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How to impress and understand my fiancee better

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Assalamu Alaikum warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu,
Dear Brothers & sisters in Islam,

I am 26 years old working in Qatar as accountant/Accounts Receivable Officer. Recently I got Engaged to a girl who is also distant relations to me, She is 20 years old.

I thought it will be worth talking to her before the marriage in order to understand her better. hence, Just week ago we started talking and Initially we had a good conversation. Telling about my fiancee she is little bit hesitating to talk to me, always tells me to talk while she just respond in one or two words.

The issue is I became more addicted and greedy of talking to her. This paved if she didn't talk to me a day, it hurts me a lot and feel so upset. Is it Normal situation? Also I feel that she don't like me and talking to me. Same time when I ask her, "Do you feel bored talking to me or Do you don't like me" then she get angry on me for that question.

I haven't got any previous experience in talking to a girl and even I don't usually talk with my friends a lot. But I don't want to hang when I start talking. Last two days she is avoiding me and it hurts me like I am gonna loose her.

Sisters and brothers, would appreciate if you can guide me providing some valuable tips on impressing her and understanding her as matured person. Also how can I control my self. I am planning to get married in less than a year.

Jazakallah Khair. Please include me in your valuable duas, For my good maturity and knowledge


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  1. Ws wr wb brother,
    Your fiancee is probably a shy girl and doesnt think it is quite right to be talking too freely before marriage. She probably agreed to talk to you as a gesture of politeness and maybe curiosity as to who she was getting engaged to. If both sets of your families as well as the two of you are happy with the engagement, then you should just clarify with her that she might be uncomfortable talking to a non-mehram as of now. Let the matter just rest.
    Learn about the rights of spouses in Islam, about Ihsan and what constitutes a proper Islam marriage. This should be your preparation of maturity and what to invest and expect of a marriage. You can do the rest of the talking and impressing after the marriage!

  2. Brother,

    Hope your are in good health. Jazakallah Khair for your advise. May Allah accept our duas and keep us safe and healthy

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