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Diagnosed with Black Magic

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I have been married for six months and have children from a previous marriage. My husband is overseas and I'm in America. I only stayed with him for a little less than a month after we got married. I was diagnosed with what they call "Black Magic" after I got married to him.

When I came back to America I have been told he is speaking with another female. He had been doing this ever since I left the country. Recently I recieved a call from a female over seas that confirmed he had intercourse with her. She even recorded it and of course let me hear it. Is it right for me to ask for a divorce since we have been having problems since our marriage??

~ Sister

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  1. Salaam sister, yes you have the right to ask for divorce the actions of your husband are wrong and he is a adulterer, an may i ask who was it that diagnosed you with black magic ?

  2. Siham,

    Do yourself and your husband a favor, don't let a phone call from a woman and her sex tape destroy your marriage. It could very well be a hoax or a jealous woman trying to destroy what you have. At least give your husband the opportunity to defend himself. Don't make a decision such as ending your marriage over a phone call.

    As for you being diagnosed with black magic, I'm with Kelvinator...who diagnosed you?


  3. don't believe anyone or anything till you see it with your own two eyes. black magic, sex tape or what ever it may be.

  4. Salam sister,

    if your husband truly is doing the sin, you have right to fasakh your marriage. However, please investigate further. Do not just simply believe the outsider that want to ruin your marriage. If you really feel like you have been black magic by other people, you have to increase recite salawat upon Rasulullah in your everyday life. Do pray to Allah.. InsyaAllah..

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