guy he can tell that to you nicely. This is not the way ! Very Dominating he is now. How would you survive peacefully if in case you marry him ?

    - Again he is arguing with you. In every relation there are arguments some or the other time. That doesnt means one should cut his hand or wrist. That is utter nonsense. By saying that he wants to prove he is right in his arguments FORCEFULLY.

    - He keeps saying that but practically how many times has he really done that ? He knows your weakpoint because just the words " I will cut my hand " are more than enough for him to make his words true even if you dont agree to it. Remember sis, *CLOUDS THAT THUNDER SELDOM RAIN* . I hope you are getting what i actually mean to say by that.

    I agree, mens are over possesive with the ones they love. But this is not the way to show love. He is frightning you by his words. You should talk to him when he is normal. Or if he ever says that again you should tell him that you are going to tell that to his parents right away.. Then see his next reaction he will change his words. Also since he is a Muslim, this all what he has been saying he will do is a KUFR. Self harming is not entertained in Islam as per my teachings. Rest ALLAH knows better.

    May you be always blessed.

    • Very well said sister. I hope she listens to you/us. 🙂

    • Well said sister,

      to sister in question,i just want to say that weather you can adjust in their family and religion custom's to follow, (it's not only depend's on you & your' husband's choi

  6. hello dear,
    if the boy u love u so much then no problem ur most wel come in islam. if he is dont like say's u convert ....... so u talk to his parents or brother or sister then clear all picture ok dear...he love u / just a time pass..dont worry tack it easy

  7. Hello sister,
    That is really awesome you are willing to accept islam in your heart for bettering your life. I do believe your boyfriend has some insecurity issues and he isn't emotionally stable right now. For a truely happy and permanent marriage you both will need to be emotionally healthy. Him being unhealthy emotionally will compromise your emotional well being, if you do not seek help. Getting some counceling is what is best for you and him.I wish you the best sister.

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