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Assalam Aalaykum,

I know that what I was doing was haram but I'm 12 yrs old and at school I was in a relationship with a non-muslim boy in my class. It was something which I never felt before so I couldn't really control it because I loved him so much.I was with him for 10  months. I had loads of probs at school because of it and at home too. It's now over as he dumped me over religion too (but he still loves me though hides the fact). I think about him 24/7 and I still want to love him from inside but also want to somehow stop getting myself upset and stop thinking about him so much. Please can somebody help me...


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  1. Really ? Love this age...its called lust from the devil that runs through your veins..
    You lack guidance from parents and only lose at the advice focus on your foundation of Islam understand your purpose in life and know that lufe is one big test...So many stories that the girl in her later years says i messed up ...i slept with this guy and soo fourth and my life has been a complete disaster. .This called cursed life...So use your brain and look at the situation carefully...The average non muslim will go through many relationships in his life ...This what the statistics say...research has been done ..9 partners or more!!!So dont think your special and any different...Speaking from a guy...there is really no such thing as love its call how can i sleep with you

  2. 1) You are 12 years old. A child. What are you doing getting involved in relationships? At 12 years old, your focus should be school, your friends, sports activities, shopping, girls night in with your best friends, etc. You're way too young to get involved with boys, in my opinion.

    2) I very much question you know what love really is. Because most 12 year olds wouldn't know. At your age, it's very normal to have crushes and to be infatuated by someone, but calling these feelings 'love' is stretching it. By a mile.

    3) You have absolutely no way to know how people truly feel about you unless they tell you and show you how they feel. Please don't put false ideas into your own head that this boy loves you when, in all honesty, you don't know that for sure. It's very arrogant to assume people love you when you have no proof of it.

    4) Please don't get involved with more boys. There are so many other things in life that's a lot more worthy of your attention than zitty teenage boys. Focus on finishing school with good grades. Focus on figuring out what you want to do with your life. In a few years, you'll have to make choices about what career path to take. Focus on your family and friends. Anything but boys and relationships.

    • ^ I agree. It would definitely be hormones as you are developing and around the age of puberty. Focus on school and life as Lindita said. You have a long way to go in life and focusing on "LOVE" right now in this developing mind of yours will only affect you negatively. Be happy and have fun young one! 😀

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